Alternatives to Microsoft Money for Windows & Online

When widely used tool around the world, ‘Microsoft Money’ was padlocked in 2009, it has forced numerous users to look for alternative free software. A tool you may have been using was no longer going to be reinforced, online functionality would be gone. As we know all, the tool Microsoft Money was used for maintaining all functionalities.

Free and Paid Alternatives for Microsoft Money for Windows and Mac

If you are considering replacing extremely useful tool Microsoft Money, you must keep in mind the below-mentioned best features of Microsoft Money software like:

  • Classify transactions in bank and credit card accounts, plus excruciating one transaction into numerous categories.
  • Downloading transactions for the bank, credit card, and brokerage accounts.
  • Resolve account balances against bank and credit card statements.
  • Uphold a budget and report income and expenses against the budget.
  • Track loan payments and assign between principal and interest mechanically.
  • Track investment values, purchases, sales, dividends, interest, and capital gains and losses etc.
  • Bring up-to-date price quotes automatically for investments.
  • Account investment portfolio returns over any period.
  • Report the remaining worth over time.

Top Free Alternatives to Microsoft Money

Here is a detailed list of programs that should serve as a well-intentioned replacement to Microsoft Money, and in some cases, they may even out strip the performance. The list comprises some programs that work finest on both PCs and some are available online, some are desktop-based, and some are even free.

Let’s begin with the first category of alternatives for Microsoft Money which is available online and works with all Operating System:

Desktop Programs to Replace Microsoft Money

Some of the best desktop personal finance software choices to narrow down your selections for Microsoft Money replacement software.



A desktop program which caters to around the globe , with good exchange rates, counting connectivity, budgeting and portfolio tracking in one convenient one of the lesser fee package.

Obtainable in Linux, Mac and Windows versions. Track your transaction seems to be highlight of the software.  Receive free upgrades for life, when you purchase AceMoney now.


GNUCash - free accounting software

If you are looking for free alternatives to Microsoft Money then consider GNYCash which comes with lots of features to take care of your day to day accounting needs.

An open-source program, GNU Cash offers a mass of features like true double-entry accounting, running your personal finances as well as small business accounting as well.

Due to being open source, there are abundant of add-ons and modules accessible to adapt the program beyond what is involved with GNU Cash. Although, the interface may appear a bit clunky and there is a bit of a learning curve, and probably the most powerful of the programs on this list.

Moneydance (Paid)


A strong program that can go toe-to-toe with Microsoft Money as it claims an imposing collection of features such as investment tracking and built-in reports.  Like other software, java written Moneydance will entail periodic upgrades.

Quicken (Paid)

Quicken software

Many users must be aware of Quicken as this tool spent some time in a store with a print of each program in their hands. Quicken’s interface is a bit unwieldier than Money, but it is a daunting application.

Due to its popularity, Quicken is willingly available for purchase most everywhere and prices start from less than 50 bucks. Like most of the other desktop programs, Quicken is presented for Mac and Windows both.

YNAB (Paid)

Ynab software for accounting

More of a check book register and budgeting kind of program, YNAB delivers no investment tracking constituent. But for those people who are serious about budgeting, this tops the other desktop applications in that repute, and maybe only’ Mvelope’ is equal to it on this list.

YNAB is grounded not just on accounting software but on a money management system established by its founder. YNAB Pro costs less and originates with a free book and some Excel templates.

Online Programs Alternatives

Switching to online personal finance software, which has assistance like

  • Never have to mount the software
  • Wait for updates
  • Simple to use obviously
  • The security uses data encryption and added methods of keeping your data safe and secure.

Here is an alternative list:

Budget pulse

This free and extremely useful online program has easiness as its basic mantra. Security wise once cannot move bank or investment data, so there are no passwords or sensitive info stored on the system. To put it in short, If you are beholding for an ano-frills program that can track your expenses and budget, Budget pulse is the right and appropriate program for you.


This alternative takes a rather exclusive tactic to financial management software as it has structures that helps the management of group finances. If you have roommates to share expenses with, this may be just an accurate solution for you.

Further, it has a Google Gears functionality that permits the software to use Gears to access information and then transmit it to Buxfer without any of sensitive data such as account numbers and passwords being stockpiled anywhere on the official website.

Besides being free, you can also text transactions to your account.

ClearCheck Book

Created by Brandon O’brien, Clearcheck book majorly offers the basics for free and some more progressive best features for a small fee. At its heart, it is a check book record that also does some budgeting and comes with a widespread range of obtainable reports.


The most demanding online programs, Mint seems to do everything that Money does and maybe a bit more than that. Having a simple design and more of a spontaneous feel than some of the other programs, it is therefore, mark-ably powerful tool. It is connected to thousands of US and Canadian institutes as per Wikipedia .

Money Center

This is the software provided from Yodlee, the Company which gives the back end for numerous of the other financial management resolutions out there. Boundless integration with banks and a bill pay feature round out the software, which is billed by Yodlee as the most complete online banking solution in the world.


As the names suggest, it envelops budgeting. The online version of the envelope budgeting system endorsed by Crown Financial Ministries and offers online bill-pay as well as downloadable account information. The software is well thought out and easy to use. It comes with a pocket-friendly price. Monthly access fees start from 4 USD. They do provide 30-day free trial, which is not bad at all !!


Comparable to Mint, and free, this software does seem to place a bit more importance on savings and debt management. Thrive is possible with accounting software, then most of its competitors and bills itself as a tool for twenty and thirty-somethings. Newly purchased by Money Tree, they do seem to have more long-term stability than some of their participants.


More of a community-oriented application than others, Wesabe is said to be one of the firstborn web-based offerings. Like Mint and Thrive, they also provide financial tips and advice, and the great user base is offered for questions and sharing tips and tricks. Unlike most of the other web-based applications on this list, Wesabe consents for the formation of cash accounts as well as for manually in flowing transactions.

To Sum Up

Do you think, that one of these programs outperform the others? Which one do you feel is right for you? The answer is completely depending on what you are beholding for. Envelope budgeters will be interested in something different from investment experts, who will be viewing for something unlike from household managers.

The best thing, we advise you to is try a few of them out and check it yourself which works best for you. Few of the online options are free, and the rest of the programs should offer some sort of a free trial and then some kind of expenses.

For more alternatives or suggestions, plz drop your comments !!!



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