HsMgr.exe File Information – What is It and Uses?

Wondering what exactly hsmgr.exe is doing on your Windows system? Well, this hsmgr.exe is used for Sound Card, find its file location, whether its safe or virus, error and how to fix it. Keep on reading to find detail information about this file.

What is hsmgr.exe?

It’s is basically a software component of a Sound card. The main function of HsMgr.exe is to execute the ‘GX mode’ feature which is available in sound card.

Whereas if you see hsmgr64.exe that means it belongs to Asus Xonar Audio. It is able to record the mouse as well as keyboard inputs.

File Location and Size

Hsmgr.exe is sited in C:\Windows\ directory of the Windows. But it is not the operating system’s component.

The size of the file on Windows OS version like 10, 8, 7 and XP is 200,704 bytes.

Is it harmful?

Exe files are considered to be one of the most useful files as it can run programs. But this also makes them very dangerous. It can be used for delivering malware as well as other malicious files.

Some undetectable code gets activated if you click two times on this executable file. It takes place in the backdrop and impairs your system. So if you are not aware of the source of any executable file then never double click on it.

So always check the process in your system to find out if it is a threat or not. Verify the security of your system.

It is considered to be reliable. But if you find that the hsmgr.exe is not present in C:\Windows\ directory, then it will indicate the presence of a virus. Scan your system well with a good virus scanner that is updated.

Can hsmgr.exe error occur?

Is your system becoming slow? Or are you witnessing error messages on your system? Ensure that you examine your operating system directly if you see hsmgr.exe errors produced by your system.

If Windows notifies that there are hsmgr.exe errors the reason may be because of damaged or corrupted registry entry. Programs, as well as files, can create a strong effect on the Windows Operating System’s performance. In some cases, it may also include hsmgr.exe.

These errors can be caused because of many reasons. It can be due to:

  • Presence of malfunctioning or faulty hardware in your system.
  • The file is infected with malware.
  • exe files get deleted by mistake.
  • Another program is conflicting with hsmgr as well as its shared files.

When will I get hsmgr.exe errors?

Hsmgr.exe errors will be generated when you make use of hsmgr or stop to use it.   When you install any additional video card or sound card then you might receive hsmgr.exe error.  If you disable this application then also you might see an error, however, it doesn’t affect the sound settings. Some time while using a specific hsmgr function such errors are also seen.

How to fix hsmgr.exe error?

Remember that you should not download EXE files from the EXE download website. This is because they are never verified by the developers and can contain malicious code that will lead to more damage to your system. So listed below are some solutions for troubleshooting your hsmgr.exe issue.

  • Run disk cleanup
  • Run virus scan
  • Restart your system
  • Repair corrupted Windows registry

If you have any doubts, then uninstall the program. Hsmgr.exe is present in the Windows startup folder. It can slow down your system. So it is recommended that you turn off the automatic startup of the program using MSConfig command.



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