IPROSetMonitor.exe – What is it, Safe or Virus & How to Fix it

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The IPROSetMonitor.exe process is used on Intel Motherboard and is a part of the LAN driver.  It is only used for LAN, not for wifi networks.  In short, this IPROSetMonitor.exe is an executable file that is a very important software part of the Intel Motherboard that is available for Windows.

File size & Location

Typically the program which is related to the IPROSetMonitor.exe file runs in the background as soon as you start your system. You can discover it in the subfolder of C:\Windows\System32.


Here is a portion of the significant properties of IPROSetMonitor.exe that you should know:

  • Filename: IPROSetMonitor.exe
  • File Description: Intel ProSet Monitor
  • File type : Application (.exe)
  • File Location : C:\Windows\System32\
  • File size: 0.13 MB (can vary depending on the version)
  • File version: (can vary)
  • Publisher: Intel Corporation
  • Language: English.

Note: The IPROSetMonitor.exe file is not a Windows essential file but you should not remove it from your system.

Usage of IPROSetMonitor.exe file

IPROSetMonitor.exe is the principal executable file for the proper functioning of the Intel ProSet Monitoring Service. The Intel PROSet Monitoring Service effectively screens changes to the framework and updates influenced network gadgets to keep them running in ideal condition. Stopping this service or deleting this file may contrarily influence network devices that are connected to the system.

Don’t delete IPROSetMonitor.exe or you may face a limited network access problem or the LAN network won’t work.

Is it Safe or a Virus?

It is always recommended to check for the reliability of any such executable file to decide if it is protected from any kind of malware or not. Generally, the IPROSetMonitor.exe is a safe file, however, some virus or malware camouflages itself as IPROSetMonitor.exe and thus sometimes it becomes impossible for the security software programs (installed in your system) to scan for it.

Therefore, it is recommended that you first check the location of IPROSetMonitor.exe file in your computer because the location of the file itself is one of the principal factors that will assist you with deciding whether the .exe file is safe or a threat to your system.

To check for the location of IPROSetMonitor.exefollow the steps beneath.

  1. Press Ctrl, Shift, Esc keys simultaneously from your keyboard to dispatch the Task Manager.
  2. Now in the Process tab of the Task Manager window find the exe process.
  3. Next right click on the exe process and choose the Open the file location option.

Presently on the off chance that you end up at C:\Windows\System32, at that point likely it is protected from malware or virus, but if the location of IPROSetMonitor.exe is someplace in C:\ other than the above determined safe location then probably the .exe file is corrupted and not safe for your computer.

Common Errors of IPROSetMonitor.exe

Well in case if the IPROSetMonitor.exe file is affected with some malware then you will some common error notifications which are as follows.

  • IPROSetMonitor.exe consuming high cpu
  • exe is not responding.
  • exe is not a valid Win32 application.
  • Error starting the program – Intel ProSet Monitoring Service.
  • exe is missing.

On the off chance if you face any of these error messages you must try to fix it or you can also uninstall the IPROSetMonitor.exe from your computer.

How to fix IPROSetMonitor error messages?

The main causes behind IPROSetMonitor.exe error messages is the point at which the of Intel ProSet Monitoring Service installed on your framework is either damaged or affected with any virus or malware. So in such cases, you should attempt to reinstall the Intel ProSet Monitoring Service application and doing this will likely assist you in disposing of the irritating error notifications which you are experiencing.

For this, you can re-install the LAN driver to fix the error message.

How to remove the IPROSetMonitor.exe file?

You should never delete the IPROSetMonitor file as this may directly influence all the software programs related to that executable file, however, if you are sure that the file is not reliable or you do not need any of its associated applications then you can try to uninstall or delete it.

Follow the below steps to uninstall IPROSetMonitor.exe from your system:

1) Press the Windows key, type Device Manager, and click on it

Open device manager using Cortana

2) Click on Network Adapter

Network Adapter under Device Manager in Windows 10

3) Locate Realtek Network or Lan, right-click and choose Uninstall

4) Now, download the latest driver from Intel official website

5) Now install the latest driver on your system and restart it to take effect.

Conclusion: This was all about the IPROSetMonitor.exe file. For recommendations and queries, don’t hesitate to reach us or leave a comment.

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