How To Fix Xiaomi Redmi Wi-Fi Issue to Access Internet/Google

Is your Redmi MI Phone wifi not working? Are you trying to access internet or opening but can’t access? This Wifi connectivity is the most common problem when trying to access internet from Laptop or Desktop.  I figure out how to fix the Wi-Fi connection problem, lets read on!

Redmi wifi connection problem solved

What was the Issue

Before, we move ahead, I am sharing my experience which was really annoying.  I have disconnected my broadband connection and started using my Redmi  5 Smartphones to access internet, since it’s handy, and very much affordable as compare to fixed broadband line.  I use my laptop and Desktop to access internet. Many times, all the sites were working fine, but as soon as I try to open or, it freeze and don’t connect to internet.

I have updated the Redmi smartphone to latest version but still not able to open

How to Fix Redmi Wi-Fi Issue to Access Internet

If  you also tired of fixing the wi-fi connectivity problem with the Redmi phone, then you need to follow below steps to get ride of this issue. Below tricks works on Windows 8/7 and Xp:

  • Click on Start button
  • Type Network and Sharing Center and click on it
    Network sharing on widnows 7
  • Click on Change adapter settings located on left hand.
  • Now, Right click on Wireless Network Connection and click on Properties
  • Unchecked Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and click on OK as shown below:

Make sure that you have selected Internet Protocl Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

Now restart the system to take affect.

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Above given Wi-fi connectivity solution work for almost all Redmi  version including 4, 5, 5a and 6.

Now, you will be access internet and access all sites including Google or Youtube. Hope this helps you to fix Xiaomi Wi-Fi problem. Let me know, if you are still facing any issue or found any alternate solution.



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