10 Best Alternatives to Pidgin for Windows as of 2021

There was a time when letters were only means of communication but the emergence of instant messengers has changed this fact. Now, most people use instant messenger for talking with their colleagues, friends, and family. Today we rely most on instant messenger, be it to have a chat or send pictures. It is unthinkable to live without it. In fact, it is our only connection to social media. As it not only saves time but one can speak from anywhere at any time of the day.

Pidgin alternatives

Pidgin is a free instant chat tool that allows communicating over popular applications like AIM, ICQ, Gtalk, etc. Moreover, it supports almost all types of Operating systems from Windows, macOS, Linux, Solaris, etc.

There are many instant messenger applications available on the market. All these instant messengers have something different from others but are very popular. Who doesn’t want an app which can aid in doing anything from chatting to Video-chat? Pidgin is the instant messenger through which you can chat, send a message and also do other things like sending photos, sharing online files and more. But if you don’t want to have pidgin. There are other options to choose and which are as effective as Pidgin.

Top Alternatives to Pidgin for Windows

For some reason, if you don’t want pidgin you can choose from other alternatives as well which are free, worked with Windows, macOS and other operating systems. These are equally good and the best part about is that all are free. Below is the list of best alternatives to Pidgin tool which are free:


I have used Telegram in the past and is one of the best alternatives to Pidgin software. It is an instant messaging application where one can talk as well as have a video calling facility. It’s a multimedia messaging app which is beneficial for anyone.

Key Features

  • Sometimes we have to share large files instantly. It’s here that Telegram is useful. It has a large file sharing capability. Files can be shared instantly with your contacts.
  • You can add over 200 contacts for chatting. Hence it’s good if you are an avid talker.
  • It is possible to copy and paste videos, gifts, locations, documents, and files.
  • Any messages become self-destroyed in a secret chat mode. No matter how sensitive the topic your secrets are always safe. It works well for business and confidential talks.
  • It boasts of excellent multimedia support.
  • It is highly secure as chats here have encrypted group chat facility.
  • One can also delete the chat permanently from yours and friend’s device.

Interesting Fact

It is a very good messaging application that is popular. It works well with windows phone. It’s the best feature is that its website can change appearance according to the device you are working on.

Price: Free
: https://desktop.telegram.org/
File size:19.5 Mb (for Windows)
System Support: Windows, macOS, Linux, iPhone, Android

Miranda NG

This is solely made for Windows desktop and laptops. It is for people who desire a dedicated windows application.

Key Features.

  • It becomes easy to update from the IM updater plugin.
  • It works well with USB Drive only.
  • There is more than 350 plugin which makes it very potent.
  • Sometimes one desires application that is designed by us. Miranda IM allows personalized customization according to your needs.

Interesting Fact.

It is a very quick running messenger. It’s so light that it doesn’t put any excess load on your system.

Price: Open Source
Download: https://www.miranda-ng.org/en/downloads/
File size: 7.9 Mb (for windows)

Windows Live Messenger

It is extremely popular and the most preferred messenger around the world.  It is developed by Microsoft for Windows OS only. Almost everyone uses it.

Key Features

  • One can have status messages like “online”, “away”, or “busy” to indicate where you are and what you are doing.
  • It allows you to change the chat window within the background itself.
  • It comes preloaded with many emoticons which indicate how one is feeling at the moment.
  • It is possible to do video chats.
  • One can make separate user groups for many people like family and friends.
  • You can add people in a favorite section for people whom one talks to frequently.

Interesting Fact

It was earlier known as MSN Messenger. After the changes, it has become the most liked messenger.

Price: It is free for life.
Download link: https://windows-live-messenger.en.softonic.com
File size: 16.3 Mb


This messenger application is specially made to cater to people who are in a corporate or business world. It’s developed by Microsoft corporations.

Key Features.

  • It has an end to end encryption making any talk here secure and private in nature.
  • One can also delete and edit earlier messages.
  • There is the provision of call forwarding which allows you to forward calls to another number.
  • Sometimes one has to share media files directly. Skype for business permits you to share any media directly from a website to skype.
  • You can send files to your contacts on skype.
  • It has a feature of call recording. It works well for reference purposes.
  • One can send and receive a call on a cell phone.
  • It has a video calling facility with optimum voice quality.
  • There is an option of live subtitles as subtitles can be seen on the screen during a live call.

Interesting fact

Today most business communities prefer to use skype for teleconferencing and video calls.

Price: It is free for download for windows.
Download link: https://www.skype.com/en/
File size: 65.84 Mb (for windows)


This is a highly developed instant messenger application.  It is the best multi-platform IM client. It is perfect for people whose contacts are on different networks. A person can deal with everyone on the same platform here.

Key Features.

  • It’s set menu is very vast and extensive. An extensive menu gives us the option to choose the right feature.
  • It is compact in look and has a manageable window system. The compact design makes it easy to understand things even if you a beginner.
  • Its design is very sleek and beautiful which enhances its appeal.
  • You can have video, text as well as voice chat here. That too from the different networks in a single place.
  • It efficiently supports multiple chats like Live Messenger, AOL, Google Talk, Facebook, Twitter and more. It works equally well with the Trillianproprietary network.

Interesting Fact

This is the best option for anyone who wants an integral messenger as it works well with all the networks.

Price: It is free for windows
Download link: https://trillian.en.softonic.com
File size: 16.8 Mb (for windows)


A messenger that is specifically made for windows desktops and laptops. This messenger works very well on windows.

Key Features.

  • It utilizes very little disc space in the system.
  • It’s a subcategory messaging app.
  • It works well with jabber and XMPP.

Interesting Fact.

This is the most used instant messenger in countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, and the United States.

Price: It is free for windows
Download link: https://pandion.en.softonic.com
File size: 1860 Kb (for windows)


This is the best instant messaging app. It is the all-in-one messaging client that helps in the management of online contacts in the same interface. This works even if contact is spread across different networks like Gmail and Hotmail.

Key Features

  • It helps in adding an offline e-mail account.
  • Your personal profiles on Facebook and Myspace are successfully added to the offline page.
  • It saves chat history.
  • If you want to do file transfer, Digsby does this work too.
  • It has an auto-update technology that allows an instant auto-update.
  • One can chat with contacts from the different networks in a single-window only.

Interesting Fact.

A revolutionary technology that has changed the outlook of messaging.

Price: It’s free for windows.
Download link: https://digsby.en.softonic.com
File size: 18.1 Mb (for windows)


It has emerged as the most successful messaging application to date. Almost everyone is on hangout and is using it. It is developed by Google and works well with Windows software.

Key Features

  • It is accessible via Google+, Gmail and Chrome extension.
  • It has a very good video calling and conferencing feature. Here up to 10 people can talk here.
  • Any message and image on Hangout are instantly sent to any contact in one to one or group talk. It saves time as people know the same news in one go.
  • You can minimize the Hangout from the notification area and move to expand it when a message comes.
  • Its simple design is its best feature.

Interesting Fact

This is the only instant messaging application with a good video calling feature. Hangout is the preferred choice of many people who want a perfect way to stay connected with everyone.

Price: It is available for free download on Windows.
Download link: https://hangouts.google.com/webchat/start
File size: 27.2 Mb (for Windows 7,8/10 or Mac)


Viber is the latest entrant in a world of instant messaging. It has become very successful in a very short period of time. It works very well with Windows smartphones. Viber allows you to call, chat, and send messages. It works with most networks.

Key Features

  • Sometimes one wants to make an internet call. Viber allows you to make VOiPyou’re your computer itself.
  • One can make free phone calls.
  • You can have video calls for 100 people hence works well with video conferencing.
  • There is a detailed list of call log and chat history.
  • There is a real-time notification in windows. When a new message comes, a person will get instantly notified.
  • It synchronizes perfectly between PC and Phone

Interesting fact

It starts immediately with windows as soon as the system is turned on. It has a good voice quality in a call. It is the most used app on the windows system and is very user-friendly.

Price: It is always free on Windows.
Download link: https://www.viber.com/
File size: 93.0 Mb (for Windows)


These applications have slowly become a part of our lives and its unimaginable to live without them. So much so that for one moment if we go offline it becomes necessary to check updates. This is a must if we want to stay connected with everyone. Today everything is being done on net or web. Hence it makes sense to have a good Instant messaging app. Everyone needs different messaging apps and this gives the choice.

Prior knowledge about these instant messenger applications gives us the necessary information. This helps in choosing the right product with the right information.

This may prove beneficial in choosing the right pidgin alternative. As ultimately the choice is yours. Being free, one can download as many as one wants and enjoy the revolution called instant messaging.



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