What is Newdev.exe & How to Fix Popping Up Issue

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A genuine Newdev.exe file is an essential part of Windows OS that is used to install a device driver.  When a unknown device is connected to the system then ‘Device Driver Software Installation’ will run to install the essential driver.

Newdev.exe is an integrant of the device driver installation files created by Microsoft Windows. Device drivers are essentially computer programs that offer an interface to hardware components, allowing for other computer programs to seamlessly gain entry into hardware functions without any prior data of their specific functions. They act as a source of abstraction between an application and a program, performing as a translator.



File Size and Location

Newdev.exe can be located in the C:\Windows\System32\  folder and it takes usually about 70 KB of space. However, there might be multiple files of Newdev.exe that could be located under SysWow64 and WinSxS folder in Windows 10.

A genuine Newdev.exe file will look like this under System32 folder:

newdev.exe location

Quick Overview

File name:NewDev.exe
File description:Device Driver Software Installation
File type:Application
File version:5.2.3668.0
Product Name: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Copyright:Microsoft Corporation

What is newdev.exe?

The functionality of the newdev.exe executable is especially tied to the Windows Registry, as the installation of a new driver requires new alterations to the Registry. The Windows Registry is a database that is responsible for stockpiling all the low-level settings for the Windows operating system as well as any applications that need to use the component, such as device drivers, kernel, etc. The registry essentially comprises all the information, settings, etc. for all the hardware and programs on the system. The newdev.exe file is used mainly to generate new folders and records in the Windows Registry. The newdev.exe is an essential file required for the seamless operation of the system.

Why Newdev.exe always popping up?

Few users have a complaint that newdev.exe keeps trying to run and asks permission to install a driver.

Whenever a new device is connected to the system then NewDev runs in the system background and asks permission to install the driver. If you recently connected a mouse or keyboard then this may happen.

Here is how to fix this issue:

1) Press the Windows + R button

2) Type devmgmt.msc and hit the Enter button

Type devmgmt msc

3) Now, select on your System name, right-click and choose Scan for hardware changes

Scan for hardware changes in device manager

4) Wait for few seconds and if any hardware changes then it will show a pop-up message

5) Click on that pop-up message to install or update the driver.

Once done then restart the system.

Here is how to disable the Windows installer service.

Another way to fix this issue:

The most common error that users encounter when it comes to the newdev.exe executable, is that the file may try to run and install new drivers constantly. Below we have provided a suitable fix for the issue.

  1. Open the Device Manager
  2. Look at the Yellow sign icon called an unknown device that may be located under Other devices as shown below:
    Device Manager Yellow error
  3. Right-click on it and choose Uninstall 
  4. Let the system remove it and once done then restart the system.

It is a Virus or Safe?

A genuine Newdev.exe will not hamper your desktop or laptop. However, malware will often enter systems under the name of a trusted executable such as Newdev.exe and steal important data or corrupt the system.

To prevent this from happening, remember to only acquire software from a trusted vendor and never download software from any email links. If you are unsure whether or not your net1.exe is a legitimate file, always check its location. If it cannot be found in its official location as stated in the Quick Overview heading above, then you may have a Trojan on your system.

In such a case, you should run a full system scan.

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