iptray.exe – What is it and How to Remove it?

This Iptray.exe is the name of an executable file that belongs to the Intel Desktop Utilities program. Iptray.exe automatically starts as soon as the system boots and users log into the Windows. Its installation is done with two programs, one of which is Intel(R) Desktop Utilities. iptray.exe is not an essential file of the system program, but it is recommended not to remove this file from the system until it create a problem.

The full form of IPTRAY is Immunet Protect Tray Client and sometimes it is also known as Tray application.

File Size

The size of the software is approximately 10.4 Mb, however, below Windows 10 operating system, the average file size could be around 6.25 Mb.


The iptray.exe executable file is present in the hard drive of the computer and has machine code. When the Intel® SSU starts on the PC, the commands present in iptray.exe execute. This explains the file being loaded into the RAM and running as an Intel® SSU Tray Program process.

The file location of iptray.exe is under C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel Desktop Utilities\

This executable file has machine code. When the Intel® SSU starts on the PC, the commands present in iptray.exe execute.  Users should check out their Windows Task Manager to monitor the iptray.exe and check whether it’s consuming huge CPU resources.

Is Iptray.exe a Virus or Safe?

Iptray.exe is considered to be safe and usually doesn’t harm the system.

What is the first thing for determining that a file is an authentic Windows process and not a virus? It’s where the executable file is on the PC.

  • The correct place for iptray.exe is C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Desktop Utilities\iduServ.exe
  • Its size on Windows 10 is 10.4 MB and 6.25 in the older version

If the file is not in the location given above there is a possibility of it being a Trojan. Even then, those who encounter difficulties with this application should ascertain whether it’s trustworthy ahead of deleting it. They should go to its location on the system and compare its properties with the ones mentioned above.

Thus, if the file is not located under C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel Desktop Utilities\ then it might be either malware or virus. And complete scan is recommended with a good antivirus like Bitdefender Antivirus.

At times, iptray.exe may give errors, but that does not mean that it’s a Trojan. Mostly, iptray issues are due to the application that executes the process. Users should try and fix such errors by updating or uninstalling this application. They should see whether the errors are solved or they persist.

Check other similar files like:

Those who suspect that the application is infected must attempt and fix it instantly.  The iptray.exe virus can be deleted by installing a full security application. It could be that the virus does not let iptray.exe be deleted. To tackle this situation start the PC in Safe Mode with Networking and run a security application and a full system analysis.

uninstall How to remove iptray.exe safely?

You can stop non-system processes as they have no role in running the operating system. Those who stop usingIntel® SSU can remove this software and so iptray.exe from their PC. Follow the below steps to remove iptray.exe from the system:

  • Press Windows and R key simultaneously
  • Type CPL and click on the OK button
  • Next, find Intel® SSU from the programs
  • Double click and uninstall it.

If you are still facing any error with iptray.exe or have any questions, then leave your comment below and we will try to reply to you soon.



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