How to Check if Windows 10 is Genuine or Not

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A genuine Windows 10 means that the operating system license for your computer is purchased from Microsoft Incorporation. However, if a third party activator software is used to activate it, then it is cracked. In this post, we will guide how to determine whether your Windows 10 is a Genuine OS or not.

How to Check Windows Is Genuine or Cracked

There are many ways to find out if your Windows 10 is genuine or pirated, I have shared

Method 1: Using Settings

1) Click on the Start button

2) Select Settings

Select Setting

3) Click on Update and Security.

Update and Security Option

4) Select Activation in the left panel

Select Activation menu on left panel

5) In the activation window, if the message “Windows is activated with a digital license” is displayed, then Windows 10 is genuine and original, as shown below

Windows Activated with Digital License

Method 2: Check if Windows 10 is Genuine via This PC

1) Click on the Start button

2) Type for This PC and click on it

This PC option

3) Right-click on it and go to Properties from the drop-down menu

Right Click go to Properties

4) This will open the System window. If the message Windows is activated is mentioned under the ‘Windows activation’ bar along with Product ID, then Windows 10 is genuine.

Windows is Activated Message

However, sometimes, the same product key can be found on cracked Windows as well. Therefore, using cmd is a better option.

Method 3: Determine whether Windows 10 is Original using Command Prompt

2) Click on the Start button located on the bottom left side

2) Type Command Prompt, then right-click on it and choose Run as Administrator.

There are three ways to use cmd for checking genuine Windows 10.

Command Prompt and run it as Administrator

Way I

  1. Type vbs /xpr in the prompt. Here, slmgr stands for software license manager and vbs stands for visual basic. Press Enter key.

Type Command slmgr.vbs/xpr

2) This will open Windows Script Host

If the pop-up says The machine is permanently activated, then your Windows 10 is genuine.

Type Command slmgr.vbs/xpr Windows Script Host

If the pop up says Volume activation will expire *date* *time*, then your Windows is cracked and not genuine.

Way II

1) Type vbs /dli in the command prompt window and press Enter. This will display detailed information on Windows Script Host.

2) Check to see if the License Status is Licensed and partial product key is displayed. If so, your Windows 10 is genuine.

Type slmgr.vbs/dli Command Prompt

If it is not genuine, then the Volume activation expiration date, renewal interval and a third party tool name in Description will be displayed. This means a third party activator software was used to activate your Windows 10.

Method III

1) Type systeminfo and press Enter

Type Command Systeminfo

2) This will show all the original information of Windows including product key on the cmd screen itself. This information cannot be changed even if Windows is cracked and therefore, shows it’s genuineness.

Command prompt display original windows 10 information

Method 3: Using Run Toolbox 

1) Press Windows + R button

2) In the Run toolbox, type vbs /dli and press OK

Run Toolbox type slmgr.vbs/dli

3) The Window Script Host dialogue box will open up. There are three things to check here:

  • If the licensed status is mentioned as “licensed

Window Script Host Dialogue Box

  • If “Description” of Windows is mentioned without any third party tool/ software name
  • If no activation expiration date is mentioned

If each of the above criteria checks, Windows 10 is genuine.

Difference between Genuine and Pirated Version of Windows 10

There are few basic differences between the original and cracked version, but in reality, you won’t notice it.

Majority of the time, the cracked version comes along with hidden malware, spyware, and much such application. And you won’t be able to find it even after the installation. But once you start using it, your personal data will be transferred to the hackers without your permission.

Apart from this, usually the pirated version of Windows 10, run slow and you will notice after few weeks. More importantly, you won’t be able to download the latest update patches from Microsoft official website to keep your Windows 10 PC secure.

However, if you have the original Windows 10, then your PC will run fast and will be secured.

Bonus Tip: Always keep a reliable backup software for Windows 10 so that your data will be safe.



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