LDIScn32.exe – What it is, Uses and Fix Error Message

LDIScn32.exe is basically a file associated with LAN and Internet. Find its uses, file location and how to fix ldiscn32.ex error message using simple steps.  Located in the program files of C Drive, it is usually managed by administrators. If you are not sure about LDIScn32 then don’t uninstall, better get in touch with your computer administrator.


What is LDIScn32.exe ?

This software belongs to the LANDESK Management Suite. It is a software associated with LAN and the Internet.  It is usually resides in “C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient” directory. LANDESK is a well known IT company known as Ivanti located in South Jordan, Utah. Usually the LANDESK don’t consume much CPU resource, however if it do so, then update to System Administrator.

File size

The average file size of LDIScn32.exe of in Windows 10/8/7 is about 1,604,608 bytes. Although it’s not essential file of Windows operating system.

Common LDIScn32.exe Error Message

Following are few common errors that you might see on your computer:

  • ldiscn32.exe is missing
  • ldiscn32.exe not found
  • ldiscn32.exe failed to load

Why LDIScn32.exe showing error message

This error may occur due to the following reasons :-

  1. Virus or malware may infect the file, which can result in the error appearing on the screen frequently.
  2. It may so happen that some other program may have mistakenly deleted this software.
  3. Corrupt download or incomplete installation of Gateway Applications
  4. Another program or application or a software may be in conflict with this file
  5. This error may also occur due to corrupt file download or incomplete installation of Gateway Application Disc 2 software.
  6. Corrupt windows registry keys may get associated with this file and lead to the error message being displayed.

Without these executable files we will not be able to use any application or work on our computer. Hence, every function requires the support of these .exe file to run and operate smoothly. However sometimes some malware disguises itself as LDIScn32.exe file. To prevent this, frequent malware detection scan should be run to prevent this. For best results, it is always recommended by experts not to download these file directly from the internet and rather going with the authentic file.

Steps to Repair LDIScn32.exe Error

Malware Scan – Conducting a malware scan on your PC to detect any virus or Trojans that may have attacked the file

Clear Computer – Delete all junk files and data which are no longer required.

Uninstall – Make sure to Uninstall any application that has been newly installed or downloaded and try installing it or buying the authentic one online or directly from the market

Update Driver – Update the device drivers by going to the device manager. In case any device is creating problem, it shall be highlighted in the device manager.

Update Windows – Install all available windows update and reboot the computer.

System Restore – Windows System Restore can restore all the changes made to the system.

Re-install OS – This is the last option if the error still appearing. Take a backup of all your files and folders and reinstall Windows Operating System preferably the latest version.

In case you still face this LDIScn32 error, then its best to seek expert advice or take the PC to the service center. Or perhaps it may be the time to buy a new PC altogether. As far as possible the computer should always be kept clean and junk free. All files and folders should be backed up in an external hardware to keep the PC free and not excess loaded.

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