Procexp64.exe – What is it, CPU Usage & How to Fix it?

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Procexp64.exe is an essential process of Windows OS that is known as Replacement for Task Manager. This file is most used to troubleshoot.  The main uses of procexp.65 (Process Explorer) is to show a list of active process on to the system.

procexp64.exe file

What is Procexp64.exe (Process Explorer)?

Process Explorer essentially serves as a substitute for Task Manager, as well as some extra functionality that aids in acquiring information about the various processes that run on the system. The Procexp64.exe is also known as Sysinternals Process Explorer. It also provide system information like:

  1. GPU monitoring.
  2. Live CPU activity displayed in the taskbar.
  3. Can generate process dumps.

Process Explorer is generally used to gain insight into system function and to track down the source of system problems. Like Task Manager, it can show processes that max out the CPU, as well as which threads are using the CPU – data which neither Task Manager nor debuggers have access to. Using the application is considered to be one of the most important steps when it comes to debugging software.

Additionally, the Procexp64.exe process can also be used to kill an application that is using high CPU/Ram memory.

File Size and Location

This file can usually be located either in the C:\Users\USERNAME\Downloads\ProcessExplorer\ or C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\ folder. It takes up around 1.4 MB of space.

Quick Overview

File name:procexp64.exe
File type:Executable file (.exe)
File description:Sysinternals Process Explorer
File Size:1.4 MB File
Copyright:Copyright © 1998-2018 Mark Russinovich

Is Procexp64.exe safe or a Virus?

The genuine procecxp64.exe process can monitor your systems for suspicious activity and illegitimate processes. While it may not be a core process, it is safe.

If you are facing issues due to procexp64.exe, that might be due to an outdated application. To keep your system working at top capacity, we recommend keeping procexp64.exe updated.

  1. In the Windows Start search bar, type Update.
  2. Select Check for Updates in the resulting window.
  3. If any updates are pending, click Install Updates button
  4. After the update is completed, reboot your PC.

However, malicious executable can often penetrate a system under the guise of a legitimate process such as procexp64.exe. One way to ensure that your process is legitimate is to check its location; if it cannot be found in its official location (see File Size and Location), then you may have a virus in your system and you must remove it immediately. To keep your applications virus-free, ensure that you only acquire your programs from trusted vendors and never acquire them from an email link.

Common Procexp64.exe Error?

Here are few most common error that procexp64.exe may show on Windows Operating System:

  • procexp64.exe could not be found.
  • procexp64.exe: This program is not responding.
  • procexp64.exe is not a valid windows 32 application error.
  • procexp64.exe failed to initialize properly.

Should I Remove Procexp64.exe?

Procexp64.exe is typically considered to be a safe program by most anti-malware applications. However, if you notice that Procexp64 process is consuming high CPU or Ram then you may consider removing it from the system. Removal of this executable is perfectly safe as it is not a core process of Windows.

How to download Procexp64 (Process Explorer)?

If somehow the Procexp64.exe is missing from your Operating System then you can download it from reliable website. Microsoft recommend to download it from here (sysinternals official website).

How to Remove Procexp64.exe

Once you are sure that it is causing the issue on the system then follow the below steps to remove Procexp64 it from your Windows OS:

  1. Press Windows+R key, type Control and hit Enter button
  2. Choose Uninstall a Program
  3. Find Process Explorer in the resulting list of applications.
  4. Right-click on it and choose Uninstall.
  5. Let the system to finish it and then restart the PC.

How to find procexp64.exe using high CPU resources?

If your PC or Laptop is running slow then you can find whether procexp64.exe is using extensive memory or CPU by press Ctrl+Shift+Esc button together. This will open the task manager, and now go to Details tab, find procexp64.exe from the list and check how much CPU and Memory it is using.

If the procexp64.exe is using high resources then right-click on it and choose End Task. This way you can kill the process on temporary basis.

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