nvsvc.exe – What is it, Uses, Virus or Safe, Fix Error?

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This nvsvc.exe file belongs to NVIDIA but many antiviruses recognize it as a malware.  EXE or executable files such as nvsvc.exe are files containing instructions that a system follows in order to perform a function. Mentioned below is more information regarding it.


What is nvsvc.exe?

Nvsvc.exe  is an executable file. If you install EVGA Display Driver for Windows, you will see that nvsvc.exe has been linked with it.  It is not an essential program for the Windows operating system

It is not required to start automatically as a user can run it when they require to. It is always advised that this program should be disabled so that it never takes up any essential resource.

File Size & Location

The default location of nvsvc.exe is under C:\Windows.  On average, the file size is about 0.24 Mb.

What are the features of nvsvc.exe?

  • It has never been vital for Windows. Thus it will frequently create issues.
  • It is present in a subfolder of C:\Windows.
  • The size of the file on Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP is 241,664 bytes.
  • It sends data in open ports to the net or a LAN.
  • It can record your keyboard as well as mouse inputs.

Is nvsvc.exe harmful?

If you install Nvidia software on your system, you will see that nvsvc.exe is running in the background. As most of the apps store cache data on hard disk and system’s registry, it is obvious that your system has suffered fragmentation as well as accumulation invalid entry. All these can affect your system’s performance. But this process is considered to be safe and is unlikely to pose any such harm to your system.

It is located in the folder of the Windows but it is not a core file of Windows.

Always verify the procedure on the system to become aware if it is harmful or not. Checking the security of your system is vital.

Can nvsvc.exe error occur?

Viruses that enter the system are often mistaken as this executable file. Thus they get transferred through SPAM emails and harmful sites. It can be dangerous for the system if implemented.

Moreover, malicious files will manipulate, damage or get the current .exe file replaced. All these will create error messages when any such linked programs are initiated.

Remember to scan the downloaded nvsvc.exe file for checking any malicious files before you click on it and open it. It should be done if the file is downloaded from a popular source.


Can I stop or remove nvsvc.exe?

Non-system processes that run on your system can be stopped because they are never involved to run your operating system.

If a user makes no use of the graphic card drivers by NVIDIA then he can get rid of this software permanently along with this executable file.

To remove nvsvc.exe from the system, you can do this by following the below method:

  • Press Windows + R key simultaneously
  • Type appwiz.cpl to open Add/Remove Program
  • Then search for Nvidia graphics card drivers from the installed programs’ list.
  • Once you find it, double click to uninstall.

How can I remove nvsvc.exe errors?

Implementation of the application process causes these errors. The easiest way to fix such errors is by updating or uninstalling the application.

Final Words

Nvsvc.exe belongs to the graphic card drivers of NVIDIA. It has never been a key procedure. So whether it should be disabled or enabled is completely upon a user. During active service, a huge delay in log off is faced.

Also, nvsvc.exe throw run-time error many times, thus it is suggested to disable or remove it completely.

Many times nvsvc.exe consume high CPU resources. But when disabled the system does not encounter any shutdown related issues.

Other similar application:

kmservice.exe, iptray.exe, HsMgr.exe, RaUI.exe



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