Ouc.exe – What is it, Uses, Virus and How to Remove it?

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This Ouc.exe is an “Online Update Client.” The USB Internet modem dongle manufacture by HUAWEI Technologies Co installs a software called EMSC, and this Ouc.exe is a part of EMSC application. Thus if you are using a Huawei USB Modem or Dongle then you might see ouc.exe running in the background. 

OUC Full Form is Online Update Client

About Ouc.exe

The Ouc.exe add RUN keys into the system’s registry and thus starts automatically with Windows booting and has system privileges. This process is digitally signed by Veri Sign and is not visible on the PC.

It’s believed to search existing updates of the software of HUAWEI USB Internet modem and download them. However, this can’t be said for certain due to numerous variants of the process. Some of the variants are given in the next paragraph.

You can see ouc.exe running in the system background using Windows Task Manager. It doesn’t use huge CPU resources.

File Location and Size

The most common location of ouc.exe is under  C:\ProgramData\Connect Manager\OnlineUpdate\.

It could also be in other folders, like:

c:\programmi\mobile partner\updatedog\

c:\program files (x86)\mobile partner\updatedog\

C:\ProgramData\Chiavetta Internet Tre.it\OnlineUpdate\

The file size of this .exe varies on several versions of Windows including Windows 10. The size reported by most users is about 0.2 to 0.7 mb.

Is it Virus/Malware?

Ouc.exe isn’t indispensable for Windows OS and causes few problems. However, it may cause problems as it’s attached to different unwanted applications.

Several viruses can masquerade as ouc.exe in Windows or System32 folder. This file is possibly a virus if it is present in a folder under “C:\Users\USERNAME”. A way of confirming is right-clicking on the file and using anti-virus software for scanning it.

The program gives some error messages and the reasons are many. The most common reasons for these errors are:

  • The HDD of the computer is malfunctioning or faulty
  • Trojans, spyware, malicious adware, or malware has infected the ouc.exe file
  • The registry entries associated with ouc.exe are corrupted
  • A program has mistakenly deleted the ouc.exe files
  • EMSC has not downloaded completely and has not been installed correctly
  • A program in the PC is incompatible with the installed Anti-Malware software and its files

Viruses and malware hinder the functioning of the PC. They destroy and change the registry and thus the PC cannot execute its requests properly. However, the removal of the malware does not fix the registry and problems persist. Thus, repairing the registry is vital. Malware also inserts Exe or DLL files into the registry, causing Exe or DLL errors and slowing the PC down.

A tool for cleaning and optimizing the computer can fix the ouc.exe errors. Advanced System Repair is an excellent example and does an excellent job of cleaning Windows registry and removing malware.

uninstall How to Remove ouc.exe file

There is no evidence of an infected ouc.exe and yet a user wants to delete it. The first thing to do is make a Restore point. Next is opening the search window and entering ‘ouc.exe’. Windows will detect every copy. Next is finding the program that ouc.exe belongs to and uninstalling the program by the usual method. Users who can’t remove the file should use the search results and delete every existing ouc.exe

However, if you are not using HUAWEI dongle anymore then best way to remove is using via Add/Remove Program under Control Panel.

There are other several executable files like werfault.exe, Rpcapd.exe, Jp2launcher.exe etc.



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