Lpremove.exe Process Uses, File Size, Location Detail

LPREMOVE.exe is an executable process and is a component of the Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Language pack cleanup. Lpremove.exe function is to remove any obsolete or unused language packs, that have been pre-installed in the Windows Operating System.

What is Lpremove.exe & its uses?

MUI Language pack comes in handy when a computer is manufactured in a foreign country and used in another country with a different native language. MUI pack allows the system to modify its display language according to the user’s preference for utilities like Menus, Dialogue boxes, Help, Wizards, etc.

In Windows 10, if you go to the “Regional and language options” in Control Panel, you will see this policy setting in the right pane- “Block clean-up of unused language packs”.

It manages the LPRemove schedule pack cleanup task. If this policy setting is not configured, then lpremove will delete all language packages installed as system image components, but not used by the user. These packs are installed via Windows system updates and run in the background once the system boots. 

File size & location

  • The file size of LPREMOVE.exe version 6.2.9200.16420 is 90 KB.
  • The location pathway of LPREMOVE.exe is under C:\Windows\System32\lpremove.exe folder

Quick Overview

File description:MUI Language pack cleanup
File version:6.1.7600.16385
File Size:72.0 KB
Product name:Microsoft® Windows ®Operating System
File type:Application
Copyright:Microsoft Corporation

Is it safe or a virus?

LPREMOVE.exe is a legitimate process and need not be removed. But, sometimes hackers write malicious codes with the same or similar names as lpremove. This is done to confuse the system firewall and anti-virus.

The executable should only be removed if any of the following three points are applicable:

  • If the location of exe is not in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.
  • If exe application is using very high CPU memory up to gigabytes.
  • If the file is not copyrighted by “Microsoft Corporation” as can be seen in the executable’s properties 


Some common errors that occur in the system due to LPREMOVE.exe are:

  • “lpremove.exe – Application error”
  • “lpremove.exe – Access denied”

These errors can be caused because:

  • exe may be blocked by your system anti-virus/ firewall.
  • Outdated or missing DLL (Dynamic-link library) mandatory for lpremove.exe to run.
  • Faulty hardware component.

How to remove it?

Since lpremove.exe is part of the Windows operating system, thus it’s not recommended to remove or delete this file.  You can uninstall lpremove.exe by uninstalling the MUI File using the MUISetup.exe

Other similar files:

KMService.exe, acs.exe, Smartscreen.exe, and RaUI.exe.



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