NuanceWDS.exe – How to disable Windows Desktop search background

The NuanceWDS.exe is a part of Windows 7, Vista & XP, which is basically a search background program. Find how to disable it, file location & remove it from system. Nuance Windows Desktop Search program or NuanceWDS.exe is an executable file that is a search tool developed by Corel Corporation for Windows. It is a free desktop search utility for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

NuanceWDS.exe or Nuance Windows Desktop Search background program is designed to index your files and perform search inside your PDF files. It is located in your computer in a sub folder under Program Files in drive C.

What is NuanceWDS.exe

NuanceWDS.exe is not important for the working of your system. Also, it is not designed to run for long. If you notice that your system is taking too much time to start up, shut down and performing operations, it could be because of NuanceWDS.exe.

Also, because NuanceWDS.exe is not inbuilt in all versions of Windows, you might have downloaded this file from an external source. In that case, there is a huge possibility that it may be a trojan or virus that will affect the working of your system and is likely to give you errors while performing other operations.

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File location

If you are getting errors withNuanceWDS.exein the error message, the first thing to check is the location of the file. If it is located anywhere other than C:\Program Files, it is most likely to be a virus that you should delete immediately.

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File size

It can have a size of 40,960 bytes, 26,912 bytes, 51,600 bytes or 27,976 bytes.

Common NuanceWDS.exe Error Message

Following are few common errors that you might see on your computer:

  • nuancewds.exe is missing
  • nuancewds.exe not found
  • nuancewds.exe failed to load

uninstall How to Disable NuanceWDS.exe

Follow the steps below to stop NuanceWDS.exe from running

Click on Startand go to Run for Windows XP. For Windows Vista and Windows 7, click Start and search Run from the search bar. Hit ENTER.

Type msconfig in the Run window and click OK.

Click on Services tab.

System config

Find PDFProFiltSrv in the list of programs and click on the check box to disable it.
Click on OK and restart your computer.

Please make sure that you have a professional antivirus installed in your computer at all times and perform regular scans to avoid such errors.



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