How to Disable a Laptop’s Keyboard in Windows 10

Laptops are different from Desktop PC’s. Unlike desktop PC’s, laptops have all the peripherals integrated beforehand, that you might need to incorporate with the system. On laptops, every peripheral cannot be removed and replaced very easily as you might do in the case of desktops or work stations since each and every component is built within it.

Disable asus laptop keyboard

That being the situation, if a laptop’s keyboards stop working or malfunctions, either mostly or totally, you can’t just remove it and connect another one very easily. You will have to have the Laptop’s hood opened up and the whole inherent keyboard supplanted. This can be very expensive, which is the reason why a great many people with broken or non-working laptop keyboards, essentially connect an ordinary, external keyboard with their laptops and use them.

In such cases, and numerous others, the laptop end user would need to disable the laptop’s inbuilt keyboard to avoid any undesirable or inadvertent keystrokes that might send wrong or a false input to the Operating System and create unnecessary errors/mistakes.

So if you want to disable a laptop keyboard on a permanent basis, then follow these simple methods that work on Windows 10, 8, and 7. Below mention methods will help to disable the Asus, HP, Dell laptop keyboard.

Note: Before disabling or uninstalling your keyboard, please make sure that your external keyboard is connected to your Laptop and is working properly.

1) Press the WIN + R keys, then type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter to open the Device Manager

Type devmgmt msc

2) In the Device Manager, find and double-click on the Keyboards section.

3) All the keyboards connected to your laptop at the very moment will be shown under the Keyboards section. From that list, find out your laptop’s built-in keyboard and right-click on it.

NOTE: If there are more than one keyboards and you are not sure which one is your built-in, in that case, you can unplug all your external keyboards or such type of devices from the laptop. Now, you will be left with the built-in keyboard only.

4) In the subsequent drop-down menu, click on Disable. If you do not have the Disable option then click on the Uninstall device. Now, you will be prompted for re-assurance. Simply click on Yes or Uninstall to confirm and execute the further process. In both cases, your inbuilt keyboard will be disabled.


You must also remember that if you choose to Uninstall rather than Disable in Step 4, the keyboard might get identified by the Operating System, and eventually the drivers will be installed by the Device Manager automatically. In such a case you will have to repeat the process of uninstalling drivers starting from the opening the Device Manager again.


By following these steps you will be able to disable your keyboard on laptop or desktop or even remove its drivers successfully, making it dysfunctional temporarily. And, you will certainly not have to worry about hitting a key accidentally and getting wrong inputs.

Please feel free to comment if you have any doubts or queries. And, let us know if you are having any issues regarding the process.



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