12 best free MPC-HC Alternatives in 2021

MPC-HC has been the music and video player preferred by users for many years and it is common applications to be the most used. Today, MPC-HC is sometimes incompatible with various audio and video formats that are often used. Fortunately, now you will know the best free alternatives to play multimedia content and here are 12 of them. 

Best free mpc-hc alternatives for Windows

These are 12 Best Free MPC-HC Alternatives in 2020:

VLC Media Player

VLC Player

VLC is a multimedia software allowing us to read videos of all kinds, films, listen to music, receive streams of TV channels. Bugs have been fixed in large quantities and VLC now supports many new inputs and devices. It will also be officially ported to iOS and Android, and partially to Windows Store App and Windows RT.

VLC Media Player

Key Features:

  • VLC can play video files in almost any format, including AVI, MPEG, WMV and MOV, as well as MP3, OggVorbis and FLAC.
  • It does not require a lot of memory or processor power, and the program files take up very little space on the hard drive.
  • To help keep VLC’s resource usage low.
  • The program uses a rudimentary graphical interface.
  • VLC is an extremely complete and customizable software and can configure the controls in the main window as you like.

You can set VLC as the default media player, detail guide provided here.

Download: https://vlc.onl/download/


Winamp Player

Winamp has been one of the longest-running media players. I have been using the Winamp since 2004 without having a single issue. With Winamp, it is really easy to import, create and browse your playlist. You can Winamp as a media browser to switch from one playlist to another, without having to change the screen, which is really convenient.

Key Features

  • It supports a large number of file formats, such as MP3, MIDI, MOD, MPEG-1 audio layers 1 and 2, AAC, M4A, FLAC, WAV, and WMA.
  • Winamp can also be used for importing and copying CDs.
  • It allows users to play numerous video formats.
  • It allows video playback in an optimal way.
  • Winamp has a media library that can be used to organize and create playlists.
  • You get the album and illustrations trace the tag with the Gracenote service.

You can find Winamp similar players here which are absolutely free.

Download: https://www.winamp.com/



iTunes is a registered digital media stallion application deployed by Apple Inc. to represent and constitute digital music and video records. It is also an interface to arrange the records in three Apple connector profiles: iPods, iPhones, and iPads.

Key Features

  • Ping: With Ping, you get to follow your favorite experts and see what music they experience or get the first expression in albums, expulsions, and concerts.
  • Auto-sync: You will also unintentionally download all the attachments you have added to iTunes since the latest synchronization manages to configure it in indocile mode.
  • Smart Playlists: It manages to configure the measurements for what a playlist is said to be using couplets from his library.
  • Share at home: The Share at home occupation approves you to share music through multiple computers in your docile network.
  • Videos: You can download videos, movies or TV sketches from the Bazaar Store to view them on iTunes and lighten them on an iPod video.

Download: https://support.apple.com/downloads/itunes


Media Player Classic Black Edition is a complete Open Source audio and video player capable of playing endless formats and incorporating endless features that make it one of the most robust and efficient programs in its category. One of its strengths is the lightness that results, being able to play videos fluently in very weak equipment even at high resolutions.

Key Features

  • It is capable of playing large files with 1080p resolutions with no cuts or delays.
  • Supports virtually all audio, video, and image file formats.
  • It has the portable version, you just have to download MPC and you can run the file you want.
  • Play DVD, VCD, XCD, SuperVCD, DVB, BD without having to download additional codecs.
  • Low consumption of system resources (use up to ten times fewer resources than other players).

Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/mpcbe/

MPV Player

This is a video player that is born from both mplayer2 and its predecessor Mplayer. This player supports a wide variety of audio and video file formats. It offers us a graphical user interface. It is lightweight and cross-platform, as it is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Key Features

  • This player has a high-quality video output, even in HD (if the hardware of our equipment allows it).
  • MPV has a video output based on OpenGL.
  • Mpv uses FFmpeg to support the acceleration of DXVA2, VDA, VDPAU, VAAPI and VideoToolbox video decoding.
  • This application is multi-platform and it weighs just 6 megabytes.
  • It can play video files of a higher quality than many other open source applications.

Download: https://mpv.io/

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player Logo

It is a media player to play content such as videos, audios, and images. Any PC that has Microsoft Windows automatically chooses this player by default since it is the developer’s program. With it, users can view photo albums, movies or listen to audio files such as music.

Key Features

  • View all the content you want from different sources without waiting for the screen to load.
  • Gather and share the best music with friends and family using Windows Media Player to copy and distribute the content.
  • Charge your phone or MP3 player with all the content you have accumulated over time.
  • Integrates Windows Media Player into online pages with ActiveX to display images, audio files, and videos.
  • It provides improved video playback, synchronization with portable devices and burning/copying CDs.

These are the best music player for Windows 10 system.

Download: http://windows.microsoft.com/


KM player

When it comes to advanced media players, KMPlayer is a great option. KMPlayer is a multimedia playback software that goes far beyond the basics. Although the ultimate goal of this program is to play audio and video files, this software also offers you a lot of practical advanced options that you won’t find in other similar products.

kmplayer image

Key Features

  • Its advanced synchronization helps to get the sound to fit perfectly with the image.
  • KMPlayer allows you to download YouTube content to watch it later.
  • Adjust screen size, image quality, and audio functions to ensure all tracks are perfectly visible.
  • Play WAV, MP3, MP2, MOV, ASF, MKV, MP4, and many more files.
  • It plays in high-resolution 4K, 8K and has excellent support for 3D video clips.

Download: http://kmplayer.com/

GOM Media Player

GOM player

GOM Media Player is free. It plays video files and is compatible with all common audio and video formats. It includes a wide variety of options and features so you will be able to fully customize and even includes a codec find service.

gomplayer image

Key Features

  • Reproduction of almost any format AVI, XviD, FLV, OGG, MP4, H263 and others.
  • Has a patented technology capable of playing AVI videos that have not been fully downloaded.
  • Powerful Subtitle Support which executes formats such as SMI, SRT, RT, SUB.
  • Able to play DVDs with support for 5.1-channel audio (may require an additional codec).
  • Screenshot of the video being played directly from GOM Player.
  • Conventional features like handling of Themes or Skins, fast forward – reverse, loop between two segments of the video, audio equalizer.

Download: https://www.gomlab.com/


Winyl logo

Winyl is a simple, practical music player, with support for the most popular audio formats, and free. It has a minimalist style, has a panel for the list of songs and a smaller one to filter the music according to several criteria, such as the author, the year, the genre of the songs, or folders.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Windows® XP, Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8 / 8.1, Windows® 10.
  • Play all the most popular audio file formats: MP3, OGG, WMA, M4A, MPC, APE, FLAC, etc.
  • Powerful tag editor (metadata) with lyrics support, album cover, and various tag values.
  • WASAPI and ASIO audio outputs to achieve the best sound quality.
  • 32-bit audio rendering or rendering to obtain the best possible audio quality.
  • Includes 10 band equalizer with many defaults presets.
  • Play smart playlists: dynamic, based on tags and ratings, track/album lists.

Download: https://winyl-player.github.io/

QuickTime Player

QuickTime has a range of features and a very friendly user interface, it is fast, elegant and very easy to use, as you would expect from any product or program created by Apple. QuickTime is a modern video player, which makes the process of watching videos fast and trouble-free.

Key Features

  • On startup, QuickTime can be slightly slow, but it is an extremely simple program to use.
  • It is integrated into the Mac OS X operating system, is intended for playing MOV files.
  • QuickTime offers the ability to edit and convert videos, with increased reliability, compatibility and security.
  • Watching videos is easy and playback is always smooth.
  • Record video files and save and then you can convert to various formats and edit.

Download: https://quicktime.en.softonic.com/download

MX Player

MX Player is one of the best App and it has advantages such as hardware decoding and multicore decoding that can improve up to 70% performance when you want to reproduce at the highest possible resolution. It is an application dedicated to the field of video playback.

Key Features

  • You can play movies in the following formats: 3gp, avi, divx, f4v, flv, mkv, mp4, mpeg, mov, vob, wmv, webm, xvid.
  • The application includes an intuitive control bar with the basic buttons.
  • It supports a wide variety of subtitle formats (srt, smi, sami, mpl, txt, sub).
  • You can customize formats, change the font, colour and adjust the synchronization.
  • It has pinch-zoom to zoom in or out during playback, subtitle scrolling that automatically adjusts text scrolling.
  • It has Boost volume to expand the volume and can play videos in HD 1080p format.

Download: https://www.mxplayer.in/


RealPlayer is a media player that gives access to a large amount of information in the form of video and audio files. An advanced program that simplifies the task of downloading, viewing and listening to content from around the world. On the other hand, what makes RealPlayer a unique player is its simplicity. Your users can view and listen to their favorite content with a couple of clicks.

Key Features

  • Fast and efficient transfer: Transferring multimedia files from computers and Macs to smartphones can be a headache.
  • Quick recording: Who says CDs are things of the past? With RealPlayer, you can create your own albums.
  • File conversion: RealPlayer is the fastest solution to convert files with MP3, WAV, RealAudio and many more.
  • Play without internet: Download all your favorite content thanks to RealPlayer. Then you can play it completely without being connected to the internet.

Download: https://www.real.com/in



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