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This mstsc.exe process is an essential part of the Windows Operating System that is known as Microsoft Terminal Services Client that is used to connect a remote computer. This application can be used via the command line as well.

The Full Form of Mstsc.exe is a Microsoft Terminal Services Client.

To keep it short, the Mstsc is the service that allows a user to connect to a remote system, provided you are on the same network or you know the IP address of the remote system.

File Size and Location

By default, the Mstsc.exe process is installed under the C:\Windows\System32 directory and the average file size is approx 677 KB. The file size of Mstsc might slightly vary depending on the Operating System.

Quick Overview

File description:Remote Desktop Connection
File version:6.1.7601.17514
File Size:1.00 MB
Product name:Microsoft@Windows@Operating System
File type:Application
Copyright:Microsoft Corporation

How Mstsc Works?

This Mstsc.exe is a very useful tool to connect the remote system. It is widely used by the System Administrator to troubleshoot a remote computer. But you must have a valid User ID and Password in order to access a remote system.

Terminal Services, which is currently known as Remote Desktop Services (RDS), has 3 client components that use RDS;

  1. Windows Remote Assistance.
  2. Remote Desktop Connection.
  3. Fast User Switching.

In the case of Remote Assistance, the process is cooperative. The user who is remote needs to receive an invitation before controlling the desktop. With Remote Desktop Connection, the remote user starts a fresh session on the remote system and all the power is permitted by the original user account’s rights and restrictions. This component, along with a regular username and password for authorization, also supports the use of smart cards. In the case of Fast User Switching, enables users to switch between local user accounts without having to keep re-logging in.

You may try Run Command for Remote Desktop for faster access.

Access Terminal Services Client

  1. Hold Windows +R button type mstsc and hit Enter key
  2. Enter the IP address or the computer of the remote system in the next window, and hit Connect.

This is how the Remote Desktop Connection windows look like:

Remote Desktop Connection

For customization, select the Option button on the Remote Desktop Connection tab, and reconfigure the display settings, etc.


Here are some commands you can use to work a remote system;

  1. /edit: Edit a specified .rdp file.
  2. mstsc /f: The command line can be used to connect the remote system in full screen
  3. /public: Runs in a public mode, bitmaps and passwords won’t be cached.
  4. /admin: Adds users to a session managing the server.
  5. /span: Aligns the desktop of the remote system with the local system.

You may try software like mRemoteNG that offers similar features while accessing a remote system.

Common Errors

It might just be that you have encountered errors such as;

  • “mstsc.exe – Access denied”

In this case, the antivirus software might have restricted access to the msctc.exe file. For this, you should check your antivirus log and quarantine.

Another cause would be that your file is damaged and you may have to reinstall the application.

  • “mstsc.exe – Error”

For this, the DLL file may be corrupted or out of date. The DLL file is imperative as it is a file that contains instructions for other programs to adhere to. You may have to reinstall the application.

When reinstalling applications, be sure that you don’t download them from an email. Oftentimes, a Trojan virus will take the name of an executable file, so be wary.

How to Download mstsc.exe

In case if the file is corrupt or damaged then you can download it from Microsoft Official website.

1) Go to the Microsoft Download page here

2) The Microsoft Remote Desktop assistant file will automatically download on your system

3) Double click on a file to install it on your Windows 10, 8 or 7

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