RapportService.exe – File Information, What is it, Uses

Like several others of this type, the RapportService.exe file has often raised issues in the general working of a system and users have been harassed with certain confusions regarding them. In this article, we shall help such users to know these kinds of issues better and also provide ways to avoid and handle them better.

Rapportservice.exe Overview

  • Process name: RapportService
  • Used by: Rapport
  • File Location: C:\Program Files\trusteer

What is RapportService.exe?

RapportService.exe is a software component file. The “.exe” extension stands for an executable file. These files are those that hold the run codes of software functions and is chiefly responsible for the software’s proper functioning. The question about rapportservice.exe is that what software does it support and what are the issues that can be faced due to this software?

Trusteer Ltd. has created the software named Rapport that serves for a system’s security purpose. Its chief function is to ensure the system’s security while it is:

  • Online
  • Safeguarding users from net banking fraud and
  • Identify theft.

When users install the Rapport software in their systems, the rapportservice.exe file automatically gets stored within the system.

File Location and Location

The default location of RapportService is under C:\Program Files\trusteer\ directory. The average file size is 1.6 Mb.

When the user gets new software, its executable file automatically gets stored in the system and when executed then it loads on the main memory, which is the RAM. In that case, if you are looking for files with a .exe extension, their genuine location must be the C drive of the system. In C drive one has to get into the subfolder of Program Files and then the Trusteer folder. The Trusteer folder holds the file for Rapport that has another subfolder named Bin. This is where you must find the executable file for Rapport Service software.

Is it Safe?

In general executable files do not cause much harm to the working of the system as far as it is a genuine application. However, it is important to note that several Trojan companies chose these file names in order to hide their Trajan into the system.

If RapportService.exe is found at some location than the C:\Program Files\trusteer\, it is likely to be a Trojan.

RapportService.exe is not considered to be a CPU-intensive process.

Also check other executable files like:





uninstall How to stop disable or remove it?

Users can remove the file if they decide to use the Rapport software no more. In case the Rapport Services pop up issues or the user wishes to switch to some different security software, the following steps need to follow in order to remove the application:

  • Press Windows Key + R
  • Type ‘appwiz.cpl
  • Search for Rapport within the list of installed programs
  • Double click on Rapport to Uninstall the application.


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