RaUI.exe File Information – What is it & Uses

RaUI.exe can be a process confusing users about its existence in their system. Independent of the Operating System one can have such a file in the system with occasional errors or problems. In this article, we shall discuss everything about this file and how to remove it if required.

What is RaUI.exe?

Created by Ralink Technology Co. Ltd., Ralink Wireless Utility is an application that functions as a Wi-Fi extender. The Ralink Wireless Utility works on all Operating Systems including Windows 7, 8, 10, and MAC Operating Systems. The software program comes in several other names, Edimax Wireless Utility being one of the most common.

The “.exe” extension indicates that RaUI.exe is an executable file. Executable files are the ones that store the run codes for the software programs and are automatically stored in the system when its respective software is installed. The RaUI.exe is capable of recording the keyboard and mouse inputs that in turn help in monitoring the applications.

It is a non-system process that contains the commands required to execute the functions of the Ralink Wireless Utility software. It does not have any visible window and at times can be traced to the Windows folder. However, it is not a Windows core process.

File Location and Size

To find the process of RaUI.exe it is important to remember the fact that it is an executable file. Therefore, being an executable file it is stored in the hard disk of the system. The C drive represents the main memory of a PC and all executable files get automatically stored in this location. To find the RaUI.exe file one has to open the “Program Files” folder within which there is a subfolder by the name of Edimax or Ralink. The folder showing “Common” is the particular location of the RaUI.exe file.

Thus the file location of raui.exe is under C:\Program Files\Ralink\ directory.

The file has a size that can have 45 variants and 13 Mb being the most common for all the Windows’ Operating System versions.

Is it Safe or Virus?

The executable files are generally the targeted names chosen by certain Trojan companies to hide their processes into the user systems. Hence, if the RaUI.exe file is located somewhere other than the C:\Program Files\Ralink\ folder of the computer it can be a Trojan and must be removed as soon as possible. This process doesn’t pose much threat to the system otherwise.  The raui.exe process cannot be considered to be CPU extensive

uninstall How to stop disable or remove it?

In case the user wishes to change his/her router setting and system other than Ralink’s, it is advisable to remove its utility software as that would clear up a lot of space. The executable file cannot be displayed directly as it is a part of the software and thus one must think of its removal only if he/she wishes to remove the software. Following are the steps to do the same:

  • Press Start button
  • Type Control Panel and hit enter
  • Click on ‘Uninstall a Program‘ under Programs
  • Search for Edimax Wireless Utility or Ralink Wireless Utility within the list of installed programs
  • Double click on it to uninstall from the system.


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