10 Hubstaff Alternatives which are free in 2021

Hubstaff is an advanced time tracking app that comes with an integrated employee payment system. This tool is best for teams where you can track employee activity and automatically complete payments based on work done. It allows you to keep track of time spent on apps and websites while taking occasional screenshots of individual users.

Though this tool is awesome, here we are going to discuss Hubstaff similar software that you can use on Windows 10, Mac and online.

Top Hubstaff Alternatives which are Free

Nowadays employee is working from home and thus monitoring and time tracking is a vital part. I have listed some of the best alternatives to Hubstaff that can be used to track employee work. Check here some of the best Hubstaff similar software that can be used on Windows and Online.


It is an online tool that helps us to record the time we dedicate to each of our daily tasks. Once the account is created, with the free version it will be more than enough to start, we will only have to create the different projects we are working on, assign members to our team if we need it and identify the clients for whom we will carry out tasks.

Key Features

  • The most important advantage that Toggl brings is to be able to easily discover what you are spending your time on.
  • It allows you to organize your projects in a much more comfortable and intelligent way, and you can find out exactly how much time you spend on each of those projects.
  • You can find out which clients are being more profitable for you, and which ones it would be better for you to renegotiate.
  • Lastly, note that Toggl has a business version with extra features.


As you can see, Toogl is the most interesting tool with which you will be able to manage your time much better, and with it, improve your personal productivity and your efficiency at work. And that, as you can imagine, translates into greater benefits.

Download: https://toggl.com


TimeCampis an effective tool for evaluating the time, effort, and cost required for a specific project, as it accurately tracks the time required to complete various tasks. This helps companies in understanding the requirements of various jobs and therefore can easily plan things accordingly.

Key Features

  • It shows the information as a calendar, which contains the time dedicated to your project.
  • It allows configuring simple or complex projects with a multi-level structure of tasks.
  • Automatically manages work time for projects that lack the entered data.
  • Get quick access to detailed reports on the hours of work in your business.
  • You can control the work time of your employees through simple graphical reports.
  • Integration with Active Directory allows you to have thousands of active projects and tasks without any problem.


With all the above in its features, this tool is free for a single person, which makes it a great opportunity to have complete time management software at zero cost. Ideal if you are freelance. If you want to get the most out of your projects, do not hesitate and start controlling your times with this tool. You will win!

Download: https://www.timecamp.com


This application is a wonderful tool that is user-friendly. It is multi-user to Track Time and resources for the purpose of your need. It delivers easy planning and time tracking. other than that, it is quite fit for billing for small to medium organizations.

Key Features

  • Advanced planning, tracking time and invoices made easy.
  • Customize the worksheet to meet the requirements of your company.
  • Decide which log by allowing time, mileage, expense, and photo documentation modules.
  • Very easy follow-up time. The configuration is done in a few minutes with a helpful configuration guide.
  • It makes the billing process much faster, especially with the automatic billing feature.


This tool is the tailor-made complement for companies who want to keep track of employees’ time off work, vacation and leave. It is also compatible to keep track of the time/expense of material for the clients and projects. It gives support for multiple pricing structures and all functions are integrated smoothly and continuously.

Download: https://www.timeguru.org/


ClickTime is a time tracking app that is more oriented to project management. It has tools that let you see if your projects are on a budget, how many of your employees’ hours are collectible, and if you need to get extra help. Basically, it helps the entire management team understand exactly what is happening in the trenches.

Key Features

  • The app allows you to view your timesheets online, allowing you to easily track your work hours.
  • Using this application, you can also easily see the expenses.
  • You can easily upload receipts, approve expenses and manage budgets.
  • It also allows you to manage and track your employees. An extensive reporting system is also available.


ClickTime is available on Android and iOS, and you can easily track time and view reports from any mobile device. Speaking of reports, you can easily export the data to a CSV file or view the data in real-time in Excel, Google Sheets, and other applications.

Download: https://www.clicktime.com/


RescueTime is an application for Mac (also for Windows, Android, and Linux) that allows us to count the time we spend on applications, websites, all automatically, without having to do anything. Once the application starts and some aspects have been configured to help you get to know a little, it will begin to measure.

Key Features

  • To use the tool, you must create an account in order to access the registered data.
  • You can see the percentage of your time spent in different categories of applications.
  • The donut chart can provide you with information such as how long you were productive and how long you were distracted from your work.
  • Lifetime milestones are there which is a good way to check the total recorded time, total productive time, and total distraction time.
  • A separate Reports page is also available to generate and export all reports like time spent on different applications and websites.


It is a wonderful tool for goal setting and tracking. You can create your time goals, such as how long you want to be productive on a daily basis. Once created, targets can be tracked from the dashboard. You can generate daily, weekly and monthly reports to see how you are doing.

Download: https://www.rescuetime.com


This application is a free time tracking and time management utility for Windows that allows you to easily manage your time and progress in different applications. It is the best tool for those who work part-time from home or for those who simply want to follow the use of different applications on their PC.

Key Features

  • You can easily see which application you have used, for how long, and you can also see the total uptime of your computer.
  • The software automatically categorizes your tasks and sees all the documents that you have seen.
  • To make the graph appear simpler and easier to recognize, you can even modify the tracking time, delete the time spent on a particular application.
  • You can make a backup, export all your information to a SQL database file, compress your records and save them to a single zip file.
  • You can create different charts based on the statistics collected by the application on your computer.


The program offers a very nice and intuitive interface with all the controls for easy access and visualization. All the features are very easy to use and are correctly aligned in the program. The full-color graphics give the user a quick idea of ​​how they have used the PC in the past few hours.

Download: https://www.manictime.com

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a tool focused on on-time control. It includes an optional screen to monitor remote employees, automatically generates daily reports, keeps track of the websites and applications used. In short, it allows you to follow and monitor user actions on their computer.

Key Features

  • Whatever your operating system, this tool can be used, simply with your browser.
  • The assistance of the program is managed live by Time Doctor, as well as the updating.
  • Very efficient, Time Doctor allows you to take advantage of functions such as Planning, Activity Analysis and Leave Management.
  • The data relating to the software is placed with Time Doctor, freeing its buyers from the concerns of backup and storage.


Time Doctor is an accurate time and time tracking management software that helps you get a great deal more things every day. It is a web-based solution that provides tracking time, computer work session monitoring, reminders, screen recording, billing, reporting tools, integrations, and more.



A Harvest is an awesome tool for evaluating the time and effort. It is elegantly designed, offering a clean and minimalist design with all options easily accessible. Interestingly, most of the features are available in the web version, while mobile apps are more focused on registration time.

Key Features

  • There is no timer on Harvest. Create an entry and then start or stop the timer.
  • You can create projects for your home to keep track of household chores like cleaning, shopping, watering plants, etc.
  • If you are working with a team, you can add people (spouse or employees) and assign different projects to different team members.
  • You can also create expense reports, create an invoice for your billable hours, and send it directly to the customer.
  • Harvest integrates with PayPal and Stripe to track payments. Tracking expenses can help you control your budgets.


If you are a freelancer or want to track personal life, the basic premise remains the same with this Harvest tool. Add a customer, you can create projects to assign to that customer, such as ideation, writing, editing, social media marketing, etc. To do so, click on Project, select Create and give it a name. Most of those things depend on your field of work.

Download: https://www.getharvest.com


TMetric is an application that helps in time tracking. It is tailor-made for remote teams, IT professionals, freelancers and companies in various sectors. This tool is blessed with a timer that records time spent on tasks during the workday. Users can also assign time entries to projects, add activity tags, and mark entries as billable time.

Key Features

  • In this app, hours are recorded on a business day timeline, which is divided into 10-minute increments.
  • It records the project name when you start to track a task.
  • Existing tasks can be selected from a drop-down menu and custom tasks can be added.
  • With other task managers, Tmetric has the button visible in tasks without having to click and works fast
  • In addition to all this, integration with Todoist is free.


Tmetric application has special functions like automatic breaks, automatic registration when starting up, detecting inactivity (asking the X minute one), registration reminder (asking the X minute one). Oh, and Tmetric also allows you to add these breaks from the web.

Download: https://tmetric.com


TopTracker is especially interesting since it was made by a freelancing network intended of course by freelancers, and is not tied to any work platform. Unlike other apps for time management, This application is free and without limitations for versions of any kind.

Key Features

  • Freelancers can manage different projects and invite team members to work together and track progress.
  • Each member’s productivity is shown separately using smart charts with categorized activity.
  • You can also take occasional screenshots and track activity on multiple monitors.
  • You can track the activity on multiple monitors and there is a possibility of taking screenshots.
  • Free time tracker and you can manage unlimited team members and projects.


TopTracker can also integrate directly with most independent websites to offer its tracking service to satisfy customers. However, direct integration also implies a 10% fee on completed projects. There is a free version that offers different time tracking functionalities. However, you can opt for direct website integration which involves 10% of the project price.

Download: https://www.toptal.com


The biggest benefit of any tracking app is that they make it easy for you to track how you use your time. As it is well known, “What is measured, is administered.” All the Hubstaff Alternatives on this list is great for different needs. The best time tracking app is the one you are really going to use, so choose the one that works best with you and your team’s existing workflow.



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