10 GrubHub Alternatives and Similar Apps

GrubHub is one of the most popular food delivery apps in the world. With this application, you can order Mexican, Chinese, Italian food, etc. GrubHub allows you to enter your address and order food from restaurants near you. The cost of the service will depend on the distance, but GrubHub generally charges a particular amount for delivery. GrubHub is available for iPhones and Androids.

Grubhub alternatives

Top 10 Alternatives to GrubHub

If you are bored with Grubhub and looking for similar apps to order food online, then try these Grubhub alternatives apps below:



Zomato is the number one alternatives to Grubhub that has almost same or more features.  Sometimes locating a restaurant is a complex task. However, today there are different applications, services, and tools that facilitate this work. One of them is Zomato, which is a restaurant search and finding service and provides an idea for more than 240,000 restaurants around 13 countries. It is available in web and mobile versions.

The main features of the Zomato content include menu cards, environmental photos, geo-referenced coordinates for restaurants, and the recently launched “Collections”. Zomato has achieved a dominant position in India, UAE, South Africa, the Philippines, Indonesia, and other markets in a matter of months after its launch.

From the company, they affirm that there has been a significant effort from the point of view of the product. With time, Zomato has evolved from being a restaurant search service to include discovery features like social food feed or Gastronomy-based Collections.

  • Official link
  • System supports: Android, Apple, and Web-based
  • File size: 18 MB(Android), 124.3 MB(Apple)

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a technological platform on which collaborate three factors: The consumer, the partner restaurant, and the delivery partner will connect these three parts so that the consumer receives the order.

One of the main benefits of this app is the possibility of real-time tracking of the order. We are usually very anxious to know what time the food arrives, whether it has already been picked up or not. Uber Eats (via the map sample) reduces the pain of waiting for a little.

As for the affiliated restaurants, they receive a tablet with which the orders will be processed and will serve as a communication channel with the distributors. In addition, they have access to a tool that allows them to know the feedback and information they receive from their clients to make decisions based on data.

About the delivery men, Uber Eats specifies that it already has thousands of affiliated people to carry out this work by bicycle, motorcycle, or cars.

  • Official link
  • System supports: Android, Apple, and Web-based
  • File size: 44 MB(Android)


Under the motto, “We deliver your food to your door in minutes“, the company Postmates Inc, is an alternative to buy online any dish you want regardless of where you are. They seek to offer this type of service for all people, and despite having more than 1,000 restaurants affiliated with the app, they also seek to get closer to local players.

PostMates not only seeks to offer the home delivery service but also integrate all the culinary offerings found in the country with all the people who need it, in order to continue promoting small jobs and continue to generate profits.

Both the delivery men and the restaurants have a commission scheme; On the one hand, the restaurant receives a tablet so that they can begin to receive all the orders placed; and on the other hand, any person who wishes to enter or register as a delivery person, must undergo tests and submit certain documentation in order to be endorsed as an official application worker.

Make sure to use these free calorie counter apps while eating delicious food.

  • Official link
  • System supports: Android, Apple, and Web-based
  • File size: 20 MB(Android), 129.5 MB(Apple)


Swiggy is India’s No.1 Food Delivery Platform today, through which people can sit and order hot food from home. Started from Bangalore, the company has started expanding to other cities. Swiggy in 11 cities abroad has its own facilities. They have more than 1,000 people to deliver and have connections with all the main restaurants in the cities.

It has kept a good hold on its customers due to delivery on time. In view of the success of Swiggy, many domestic and foreign investors have invested in this company. Swiggy has received funds of about $ 75.5million so far in 2020. Famous foreign investors are involved in the country. All these funds have been invested by Swiggy in the new technology.

This food delivery company has achieved avalanche status at the Economics Times Startup Awards 2017, the biggest and best awards for a startup in this country, it is placed in the line of companies that are known for their ability in terms of technology and entrepreneurship.

  • Official link
  • System supports: Android, Apple, and Web-based
  • File size: Varies with a device (Android), 140.9 MB(Apple)


Deliveroo is a British fast-food delivery company, with operations in Europe, Asia, and Australia. It was founded in London in 2013 by Will Shu and Greg Orlowski. Orders are made through its website and its employees use the bicycle or moped to collect orders from bars and restaurants and deliver them to customers.

At the end of 2016, the company launched new services such as the delivery of alcohol or breakfast in the United Kingdom 8. In September 2017, Deliveroo raised 322 million euros from the American fund’s Fidelity Investments and T. Rowe Price. An operation that will be used, among other things, to draw up a project to develop kitchens in a neighborhood far from the city centers.

In September 2018, Deliveroo is present in thirteen countries, 500 cities, and collaborates with 50,000 deliverers and 50,000 restaurants but remains strongly in deficit as a whole. You will find the best sushi in your neighborhood or the tastiest burger through this platform.

  • Official link
  • System supports: Android, Apple, and Web-based
  • File size: Varies with a device (Android), 175.5 MB(Apple)


Food Panda is in the same tier with other illustrious apps like Ubereats, Doordash, Postmates, and other food delivery apps. Users from 40 countries, can use the app to request delivery or pickup orders at local restaurants. With the Food Panda platform, you will have access to many of the best restaurants in your area and you will be able to see their all menus from the application.

It let food lovers or app users track food deliveries. Well, such a factor can also help you provide convenience to your customers or food suppliers like Zomato or Swiggy, you can provide security to your consumers. In addition, they can track their food orders live without calling and avoiding unwanted problems without receiving their food orders.

Another must-have feature is – push notification that updates app users about the status of their food orders. Again, this feature also provides convenience for customers. Also, integrating multiple payment options gives easy to use to your customers or app users.

  • Official link
  • System supports: Android, Apple, and Web-based
  • File size: 19 MB(Android), 208.9 MB(Apple)

Just Eat

Just Eat is one of the most popular apps for ordering food. It is very easy to navigate it and it always has offers and discounts for its clients. The variety of food is endless and thanks to the feedback left by users in the app itself, we can order food with the confidence that they won’t give us a cat for a hare.

The searches are not complex at all since you can filter by the name of the restaurant, the postal code, the number of stars, the special offers … You choose what you want to eat, you pay by card or Paypal and the orders are saved in your history by if you ever want to repeat. It is one of the favorite food delivery apps. Just Eat does not select its restaurants, but anyone can be part of the app.

Users, in addition to informing them that the order will be delivered to them by a person in the establishment, will be informed of estimated delivery time and if they have any problems, they can contact the customer service team. They are identical features of the service that Just Eat offers and that has brought it so much popularity.

  • Official link
  • System supports: Android and Web-based
  • File size: 42 MB(Android)


Though is not as huge as Grubhub, it does provide awesome features, like the DoorDash Delight scoring system. This system is based on a few important factors like the quality of the food, restaurant popularity, order delivery time, and customer satisfaction to recommend the best restaurants in the area.

Thanks to the combination of a smartly designed mobile app and a fleet of experienced drivers, DoorDash can deliver food from a host of local restaurants directly to your door.

The service is available in dozens of US cities, including Atlanta, Seattle, Boston, New York, and Chicago, among others. The rate varies according to the restaurant. The price normally includes the cost of your meal, as well as taxes, shipping, and an additional tip. Some restaurants charge additional service charges.

  • Official link
  • System supports: Android, Apple, and Web-based
  • File size: 17 MB(Android), 189 MB(Apple)


ChowNow is a tool that allows integration on the restaurant’s own website, in its app, or directly on its Facebook page. Controlling distribution areas, making menus, adding special dishes, etc., are some of the options offered. The idea behind the inception of this service was to make the interaction between the customers and restaurants transparent and affordable for both parties.

The platform integrates well with third-party apps for POS, Loyalty Programs, and so on. The menu can also be easily integrated into the website and customers can order directly from their Facebook and Instagram profiles.

This service also helps out with an all-inclusive dashboard that provides the business owner to access orders, pull up reports, and track inventory. Its con is, it is not flexible to make the changes to the existing structure to suit their evolving needs.

  • Official link
  • System supports: Apple and Web-based
  • File size: 112.8 MB(Apple)


This platform is crafted to provide the delivery service of restaurants. It engages online as well as telephone orders (call center). With this tool, there is no need to keep track of the delivery boy. As, the system will help you out with notification at every moment, as for the client as for the manager.

The way it pushes every notification and keeps both the client and the business in touch on every movement of the delivery process. The opportunity to pay for a plus and receive the whole system with your own brand on it.

Different themes are available for stores. So, they can select a theme based on their choice. Order printing is also possible in multiple ways. One can account easily and add the products of my restaurant very fast. It is easy to use for both operators and customers.


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