What is nvxdsync.exe Process, Uses & How to Fix Error

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Have you come across this file “nvxdsync.exe”? Wondering what it could be? NvxDsync.exe is an executable file as it has the extension .exe. It forms a part of the package Nvidia Geforce Experience Driver. Nvidia is a computer game company that deals with Graphics Processing Units for the purpose of Gaming.

nvxdsync.exe nvidia

Nvxdsync.exe has been developed by Nvidia, which provides the 3D graphics and manages them. It runs a process to optimize the performance of the software that depends on Nvidia Geforce Experience Driver.

File Size and Location

This file must be ideally located in C:\ Program Files\NvidiaCorportation\Display. The known file size is from 1.20 MB to 1.29 MB approximately. There are several other variants of nvxdsync.exe which may differ in size.

Basic Facts of Nvxdsync.exe

  • It is an executable file with a .exe extension.
  • It is not a windows process but may affect the graphics of your system if not available.
  • It’s digitally signed by Verisign.
  • Nvxdsync.exe runs a background process.
  • It uses around 4 MB of RAM.

Is nvxdsync.exe a virus or malware?

If it is the genuine nvxdsync. exe file which is digitally signed by Verisign and developed by Nvidia, then you can be relaxed as it won’t harm your system. It is only meant to take care of the graphics and performance of Nvidia-dependent applications and to improve your gaming experience.

However, many duplicate the name or use similar names to create a virus. So, we have to be very cautious while installing and after installation.

Please adhere to the following steps to make sure that nvxdsync.exe is not a virus.

  • Check the path of Nvxdsync.exe. It must always reside in the path C:\Program Files\Nvidia Corporation\Display. If it is found under the subfolder of windows i.e C:\windows, it becomes highly risky.
  • Double-check the spelling of the file as something similar to it’s name might be created.
  • You may also use Security Task Manager to discover the possible threats.

Some Common Errors

Here are a few common errors of Nvxdsync.exe that you might see on your Windows PC:

  • It may start using too much of memory and as a result, your system may significantly slow down.
  • It may block other software.

Error How to Fix nvxdsync.exe Errors?

Few third-parties sites suggested using the Registry Cleaner software to fix this, but this won’t help. The best way to fix Nvxdsync.exe application errors is to reinstall the Nvidia driver.

If you are receiving error related to Nvxdsync.exe like high CPU usage, then you may follow any one of the below tips to fix it:

  • Try to reinstall the NVIDIA driver using Control Panel > Uninstall a Program
  • You can also disable the service by opening service manager. Double-click on Nvidia Display Driver service and set it’s status to disable.

With these steps, you are done with disabling the service. If you want to uninstall it, you do that as well using the Control Panel.


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