Top 9 Nmap Alternatives and Similar Software

Nmap or Network Mapper is a network discovery and security auditing software that is available for free through an open-source. It can be used for network inventory, management of service upgrades and for monitoring host or service uptime.

NMAP Alternatives

Features of Nmap

Nmap can find available hosts and the services offered by them over a network. The program makes use of raw IP packets for this. It can also look for the operating systems that can run these hosts. Nmap has a number of features:

Nmap can make internet and web browsing safer for its users without making them pay for it. The complete source code of this program is also available for modification and distribution up to a certain extent.

Portable working
Nmap is highly portable and can be used with almost all major operating systems like Linux, Mac, Windows, Solaris, Amiga, Sun OS and many more.

Easy to use
Nmap has a very easy to use GUI that makes it good for basic users. For advanced users, it has a set of powerful features that can be availed to suit the preference of the user by themselves.

Nmap can support a number of advanced mapping techniques for networks that are full of obstacles like IP filters, routers, and firewalls.

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Top Alternatives to NMAP 

There are several good and free software available similar to NMAP. Below is the list of alterative tools which can be used for home and office purpose:

Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner

This open-source network scanner functions on the prevalent operating systems that include Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux. The design is simple, it’s ultra-light, and using it is as easy as it can be.

Features of Angry IP Scanner

Key features

Users can do a scan of various public IP addresses. They can also acquire the NetBIOS info regarding a device, perceive web servers and modify openers.

Faster scanning is possible with the multi-threading approach

Ability to create Fetchers

Some default application fetchers include Host-name, Ping, and Ports and users can incorporate more fetchers using plug-ins for seeing more information.

Download: Official website

System Support: Windows, Mac & Linux

Advanced IP Scanner

This user-friendly network scanner is for Windows. There is no need for installation. With this program, users can witness a catalog of network devices complete with information that includes Port, IP, MAC Address, Manufacturer, etc.

Advance IP Scanner

Features of Advanced IP Scanner

This application finds PCs and users can see their available resources.

Retrieves information of PCs and manages PCs remotely

The application does not just retrieve the name, IP, status & MAC address for all PCs on a LAN, It has functions for remotely managing the PCs. A couple of commands are ‘Shut down’ and ‘Wake-On-LAN’.

Supports several protocols

The software can support HTTPS, HTTP, and FTP protocols and also scans for NETBIOS name & group.

Elective transfer and chat facilities

Users can access extra features by installing Radmin. The features include chatting and file transferring.

Download: Official website

System Support: Windows

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Wireless Network Watcher

This lightweight Windows application displays all of the connected PCs to a wireless network. It also displays detailed info regarding each of them. The application is pretty user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Wireless Network Watcher

Features of Wireless Network Watcher

Easy on the PC

This application doesn’t put stress on the CPU and RAM and functions smoothly on every Windows version.

Important Information to see

Users can see every minute detail like:

  • IP address
  • MAC address
  • Device name
  • Device information
  • Network Adapter Company
  • User text
  • detection count, and more.

Some actions for users

Users can also configure the showed MAC address format, do background scanning, and beep on detecting a new PC.

More actions for users

Users can choose a preferred network adapter and scan a selection of IP addresses.

Download: Official website

System Support: Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows Server 2003, 2008, etc

Free IP Scanner  

This is a really fast IP and port scanner. It’s been made for system administrators as well as general users for monitoring and managing their networks. The multi-thread scan technology allows the scanning of numerous PCs per second.

Features of Free IP Scanner 3.2

Information about IP addresses

Its displays the IP addresses that are alive and displays their NetBIOS information. NetBIOS information means hostname, workgroup, presently logged user as well as MAC address.

Speedy and constant multi-threaded IP scanning

The application scans hundreds of PCs in a second and is thus perfect for administrators. Users can configure the application for scanning as per priority levels, maximum threads and more.

Download: Official website

System Support: Windows 10, 8, 7, XP

SolarWinds Port Scanner

Network administrators must be equipped with a network scanner for finding open ports and managing likely vulnerabilities efficiently. Among the several free applications for retrieving information about accessible ports is SolarWinds Port Scanner.

SolarWinds Port Scanner software

Features of SolarWinds Port Scanner

Witness port info

The application reveals every host and information about closed, open, and filtered ports. Users can click on any IP address to see the port number and sort along with the application using it. Users can also do nslookup or traceroute for a host.

Retrieves important network information fast

The application does a speedy scan of network devices and lets users determine open ports and access found resources.

Download: Here (Registration is required to download this free software)

System Support: Windows

MiTeC Network Scanner

This is a highly developed Windows multi-threaded NetBIOS, IP, and SNMP scanner. It features a neat interface and its potent tools help network administrators. Next, we are going to discuss some of the features of this tool.

Features of MiTeC Network Scanner

A fast scan

The app does a fast scanning. It shows all IP addresses together with useful particulars such as name, MAC address, operating system, domain and user, description, and CPU.

More options for users

Users can witness the existing shares and open files, services, sessions, procedures, and software for all found PCs. Users can ping an IP fast and witness the remote time and date. They can also identify the IP of a hostname or do a whois.

Download: Official website

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SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

The installation of an antivirus solution is not enough for protecting personal information and the information stored in a PC. Those using a WiFi connection or a router for Internet access to PCs can use a network monitoring utility. SoftPerfect WiFi Guard is a good choice.

Features of SoftPerfect WiFi Guard


The program has a very simple interface that is ideal for those who aren’t experienced in this field.

Uncomplicated working

The program does routine scans of the network for finding any unsanctioned devices that could attempt to connect. In the event of such an intrusion, the users will be alerted.

Information available

Users can access some information on the main window that includes MAC and IP addresses of connected devices and the RTT value as milliseconds and more. Users can also view the producer of the remotely connected device along with its name and related information.


Users can configure how many devices are scanned at once and specify the frequency of network checks.  When there are several network adapters users can select the one to monitor.


This is a good alternative as it’s very similar to NMAP. It is unique as it is very good at troubleshooting the network. This boosts the network by giving network troubleshooting applications.


  •  This is essential as it gives device recognition solutions for your business networks.
  • It is an optimum network scanner making it very secure and safe.
  • It is good at acting as a troubleshooter for network and device-related issues.
  • Lastly, it is possible for you to have complete control of your network anywhere through the Fing application.

Unicorn scanner

This is yet another ultimate alternative to NMAP. This has emerged as an information collecting and correlation engine. It was specifically made for giving an accurate, flexible and efficient engine.


  • It is loaded with custom module support which makes it good for you.
  • At the same time, it can do a PCAP file logging and filtering system.
  • This is also good in giving both active and passive remote OS, Applications.
  •  It is done through a response analysis.


It won’t be wrong to say that there are several alternative options over NMAP. It is up to you to choose the best one from the above list. If you know any other good tool, then do let me know by leaving your valuable input.



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