Javaw.exe Process – What is it? Error & How to Fix it?

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The javaw.exe process is a software component of Java™ Platform SE Binary created by Sun Microsystems. Well in most of the cases javaw.exe is safe for the PC however to know more about this file and to fix any errors related to it, you must read the entire article.

File size & Location

The javaw.exe file is located under C:\Program Files\Java\ directory but it may also be located under at C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Oracle\Java\javapath and the file size is approx 186 KB.

javaw.exe file location

Some of its important properties are as follows:

  • Type of file : Application(.exe)
  • File description : Java™ Platform SE Binary
  • Original file name : javaw.exe
  • Product version : 8.0.2410.17 (can vary)
  • File location : C:\Program Files\Java\
  • Size on disk : 186 KB

Note : The file size of javaw.exe file can vary depending on the version you have installed in your system. You may find multiple file of javaw in Windows system.

What is the usage of javaw.exe ?

The javaw.exe is responsible for proper functioning of all the software programs that are based on Java. It is used to dispatch/launch java applications ordinarily with GUIs (Graphical User Interface). So in case you delete it the java application will fail to launch and thus you will be seeing numerous error notifications related to the javaw.exe file.

Thus you should not attempt to remove/uninstall it unless and until you are sure that you do not require any of the Java associated software programs.

Note : The javaw.exe is not an windows essential file and thus it comes along with the software programs which you have installed in your system.

Common javaw.exe error messages

In case the javaw.exe file gets corrupted you may encounter some error notifications which are as follows.

  • exe has failed.
  • exe is not responding.
  • exe is not a valid win32 application.
  • exe is missing.
  • exe bad image.

Now in case you are facing any of these errors you must try to fix it.

What are the reasons for javaw.exe error messages ?

The most probable reasons for the javaw.exe error notifications are as follows:

  • The javaw.exe file is corrupted.
  • The javaw.exe file is deleted or moved from its default location.
  • Corrupted registry entries.

You must read the next sections of this article so as to fix the javaw.exe errors.

How to fix javaw.exe errors ?

I have mentioned some of the effective and efficient methods to fix the errors related to javaw.exe. Go through each and every methods and see if it helps in your case or not.

Method 1 : By scanning for viruses/malwares using Windows defender

By using the inbuilt Windows defender software program you can scan for viruses in your system. Here is how you can do this.

1. Press the Windows button and type ‘’windows security’’ and then click on the icon as shown below in order to launch Windows Defender.

Windows security

2. Now just click on the Virus & threat protection

3. Click on Scan options.

4. Next you need to select the Windows Defender offline scan and then click on the Scan now

Windows Defender offline scan

Well that’s it now after the Advanced scan is completed all the problematic programs or corrupted files (if found any) will be displayed. You can then uninstall the problematic applications and see if you still experience errors related to java.exe.

Here is how you can check Java version on your system.

Method 2 : By adding the path of javaw.exe to the environment variable path

Follow the steps one by one in order to apply this fix.

1. Launch the RUN application by pressing the combination of Windows + R key.

2. Now in the search space of RUN type ‘’sysdm.cpl’’ and click on the OK

sysdm.cpl run command

3. Next you need to switch to the Advanced

4. Now click on Environment Variables.

Environment Variables

5. Now under the section of System variables click on the New

6. Now type ‘’Path’’ in the space of Variable name: and then under the space of Variable value: you need to enter the location/path of exe.

Note : To find the location of javaw.exe open the task manager and find the javaw.exe process and then right click on it and select the Open file location option.

7. Now click on OK

I trust subsequent to playing out these steps you are not prone to confront any errors associated with javaw.exe.

In case you still face the issue go on with the next method.

Method 3 : By fixing issues with the Windows Registry

In this method you will be making changes in the Windows registry therefore I would highly recommend you to create backup of the registry on the off chance that something turns out badly.

1. Launch the RUN application by pressing the combination of Windows + R key.

2. Now in the search space of RUN type ‘’regedit’’ without quotes and click on the OK

Open Regedit using Run command button

3. Next navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\javaws.exe.

4. Now right click on the javaw.exe folder select Delete

javaw.exe folder file

5. Now just Restart your system.

Well that’s it there is nothing more to do in this method, hopefully this will fix all the errors associated with the javaw.exe.

Method 4 : By reinstalling the latest version of Java

1. Open the Control Panel

2. Next you will have to find Programs section and further left click on Uninstall a Program.

Programs uninstall

You will be seeing a list of all the software programs installed on your system.

3. Now just find the software program named Java and right click on it and then select the Uninstall

uninstall or change program java8

4. Now follow the instructions that will prompted on your screen in order to uninstall Java.

That’s it now again download and install the latest version of JAVA from its official site depending on the type of system (32 bit or 64 bit) you are using.

Conclusion :

This was all you should know about the javaw.exe file in order to deal with any kind of error or issues that it can cause. I hope you find it valuable and knowledgeable. Please comment below and let me know if you encounter any other kind of error with this file.

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