15 Best Hotjar Alternatives for Better Analytics Tools

Hotjar is an online tool that provides update about the interactions of the visitors on your website. The data encoded by this tool informs a lot about user behavior, such as the most interesting content, if it “scrolls” the page to the end, among other indicators that can be useful when diagramming the content or inserting a button. But today we are here to discuss the alternatives of Hotjar tool. Come, let’s check them out.

Best hotjar alternatives

 15 Best Alternatives to Hotjar 

There is no doubt that Hotjar is a good heatmaps tool, however, there are several similar software available. I have listed some of the best Hotjar alternatives which are free and paid that you can use on your website:


Visual Website Optimizer or VWO is very intuitive and simple to create different versions of a website or landing page for A / B Testing. No HTML knowledge is required to use the tool. It helps increase sales and improve conversion rates on a website. The integration of VWO is very simple, just copy and paste a code extract into the site!

This tool enables companies to carry out intelligent website optimization through testing. With this application, one does not have to code or have technical skills. You can create multiple versions of your website to find out which one works best. In addition, users can create relevant offers for different customer segments to ensure a personalized approach.

The module of this tool is provided with the VWO javascript in your site’s pages. It uses small snippets of javascript inserted into the head each page to perform its tests.


  • Price: Starting from $99 per month


Smartlook is another good alternative to Hotjar that allows owners of an online store to see the behavior of customers within their eCommerce. To do this, this application videotapes everything that visitors do on our website for free. The objective is to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients, analyze their behavior and improve the navigability, usability and conversion rate of our business.

Try this application for a few weeks so that you can analyze in detail how your clients navigate. It is interesting to control which areas are the most clicked by visitors, check if they easily find what they are looking for, or where they spend most of their time on the web.

Having the possibility to see the real behavior of your customers, with your strengths and weaknesses, allows you to correct mistakes and take advantage of opportunities with the aim of improving the performance of your e-commerce. Specifically, the Smartlook visitor recorder allows you to control 3 basic aspects of your business: User experience related issues, Reasons for leaving your online store and Items that have caused sales.


  • Price: Free, while Paid Version starts from $31 per month

Google Analytics

This tool provides grouped information of the traffic that reaches the websites according to the audience, the acquisition, the behavior and the conversions that are carried out on the website. You can obtain reports such as the monitoring of exclusive users, the performance of the user segment, the results of the different online marketing campaigns, the sessions by traffic sources, bounce rates, session duration, content visited, conversions (for e-commerce), etc.

It not only enables you to measure sales and conversions, but also gives insight into how visitors are using your site, how they got there, and what you can do to keep them visiting. It is built on a powerful and easy-to-use reporting platform so you can decide what data you want to view and customize your reports with just a few clicks.

Content reports show which parts of the website are performing well and which pages are most popular in order to create a better experience for your customers. It allows analyzing the interaction of visitors with functions (such as the Google +1 button) and how they engage with content on social platforms.


  • Price: Free and Paid Versions


StatCounter gives us details of web statistics in real-time. It provides us with a simple code that can be inserted on our websites or blog. The free plan has the limitation that the maximum size of the Log is 500. You can also define the IP addresses that will be blocked and download the statistics logs.

After registering in StatCounter we can add the counters. It has a traffic summary, location statistic (country, city, region, ISP), system statistic (operating system, browser, resolution), analysis of keywords in search engines, popular pages, allows to define the counter as visible or invisible.

It stands out for a clean interface (the free version shows advertising equally, although it is not intrusive) and fast, in addition to constant development by its talented team. It also offers paid subscriptions that allow more than anything to access more statistics logs, in order to have a history of all visits and their behavior.


  • Price: Free, while the paid version starts from $9 per month

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a web optimization and usability tool that monitors user activity on a web page. It allows extract very useful information in order to see how the page is navigated, since it shows, for example, in which sections of the web the users stop, how far they scroll, where they click, etc. With these data, crucial design and usability decisions can be made.

The main advantage is that, in addition, it offers a “confetti” map that allows us to understand in more detail the clicks that the site receives when differentiating the different metrics by colours. So, we can easily see where users click based on where they come from, the time of day or the country they are in. Thanks to this it is possible to extract potentially interesting behavior patterns.

Other advantages of Crazy Egg are that it is a very simple and intuitive tool, easy to use, that saves the history of the visualizations, and that it does not have a very high cost when compared to other payment tools.


  • Price: Starting plan starts from $24 per month


It allows you to see how visitors are using the website – seconds after you visited and observe all mouse movements, clicks, scrolling events, keys, and interaction. Supports absolute users who visit only pages, shopping cart and payment pages and pages that receive POST variables and lets you skip pauses from inactive pages or skip entire pages.

It makes it possible to discover problematic parts of the website and so that you can learn to improve the user experience. Buy heat maps from different time periods to measure the effects of changes made on the website. You can see if links aren’t clicked and consider turning them into links.

Filter idle breaks and see how much time users actually interact with different parts of the page. And find out if important website elements are seen by users enough. Check the page’s actual bounce speed (number of users that bounced after a few seconds). It allows to find out if the pages contain HTTP or Javascript errors.


  • Price: Starter plan price is $24 per month


Mixpanel gives us the possibility to measure the actions that people perform within our application. We can visualize the data with Insights and discover where to focus our resources when we build the product or service. The services of the company give us the possibility of visualizing our data in different ways and smoothing the most problematic results to really understand what is happening.

Mixpanel’s intuitive and powerful interface allows you to explore and discover how people are using your product right away. It is able to analyze how affected the consumer has made any changes to the product in order to help the contracting company for Mixpanel services to improve its product.

It is a great use of direct marketing tools that foster long-term relationships with customers. A/B testing will allow us to easily experiment with our messages by allowing you to change the subject in an email or the content in an automatic notification. It is a great offer of individualized Marketing services for each company/client.


  • Price: Free, while paid plan starts from $89 per month

Lucky Orange

Signing up to Lucky Orange is a blast. It is a delicate process that even makes you happy. As soon as the javascript code has been installed on your website, you start to see the change in the dashboard. A bell rings every time a new visitor arrives (you can turn it off). It is like a computer game that you want to keep running in the background while continuing with other jobs.

If you get stuck, it even offers a live chat that will guide you to get the most out of the service. It is a wonder. Lucky Orange is full of little details. Lucky Orange lets you see what your visitors are doing live.

On top of that, you can even start a chat with them – either to help them complete their goal or ask what went wrong. You have the option of creating custom pop-up polls and surveys, to ask questions of visitors. Lucky Orange’s focus seems to be on live interaction rather than being a silent listener.


  • Price: Starter plan $10; Small Business $20; Medium Plan $50 and Large Plan $100 per month.


GetSiteControl is an easy-to-use set of engagement tools for your WordPress website. Online surveys, live chats, contact forms, email lead forms, promotional messages, follow and share social media tools, all managed from a single panel.

Add live chat to your website to talk to your website visitors in real-time. Help current and potential customers instantly resolve issues and find answers to their questions to deliver stellar customer service and drive more conversions. Connect your chat widget to Slack and chat with your customers on the go!

Beautiful and customizable signup forms that will allow you to get more email subscribers and gather leads through your website. Create newsletter subscription pop-ups, floating bars, panels or buttons, add custom images, and easily export contacts to your email marketing application. Create beautiful online surveys for your website to get instant feedback on new product features, your marketing strategies, or pricing policy.


  • Price: Starting plan starts from $9 per month


It is an open-source web analysis platform, which any webmaster can install on their server to examine the behavior of one or more websites, although there is also the possibility of opting for the server provided by the platform. The information that Matomo shows is very complete. We will be able to know complete details about our visitors in real- time, or see the results of our marketing campaigns, among many other functions.

In Matomo, even if you are managing the statistics of a website with a large number of visits, all the data will always be displayed. The system is prepared to support the analysis of large amounts of data.

Also, if we need more, we can resort to the premium version, in which a large number of features are added. So, for example, you can assess the complete user experience of a visitor’s behavior with Matomo’s Conversion Optimization features, including heatmaps, session recordings, funnels, targets, form analysis, and A/tests. B.


  • Price: Starting plan cost $20


SessionCam is a wonderful tool that gives us the possibility of configuring funnels based on the URL of the pages visited so that we can obtain the conversion of the passage from one URL to another. It is a useful tool to carry out analysis in purchasing processes, registration forms, etc.

Recordings can be made for both mobile and non-mobile devices, and responsive versions of the website, detailing in each case, the browser and operating system used, and adjusting the capture of the recording to the exact resolution of the user. In addition, a large number of predefined filters can be used, as well as advanced segments depending on specific needs.

All filtering can be done in a very simple way, so that the recordings that we will obtain after applying these filters can add value to our study, limiting the number of recordings to be viewed in the subsequent analysis.


  • Price: Trial version available


ClickTale argues that “It’s easy to just look at a heatmap and draw a conclusion, anyone can do it, what’s really difficult is analyzing the data. This is where ClickTale stands out.” When you start a co-operation with ClickTale, its trained staff will help you understand the data.

It is a standalone service just to track users on mobile devices. Helps in Integration with Partners that allow you to understand your optimized A / B testing or Omniture Segments (and Cookies). Supports reuse of reports and segmentation of Google Analytics, Omniture, Etc

This tool is a full-fledged analysis suite that your competitors still can’t get close to. Its palette of functions and possibilities is so wide that you need a dedicated professional to take full advantage of what ClickTale provides. If you are starting, I would not recommend dreaming of using ClickTale at this stage.


  • Price: Starting plan cost $99 per month

Decibel Insight

It is a Web Analytics Software created by the company Decibel Insight (United States). Through the use of innovative and easy-to-understand visualizations, this tool enables organizations of all sizes to understand the actual human behavior behind. The Decibel Insight tool can be used for B2B and B2C websites to track visitor’s activities.

It provides real insights on your website that help you generate more sales and quality leads. In order to measure the entire performance of a website, it’s really quite effective to use the conventional web analytical tools. Utilizing these tools is often not enough when you’re trying to identify the factors that contribute towards the website performance.

The behavior of the users is studied by decibel insight to utilize that knowledge towards performing split tests and web updates. You must utilize these insights for developing an improvement roadmap and study the influence of each design for creating copies of all alterations.

Official link

  • Price: Free Demo available


Inspectlet is simple to use. It goes out of the way in terms of allowing the user to do what they need. Tunnel analysis and filtering options are very simple to use and cover my basic needs. Watching recordings, users often felt that the rhythm was a little disconnected. One would like to jump between the screens at a speed that didn’t match the time on each page, and the button clicks seemed to be out of where the buttons actually were.

Users often use screenshots of a page with the heatmap for presentations at my job. It is a repetitive task when you are a regular user. With Inspectlet, taking screenshots is an awkward process. Even with the screenshot extension in Chrome it surpassed me.

Inspectlet does what it does well with minor interference. It doesn’t have the latest features like the ones that have started to appear in the competition, like watching recordings in real-time, live chat, interviews, and polls. Inspectlet is one of the cheapest option in this test, putting you behind in the race.


  • Price: Free version available, thereafter plan starts from $39 per month to $499 per month


It is a SaaS product that helps effective data collection. With the help of this tool, you can create a winning strategy for a conversion raise and an increase in profits in your online store or website. It helps to improve your website`s usability, conversions, increase sales and your income.

It is highly developed, it is intuitive and very powerful. It allows us to create one or multiple variants of our landing page (or website), decide what percentage of users we direct to each variant and also do it exclusively for personalized audiences.

This tool is designed to automatically collect all data that can show how to grow conversion. It’s also you can also make smart pop-up forms without the help of developers. Data is transferred to your dashboard in real-time and immediately  becomes available for analysis


  • Pricing: Free, while the paid version starts from $29 per month

Choose your best Web Analytics Tools like Hotjar

You may choose the best analytics and heatmaps tools like Hotjar from the above list. I hope you found your alternative tool to track the visitor’s activities. Whether you want to go for a free tool or paid tool, above list of Hotjar alternatives will help you to find the best one.


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