What is Kvoop.exe

KeyView OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) Object Package or KVOOP is a component of KeyView software by Hewlett-Packard. The genuine executable file for this program is kvoop.exe. It is not a necessary program file of Windows 7/8/10 and does not help your computer to run.

kvoop.exe file information

Are you unsure about the kvoop.exe file and don’t know whether its a malware or a virus? Find what is it, uses, error, file location, how to disable it safely.

Uses and Functions of Kvoop.exe

KeyView is a program that is used by enterprises for file filtering and transformation. It can be used to search files in order to extract metadata and other text. It can process a number of file formats and across many varied platforms and uses the IDOL index for indexing the data available.

File Size And Location

The executable file kvoop.exe for this system is usually located in a subfolder of C:\Program Files and is usually 147,456 bytes or 110,592 bytes in size.

The file kvoop.exe can also be included in other software of the company like AgentInstall64, Websense Data Endpoint, AgentInstall, KeyView, PersonalBrain, or even in Endpoint Classifier by Autonomy or Websense or Vontu.

Is Kvoop.exe harmful?

This program file is not harmful to the computer systems in most cases and is not a virus or malware. However, in some cases, there is a chance that the entire text index or a specific database that includes particular attachments of the program may get corrupted. If that has happened, the user can get errors related to kvoop.exe when the specific application is launched.

If the kvoop.exe file location is under the C:\Windows directory then it might be a threat. It’s recommended to run an Antivirus or Malware to scan the computer.

In some other cases, there could also be a malware or virus that has entered the system disguised as kvoop.exe.

As the file is not a core file to Windows, it can be uninstalled easily without causing any harm to the system, if it has been giving errors or is not located at its default location.

How to Disable it?

The kvoop.exe is not easily visible in Windows operating system and runs in the background.

If the kvoop.exe is consuming more cpu resources and showing in Task Manager, then you can uninstall this using Control Panel.

Common kvoop.exe Error Message

Following are common errors that you might see on your Windows system:

  • kvoop.exe file is missing
  • kvoop.exe not found
  • kvoop.exe failed to load


Overall, the kvoop.exe is not a dangerous file and usually runs in HP desktop computer or laptop.

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