6 Best Alternatives to Ninite and Similar Software

These are the best alternative to Ninite software which is free and easy to use on Windows 10 and earlier versions.  Find the pros and cons of each application below.  It necessarily allows the user to install applications for their Windows Operating System. Ninite is a free platform that runs on Windows XP and later. However, going back to the concerned topic, we shall now discuss 5 alternatives to Ninite that can be used on all platforms with any license.

Best Free Ninite Alternative

Free Alternatives to Ninite

For Windows OS, the Ninite is a very good software that takes care of installing or updating popular software. However, if you are looking for Ninite alternatives then you may consider below software which is free and open-source:


Chocolatey Logo

Chocolatey is one of the best and effective alternatives to Ninite that is adaptable to Windows 10 and older versions.  As far as updates are concerned, it provides a hassle-free process to update nearly everything.


  • Free to use and a lot more programs than Ninite
  • It is compatible with other software designs like MSI, NSIS, InnoSetup e.t.c.
  • It also works with run-time binaries and zip archives
  • It takes direct control over the Windows Software (installation, configuration, upgrade and uninstallation)
  • Provides automated software management instructions with the help of PowerShell
  • The built-in module makes the complex task much simpler
  • Free from crapware
  • A large number of applications and multiple utilities available


  • Changing the install directory is a complex process
  • A certain package installs do not cater to the standard expectation. For e.g. 7-zip doesn’t associate files, PotPlayer is outdated
  • Conflicting package options as in package catalog are not maintained properly so that there are different or similarly named or versioned packages available

Download Link: https://chocolatey.org/

Patch My PC

Patch My PC

It is a small portable application (5 MB)  that updates third-party applications and Windows updates. There are hundred third-party applications at the moment that Patch My PC can silently update and the list is ever-growing.


  • Simple and uncomplicated
  • Automatic
  • Scans installed programs on the PC when you start
  • Excellent documentation. The application lists the actual number applications and separates the number of applications with updates in its interface
  • Includes nice-to-have features
  • Suppresses reboots
  • Can install a 32-bit version on a 64-bit version of windows
  • No bloatware during installation


  • Bit Outdated interface
  • Doesn’t support the installation of outdated programs

Download Link: https://patchmypc.com/

Windows Remix

Windows Remix

It began as a small project for personal use and now it can be considered as the most viable option for installation of programs in your pc


  • Several options available
  • Installs in bulks and skips the reboots
  • Does not need the help of any host to be installed
  • works significantly fast
  • potentially breathes life in older machines


  • Poor security
  • Huge resource requirements
  • Closed source. Troubleshooting is problematic unlike Microsoft
  • Vulnerable to malware attacks
  • Poor technical support
  • Sometimes legitimate users are treated hostile
  • Cost is irrationally high

Download Link: https://www.windowsremix.com/

Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Pretty much a go-to-application for all android users. It is the official marketplace of apps, books and other different forms of media designed for Android devices. For all Android devices, the Google Play Store is its primary repository for media.


  • Password protected
  • Adult content filtered.
  • Apps are rated according to user’s reviews.
  • Ordered display
  • Huge display of applications to choose from
  • Easily compatible
  • Easy  to search applications of different genre
  • It offers more free apps than others. The paid apps are relatively cheaper than the paid as of IOS
  • Fair distribution of applications. So far the as are not offensive it can circulate freely


  • Free gaming apps often include in-app purchases
  • Some apps are poorly developed
  • Searching for applications is a real problem
  • Works slowly without wifi
  • No available methods to report spam

Download Link: https://play.google.com/store


Scoope Command Line Installer

It is a command-line installer for windows. It fetches all the applications from the internet to be installed on your PC. It installs packages into the scoop directory right from your user folder.


  • Easy to use
  • Great UX multinetwork
  • Apps do not require admin emission before installation
  • Open-source
  • Apps are self-sufficient and independent and therefore uninstallation is an easy process
  • Easy to upgrade installed packages
  • Users can, with no much hustle create there own apps
  • Free of cost


  • Availability of package options are limited

Download Link: https://scoop.sh/

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Github Logo

GitHub provides a unified platform for software developers in the internet world. It may rightfully be termed as a social networking site for software developers. Individuals can follow each other, rate each others’ work, receive updates and communicate publicly or privately.


  • Best documentation
  • has gist hand GitHub pages. A gist is an important tool that helps in storing short snippets in a centralized location
  • The UI is clean and easy to navigate. Even small, it contains a lot of useful features like assigning issues/pull requests, labels, and milestones
  • Excellent interface
  • Programming collaboration
  • Walking the path towards modern methods of sharing content in public or private spaces
  • Uploading files is an easy process that doesn’t require to push files via git in a command line.
  • the searching process is extremely well executed
  • Keeps track of individual code alterations


  • Built-in tutorial into the UI
  • Command-line is difficult to use
  • Pull request interface generates error texts at times which makes the user go to a different page to make a pull request
  • Notifications should be customized
  • File-size restriction
  • Difficult to deal with merge conflicts
  • Not so easy to maintain
  • You have to pay for a private repository lest your data should be public

Download Link: https://github.com/



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