What is HControl.exe, Uses, Error & How to Remove it?

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HControl.exe is a software utility that helps in configuring the special keys of a keyboard. It is an executable file and stands for Hardware Control. It serves as a component of the ATK Hotkey Utility by ASUS and allows its users to modify the behavior of keyboard function keys.

Hcontrol full form is Hardware Control

What is HControl.exe and its Uses?

When we run HControl.exe, it executes the processes required for the optimal functioning of the ATK Hotkey Utility.

The program enables its users to change the behavior of the keyboards function keys as well as a certain combination of key presses to trigger specified actions.

HControl.exe runs as a background program as soon as the system startup. It runs the software installed on the system and its data is stored on the system’s hard disk and its registry. This file contains machine code that runs there as an ASUS multimedia process after being loaded into RAM. If you are receiving an error related to HControl then you can disable or remove it from the system. Additionally, this process can be stopped or uninstalled as it is not essential for running the operating system.

The utility is generally not considered CPU intensive. HControl.exe comes pre-installed in select laptop models manufactured by ASUS, which is a multinational company that manufactures computer hardware and consumer electronics. 

File size and location

  • The location pathway of HControl.exe is C:\Program Files\ASUS\ATK Hotkey\
  • Its file size is 5.74 MB on most of the windows operating system versions. 



Is it safe or a virus?

This process is legitimate and safe to run on the system. Although, it is always advisable to investigate the process.

In order to find out whether the file is a legitimate Windows process or a virus, the location of the file can be traced. The HControl.exe file should run from the location C:\ Program Files\ASUS\ATK Hotkey\ subfolder and not from any other location.

If the HControl.exe file is not under its default director, then it might be malware or virus.  In that case, a full system scan is recommended with good antivirus and anti-malware program. You may compare Kaspersky vs Avira to choose the best free application for your system.

uninstall How to Remove/Disable?

The Add/ Remove Program function of Windows can be used to uninstall the file. You will have to find the Asus under Programs and Features to remove HControl.exe from the system.

If you are facing a problem removing the application, then you may use the Remove uninstaller.

Sometimes the virus itself may prevent the deletion of HControl.exe. In such cases, “Safe Mode with Networking” can be enabled which provides a secure environment that disables most processes and only the essential services and drivers are loaded. 

Error Errors

Common errors pertaining to HControl.exe are:

  • HControl.exe – Entry Point Not Found.
  • HControl.exe – Unable to Locate Component.

These errors can occur due to the following reasons:

  • Failure of system hardware functioning
  • HControl.exe is accidentally deleted by another program
  • Malware infection
  • Conflict with another program
  • Corrupt affiliated entries of HControl.exe

I Hope, above provided information on HControl.exe, helps you, if you are facing any errors or still have any doubt, then leave your comment below, we will respond to your query.



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