Igfxpers.exe – What is it, Uses, Virus, Error & How to Fix it

If you have recently seen a strange process named igfxpers.exe in the task manager, you are not alone. Many Windows 10 users reported that the igfxpers.exe process is taking up a lot of system resources and slowing down their computers.

Igfxpers.exe file information

So, what is this process and why is it on your computer? Read further to find out.

The full form of igfxpers is Intel Graphics Resolution Persistence Module.

What is the igfxpers.exe process?

The igfxpers.exe process is part of the computers that have dedicated Intel GPUs. It is actually a necessary component of the Intel dedicated GPUs and the Intel Common User Interface.

The Common User Interface is bundled along with some other Windows drivers, which make it possible for the hardware components to function properly. The dedicated GPUs are used for all the basic graphics rendering, making it extremely important for multiple monitor setups.

File Size & Location

The average file size of igfxpers.exe is approx 0.25 MB, whereas the default location is under C:\Windows\System32

Is igfxpers.exe a virus?

As you know by now, the genuine version of the process is an important component of the Intel Graphics cards. However, since executable files can be mimicked by viruses, there is a chance that the process on your computer is a virus.

You will have to verify that your computer is not infected with a virus. To do so, check if the process location is C:\Windows\System32 folder. If it is not located on to its default location, or there are multiple instances of the process on your computer, or you see that the system resource usage for the process is extremely high, there is a high chance that a virus or malware has infected your device.

Common Error

If the igfxpers.exe gets corrupted then it may crash your graphics and your system might restart.

Can you remove igfxpers.exe from your computer?

Before you remove this process from your computer, you must first understand the function of the process. The igfxpers.exe process is not a Windows core file, but it performs some other important tasks, especially in portables like laptops. When an external monitor is connected to the computer, the display resolutions are adjusted automatically using this process. Also, when the monitor is removed, the process resets the display settings and brings back the native resolution.

That being said, you can remove the process for your computer if you feel that the process does not serve you any purpose. If you do not connect external displays to your computer, or do not need screencasting at the moment, you can remove igfxpers.exe from your computer.

Simply search for the process inside File Explorer, or right-click on the process inside Task manager and select Open File Location. Then, you can delete the process from your computer.

Do note that when you connect external displays after deleting the process, there is a chance that the extend mode may not work normally. However, if the display comes with its drivers, the display should work normally. Also, if you need to reinstall the process, you will have to reinstall your graphics card as well.

How to Fix it?

If igfxpers.exe causing system crash, then simply re-install the Intel Graphics Card from your system and igfxpers.exe error will be resolved.

Make sure that you have the Graphics Card driver before you follow the below steps:

1) Click on Windows logo

2) Type Device Manager and click on it

3) Click on Display Adapter and right-click on Intel(R) HD Graphics

Uninstall intel graphics driver

4) And click on Uninstall

5) Now, click on the Computer icon (Scan for hardware changes) on the navigation bar of Device manager as shown below

Scan for hardware changes

6) The system will identify the Intel Graphics Card and will ask to install the driver.

7) Choose the driver location and install it from the Device Manager.

Now, restart the system to take effect. This will fix the igfxpers error on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

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