Jp2launcher.exe File Information, What is it?

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jp2launcher.exe is a program file that could be present on a new computer that you buy. The jp2launcher.exe application gets active when a user attempts to make use of java for connecting to remote locations. The application is within java, which is a Sun Microsystems product. It runs in the web browser of a user. The application isn’t included in the system startup and won’t be active in the system task list always. The application is regarded to be safe and isn’t a virus, spyware, or an adware associated software.

jp2launcher.exe file information

File Location

The path to the file on the computer is C:\Program Files\Java\Jre6\bin\. In some computers depending on operating system, the main directory may be Program Files(X86). The location of the program is very important. The reason is that numerous spyware programs utilize analogous names and place them in another place on the hard drive. With the location given above, you can authenticate your software file.

Is jp2launcher.exe safe?

To know whether a file is a valid Windows OS process or a virus it’s vital to check the place where the executable is on the PC. The only place that this executable should run from is given in the above paragraph.

The best way of confirming is the Task Manager. In the task manager choose View and Select Columns. Next, choose “Image Path Name.” This puts in a location column in the Task Manager. If it has a suspicious directory this process should be looked into.

The full path of jp2launcher.exe is C:\Program Files\java\jre7\bin\. The website of the publisher is and the file size is 999.25 KB on most Windows. Users who encounter difficulties with this program should check that that its location is as above.

If the location isn’t matching almost certainly a Trojan/Virus.  Next, the users must compare the file size and other information with the details above.

Another thing to remember is that several tasks are going to have identical names to the present tasks or processes. The tasks running on the PC can be checked in the “processes” tab in “task manager.” However, this window doesn’t reveal the loaded dll files. Spyware writers could conceal their files on the user computer.  In this way, users can’t identify the name in their task list. Checking the location is very important.

This executable file should not be deleted with no valid reason. Removing Jp2launcher file could disturb the performance of related programs that use it. Users should update their software and programs for avoiding future problems from corrupted files. Updates for Software and drivers must be checked more often for reducing the possibility of such problems.

Also, remember that jp2launcher.exe has some common error messages like “jp2launcher.exe Application Error“. They can arise when:

  • Programs are installed
  • Java 7 Update 60 is executed
  • Windows starts or shuts down
  • Windows is installed

A history of jp2launcher.exe errors is important for troubleshooting.

Also, do routine malware scans, hard disk cleaning, monitor auto-start programs, and allow automatic Windows updates. Also, make systematic backups or set recovery points.

The “resmon” command helps find the processes that are the cause of the problem of users. It’s advisable to repair the installation than reinstalling Windows. In this way, the operating system is repaired with no loss of data.

Detecting and removing an infected jp2launcher.exe is also possible with a full system analysis using a PC scanner and repair tool.  It is also recommended to use a free Adware removal tools to run a full scan. If the software finds jp2launcher.exe infected it will delete it and the related malware.

uninstall How to Remove it Safely 

If you are not sure whether jp2launcher.exe is a virus  or consuming high cpu resources then it’s better to delete it. You should uninstall Java 7 Update 60 with its uninstaller. If they are unable to locate the uninstaller could have to uninstall it completely for deleting jp2launcher.exe. Additionally, you can do so with the windows OS Add/Remove Program function.

There are other several process like: iptray.exe, HsMgr.exe, RaUI.exe etc.



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