ncs2prov.exe – What it is, Uses Information

ncs2prov.exe is a part of Windows operating system, uses by Device manager and not a virus. Find about its file location, function, error message detail. Ncs2prov.exe is a system file which is not necessary for the Windows Operating system and does not create problems or minimal problems in the smooth operation of Windows. It is software created by Intel Corporation.  To be on safe side, we should always run a scan in our system to check whether the file ncs2prov.exe is actually the authentic file or a malware. The extension indicates that it is an executable file which may sometimes be harmful to our PC.


What is Ncs2prov.exe?

Ncs2prov.exe file is used to manage the device manager. The device manager further manages all the peripheral devices connected to the computer and ensures the smooth functioning. When a particular hardware device does not run smoothly it is highlighted by the device manager, so that we can get to know where the actual problem lies. So, this file is very necessary for the smooth operation of the PC as a whole. The files with the extension of .exe should be handled very carefully since most of the times they are virus infected or contains malware. So it’s necessary to run a Security scan at frequent intervals to protect your computer from getting infected.

File Location

This file is located in the C Drive Program files > C:\Program Files\Intel\NCS2\WMIProv. These files contain step by step instruction which the computer follows to get a task completed as per the command of the user. A PC is almost dead without these executable files.  Word, Excel , Paint , all function only when the executable files run properly. So, frequent malware detection scan should be performed to ensure they are in order.

Is it harmful

Till now it has not been reported to be harmful, unless infected by virus or malware.

Error Common Ncs2prov.exe Error Message

Following are few common errors that you might see on your computer:

  • ncs2prov.exe is missing
  • ncs2prov.exe not found
  • ncs2prov.exe failed to load

Why Ncs2prov.exe giving me errors?

Virus often replace and corrupt .exe files.  This ncs2prov.exe may give error messages due to the following reasons :-

  • Virus or malware infection
  • Another file interfering with the functioning of this particular file.
  • Another program may delete the file completely by mistake.
  • Incomplete or corrupt download of Resource Media Software.
  • As a precautionary measure we must avoid downloading .EXE file directly from the internet, as that is very likely to contain malware, rather we should go ahead to buy the authentic product.
  • System Junk should be cleared at regular intervals.
  • We must uninstall and reinstall the Resource Media Program associated with ncs2prov.exe.
  • The system hardware and drivers must be kept clean

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