PSANHost.exe – What is it, is it Harmful, Fix High CPU Errors

This PSANHost.exe basically belongs to Panda Antivirus and is not an essential file for Windows OS.  Find what is it, uses, and how to fix high CPU usage.  The product Panda Cloud Antivirus belongs to Panda Security. Version of the product is the most popular. An auto-start registry entry is made when the application is installed and so the program runs on each boot.


What is it?

The Panda Cloud Antivirus installer features 87 files. One of them, PSANHost.exe, is a host process of the Antivirus. It runs in the background as a service, Nano Service Main. It runs under a System account that has extensive privileges. This .exe has 5 versions.

It is digitally signed by Veri Sign and isn’t a component of Windows. This application listens and sends data packets to open TCP or UDP ports or online. This process is not visible. For the time that the process runs its CPU resource use is below 0.01% and memory use is about 67.7 MB.

File Size & Location

Its size for various versions of windows varies a bit. The size that most users have reported is 0.14 Mb. The other reported sizes are between 0.09 Mb to 0.15 Mb.

The location of PSANHost.exe is under C:\Program Files\Protector\Panda Security\Panda Cloud Antivirus\

The publisher is Panda Security and the URL of Panda Security is

Is it Malware or viruses?

PSANHost.exe isn’t indispensable for Windows and won’t cause problems. However, users who have problems with this .exe must ascertain if it’s trustworthy ahead of deleting it.

They must first check the location of PSANHost.exe. It should be located under C:\Program Files\Protector\Panda Security\ directory. Users can know the location by right-clicking on the PSANHost.exe in the Task Manager and selecting open file location. If the file is not in the above location it’s usually a Virus.

Users can check the digital signature by opening the location and right-clicking on the .exe and selecting properties.

Another way of doing this is with Microsoft Process Explorer. After it starts users should add a “Verified Signer” column by Selecting “Select Columns” under the “View” menu. If PSANHost.exe is listed as Unable to Verify they should check the process.

Users should also verify the other details of the .exe with the details given above.

Oftentimes malware disguise as PSANHost.exe, mainly when the location is C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder. Users should check the process on their PC to see whether it’s a threat. Security Task Manager is good at verifying the computer’s security.

Sometimes, the virus could make it hard to delete PSANHost.exe. So, users should run a security program in “Safe Mode with Networking.”

Computer users must keep programs and software updated for avoiding future problems from corrupted files.

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What is Audiodg.exe

Common PSANHost.exe Error Message

Following are a few errors that you might encounter on your system:

  • Faulting application PSANHost.exe
  • PSANHost.exe is missing
  • DEP errors

How to Fix High CPU Usage?

Many people face a typical problem with Panda Antivirus is the High CPU usage by PSANHost.exe. Many times it uses from 25%, 50%, 70%, and sometimes even 100%.  If you are also facing high CPU usage, then follow the below steps to get rid of it:

Solution 1) Just restart the PC and high CPU will be vanish

Solution 2) Always open If you are still facing a problem then avoid opening explorer from the taskbar, instead use My Computer.

Solution 3) Run Defragmenter and let it defrag C drive completely.

Solution 4) Update your Panda Antivirus program.

This will fix the high CPU problem.

How to Remove PSANHost.exe?

If the PSANHost.exe is consuming high CPU resources then you may consider it to remove or uninstall from the system.  Users who want to delete PSANHost.exe even if it isn’t a virus scan uninstall Panda Cloud Antivirus with its uninstaller. The uninstaller is usually present under the Panda Cloud Antivirus directory.

Users who are unable to locate the uninstaller could have to uninstall Panda Cloud Antivirus completely usingAdd/Remove Program feature in Windows Control Panel. For this, follow the below steps:

  • Click on Start Button
  • Type Add or Remove Programs and click on it
  • Under App and Features, type Panda and it will show the application
  • Click on it and select Uninstall

This will remove PSANHost.exe along with the Panda Antivirus.



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