What is PGFNEXSrv.exe? Uses, Error & How to Fix it?

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In case you have seen a process named Pgfnexsrv.exe running in the background of your Windows system, and you are wondering about what it is and its usage, then here is what you should know about the Pgfnexsrv.exefile.

PGFNEXSrv.exe file

What is Pgfnexsrv.exe?

The PGFNEXSrv.exe file comes along with the GFNEXSrv program, which is a windows software solely developed by the Huawei Technologies Co (www.huawei.com). The PGFNEXSrv.exe file is responsible for the proper and hassle-free functioning of the GFNEXSrv program. This is why I would suggest you not delete it because deleting it would eventually trigger irritating errors in your PC.

Properties of Pgfnexsrv.exe

Knowing the properties of any such suspicious file would help you in better understanding the purpose of that file in your Windows 10 PC. This is why you should get to know some of the important properties of PGFNEXSrv.exe in your system. Some of the important properties are mentioned below.

  • Original final name: PGFNEXSrv.exe
  • File Description: GFNEXSrv
  • File type: Application (.exe)
  • Product Version:
  • File Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\PHotkey\
  • File size: 136.192 Kb

Is Pgfnexsrv.exe Safe or a Virus?

It is very important for you to know if the Pgfnexsrv.exe in your system is a safe and genuine file or a malware file. Now since the Pgfnexsrv.exe file does not comes preloaded with your Windows system, therefore if you are not using the GFNEXSrv file then it could be a virus or a malware.  Here is how you can be sure whether the Pgfnexsrv.exe file is corrupted by some malware or not.

  1. Search for the PGFNEXSrv.exe file at C:\Program Files (x86)\PHotkey\.
  2. Next, right-click on the file, and select Properties.
  3. Now, just see if the file properties match with the original PGFNEXSrv.exe file (mentioned above).

In case that the properties are different from the previously mentioned properties or in case you didn’t discover the Pgfnexsrv.exe file at the above-indicated location, then probably the Pgfnexsrv.exe file in your PC has been corrupted by some malware.

Common Pgfnexsrv.exe Error

If the Pgfnexsrv.exe gets corrupted, then you are very likely to face errors mentioning Pgfnexsrv.exe. Some of these error messages are mentioned below.

  • PGFNEXSrv.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.
  • PGFNEXSrv – Application Error.
  • PGFNEXSrv.exe is missing.
  • GFNEXSrv is not a valid Win32 application.

In case you encounter any of these errors, then the Pgfnexsrv.exe in your system has got corrupted. In that case it is recommended to re-install the GFNEXSrv software to get it fix.

How to remove Pgfnexsrv.exe from Windows PC?

Here are some methods that will help you in removing the Pgfnexsrv.exe from your PC.

Method 1: By using the Uninstaller Program of Pgfnexsrv.exe

Since the PGFNEXSrv.exe file is a part of the software, then it is most probable that the software program will also have a named PGFNEXSrv_uninstall.exe. Here is how you can use the uninstaller file to remove the Pgfnexsrv.exe file.

  1. At first, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\PHotkey\.
  2. Now search for the uninstaller file naming PGFNEXSrv_uninstall.exe.
  3. Next, double-click on the uninstaller file and just follow the onscreen instructions.

Well, in case you didn’t find the uninstaller file, then you should better opt for the next method.

Method 2: By directly uninstalling the GFNEXSrv software

By uninstalling the GFNEXSrv, the PGFNEXSrv.exe will automatically be removed from your PC. Here is how you can proceed.

  1. Press the Windows logo on your keyboard
  2. Type Settings and click on it
  3. Click on Apps
  4. Now among all the installed software, find the GFNEXSrv
  5. Click on the GFNEXSrv
  6. Now click on the Uninstall button.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to successfully uninstall the GFNEXSrv

Now, hopefully, the PGFNEXSrv.exe file is removed from your system.

Well, that’s it, feel free to ask any questions on the PGFNEXSrv.exe file by commenting below.

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