15 Best Redmine Alternatives for 2021

Redmine is a flexible and powerful tool for collaboration between teams, customers, the design and monitoring of projects are intuitive and effective. Redmine allows you to organize your workspaces, boost the productivity of your teams and enrich the relationship with your customers.

Redmine alternatives

Top Alternatives to Redmine

Though it is a super tool to use, today we will highlight the replacement of Redmine applications which are free, while few are paid versions. Let’s have a look at the Redmine alternatives for Windows PC to manage products online:


Wrike is software with functionalities for the planning, design, and control of the organization’s projects. They do this through collaborative tools for project members, authorization controls, visualizations such as Gantt, dashboards or display panels and other series of functions that we will go on to detail.

Key Features

  • It is simple and intuitive. It allows you to create user groups and assign permissions to these or to individual users.
  • Accompanied by the Agile Scrum methodology, so it offers a visualization that exposes the tasks of a project or folder organized by columns and statues.
  • Create, modify or delete project tasks. This includes dates, managers, and dependencies between tasks, without neglecting control.
  • View tasks, folders, and projects from a spreadsheet-like view. You can modify all of this from here and include custom columns to control your project.
  • It allows seeing how tasks are scheduled from individual projects.


It facilitates the management of projects in their planning, execution and control stages through planning tools such as Gantt chart, visualization of reports, division and assignment of work, collaboration mechanisms between participants, integration with third-party software, and automation of workflows.

Download: https://www.wrike.com


Trello is a project management application, in which you can have multiple organizations, boards, lists, and cards. The best thing about Trello is that you can use it not only for your work but also for your day-to-day planning. The way of organizing aboard will depend on how you want it but many times you can organize it in three basic lists like Chores, In-process and Finished.

Key Features

  • The free version is very useful and you have the necessary functions for wide use of it.
  • The online application is editable and shared in real-time by all the components of the project, not requiring updates or saving.
  • The application is very simple and intuitive where no user training or learning is needed. In addition, this makes its loading very fast.
  • The notification system will let you know when changes are made to the boards you want, being able to control any change and deviation of the project.
  • Very interesting colour labeling function to visually highlight and organize tasks or mark some highlights


The search engine of Trello is very good and fast, so you can find the task you need at the time you want. You can publish private or public boards and share it with whoever you want, making this application have few limits. It helps to secure connection and confidentiality of data with encrypted backups similar to that used by banks.

Download: https://trello.com/


This application is a complete cloud business management suite that contains more than 35 tools for social collaboration, communication and project management. With this tool, you can create an internal social network for your company, manage tasks and projects, create and edit collaborative documents, manage your staff and many other works.

Key Features

  • The Bitrix24 interface is intuitive, easy to use and is available in 9 different languages ​​(including English, Spanish and Portuguese).
  • You can create an internal social network for your company, manage tasks and projects.
  • From the “Employees” section, you can invite people from your company to join the platform and create departments
  • Make video calls, manage human talent, create and edit collaborative documents, store files in the cloud.
  • Manage calendars, manage customer relationships (CRM) and much more. Everything from the same platform.


Communication and collaborative work will not be a problem with Bitrix24. Thanks to its tools, you can always have on hand information on the development of tasks and projects, and monitor the results of each member of your team. In addition, its interface similar to a social network will make work more productive, facilitating interaction between people in your company.

Download: https://www.bitrix24.com/self-hosted/download.php


The Notion is an app that allows you to take notes and save your earnings. The main difference between other apps that we have seen in Liberated Minds is that Notion is more complete but at the same time more complex.

Key Features

  • After opening the app, you have to create a workspace that will be where we will store the notes and tasks.
  • The Notion doesn’t add notes or tasks, instead, it helps to create pages.
  • It has title and text, but also many additional elements. Among them are tables, images, lists, calendars, and galleries.
  • The most important option that Notion incorporates is to create your own custom templates.


In addition to creating pages to record all the necessary information, Notion allows teamwork, add comments to each page, or even make it public. Wikis can also be created with Notion. The notion is accessible from Android, iOS apps and also through the web browser. Also, it can be installed on Windows and Mac.



The Quire application meets all needs by optimizing employee efficiency and productivity. Thanks to it, the team can focus on specific tasks allowing them to reach the big goals. While the daily tasks will be defined more easily, this project management tool also makes it possible to follow up on their achievement.

Key Features

  • The application offers several display modes, which is a real plus for determining the tasks accomplished and those that have yet to be performed.
  • Changes to the application are synchronized automatically and in real-time.
  • Employees can have an overview of the achievements when they are notified by the person who carried them out.
  • Its use should be combined with a communication tool because Quire does not have an instant messaging option.


Quire stimulates the dynamic workflow by organizing actions in a nested to-do list that breaks down big goals into digestible tasks. It also allows your team to access documents from anywhere and control the version of the document your team is working on.

Download: https://quire.io/


Asana is a great task and project management tool, it allows teams to share, plan, organize, and track the progress of the tasks each member is working on. This tool is very simple and easy to use web application and without a doubt one of the best task management tools we have seen so far.

Key Features

  • Asana has a board function based on the Kanban system that allows you to visualize your work with a visual progression.
  • With the timeline, you can use to create your customized a plan that shows how the various pieces of your project puzzle fit together.
  • The calendar feature allows you to view your work on a calendar, allowing you to spot scheduling conflicts.
  • The Portfolio feature is an easy way to monitor all your initiatives in one place.
  • Asana also allows you to convert common processes into templates.


If you are a person used to using task lists, or your organization manages multiple projects, Asana is the ideal digital ally. If you need to communicate with different members and work teams, and you need to share data, files, ideas, in a convenient and efficient way, you will realize that Asana is a solid, flexible and easy to use application with any type of project.

Download: https://asana.com/apps


Jira is a web-based application for tracking errors, incidents, and operational project management, it is also used in non-technical areas for task administration. Initially, Jira was used for software development, serving as support for requirements management, status tracking and later for bug tracking. Jira can be used for process management and process improvement, thanks to its functions for organizing workflows.

Key Features

  • It is designed so that all members of the software team can plan, monitor and publish great software.
  • Create user stories and incidents, plan sprints and distribute tasks among your software team.
  • Prioritize and analyze your team’s work in context and with complete visibility.
  • Launch with confidence and security, knowing that the information you have is always the most current.
  • Each team has a unique process to launch the software. Use a predefined workflow or create one adapted to the way your team works.
  • A self-service portal, automated processes, service level agreements (SLAs) and reporting on customer satisfaction.


You can create, share and collaborate from a single space so that your projects progress more quickly. It helps to publish and organize company information and access it easily through a single centralized space so you can guide your clients and find the help they need themselves. You can know, store and expand the knowledge of your team to be well informed and coordinated, all in one place.


Only Office

Only Office is a tool that allows you to manage regular activity in a company, in reference to documents, tasks, chat, etc. Since, from the digital point of view, it stimulates the communication and the transmission of sensitive information with the security to create, edit and collaborate on online business documents.

Key Features

  • Only Office includes an online editing package that combines text editors, spreadsheets and presentations.
  • It offers a tab-based user interface, allowing the user to work on multiple files in a single window.
  • Its features can be expanded using the built-in plugins or by creating your own module in JavaScript.
  • Each key is protected by asymmetric encryption (using its public key) and is then stored on the blockchain network.
  • Once encrypted, the encrypted documents are stored on the preferred cloud platform.


All documents and co-author entries are encrypted on the client-side. Therefore, the data is transferred to the server in encrypted form and the recipient decrypts it in real-time if he has the appropriate access rights to a document. All co-authors must be connected to the cloud through their desktop applications with end-to-end encryption enabled.

Download: https://www.onlyoffice.com/download-desktop.aspx


Taiga is a free tool with some conditions. By registering you can create a single free private project and countless public projects. On the other hand, this private project can have a maximum of 3 members. That is, you can only invite 2 more people to participate.

Key Features

  • Taiga allows you to organize different user stories in the form of a backlog and then load them into sprints setting a deadline.
  • Taiga has a special module for Kanban with the usual columns that by default, in this case, are called New, Ready, In progress, List to test, Done and archived.
  • The requests are a great Taiga functionality that allows separate what the customer asks for what to do.
  • Taiga has different modules that give the project a different edge to handle it, always based on agile methodologies.


Taiga integrates with GitHub, Gitlab, BitBucket, Gogs, Slack, and Hipchat. And you also have the possibility of using webhooks, to make custom integrations. It has different modules to be able to work in a different way, according to what one prefers. It has a large number of configuration options, allowing you to define parameters for each function.

Download: https://taiga.io/


It is a project management application that uses the Japanese Kanban methodology. Very popular with development teams and working groups, this application has been translated into more than 30 languages. It is free software since it uses an MIT license.

Key Features

  • It incorporates an intuitive web panel, the Kanban board, which allows us to check the status of a project visually.
  • It alerts us when we exceed a limit of assumable tasks, allowing us to stay focused on a specific task.
  • We can create tasks and subtasks with their respective estimation of time or complexity.
  • It uses a simple query language that offers great flexibility. From the panel, we can apply the filters we want.
  • In projects and their tasks, we can insert comments -even using Markdown-, documents, categories, due dates, etc.


We can define automatic actions. For example, configure that when a task takes a certain time in one column, it changes to another. Or that, when it is in a column, it is assigned a certain label colour. The product is translated into more than 30 languages, so each user can choose their own.

Download: https://docs.kanboard.org/en/latest/admin_guide/installation.html


OpenProject is one of the best free code alternatives to do it through the web, since it has a very intuitive interface and, in addition, we can easily implement it on Cloud Servers, thanks to the Application Catalog.

Key Features

  • OpenProject allows you to easily monitor all project activities and organize projects, tasks, errors, or risks, as well as assign responsibilities.
  • With interactive timelines, we can plan and direct activities, dependencies, and reports by date.
  • It allows the team to create, maintain and share relevant project information.
  • Allow you to see the resources invested as well as control the remaining budgets or generate cost reports.


As with many other business productivity programs, it allows you to share documents with built-in version control, manage meetings with agendas and minutes, notify relevant events to the team, or debate.

Download: https://www.openproject.org/download-and-installation/

Pivotal Tracker

This tool is designed by Pivotal Labs, an agile software development company that serves clients. Pivotal has been a benchmark in design and usability for years, and that has been its best asset against larger tools.

Key Features

  • There is no “community” license and another “enterprise” license, or anything similar.
  • It’s in the cloud. So, we do not have to install anything on our computers and will do everything through the browser.
  • It focuses on something very interesting that is the management of the product stack, and metrics such as speed.
  • You can create multiple access profiles, so there could be users who only have permission to see things, but not to modify them.
  • The default stack is not shown, but if we activate it would show us the sprints that have already passed.


These are the user stories that have planned for future sprints. We see how Pivotal Tracker marks us where sprints start. This is done automatically based on our average speed. For example, if we insert a new user story in the middle of a sprint, based on the estimation of this new story, it will move the subsequent stories to adjust them to the sprints based on our speed.

Download: https://www.pivotaltracker.com/


HiBox is a very powerful service. In the first place, it is powered by an assistant that incorporates AI, which based on the results of the activities you carry, could suggest you who is the right person for each one. Applying the same AI, it is capable of generating analyzes about the duration of a project.

Key Features

  • Hibox allows organizing rooms in projects, regions or departments.
  • Use the calendar overview to see the workload of each employee and thus be able to distribute the tasks of each one.
  • Without integrations or downloads, you can start a video conference in a single click.
  • Hibox integrates frequently used applications like Google Drive or Dropbox to get the most out of it.


Its chat allows you to keep in touch with your collaborators and also offers the possibility of executing tasks, communicating and sending files. Hibox is organized by rooms. From each room, users can communicate privately, share documents, organize tasks, etc.

Download: https://www.mantisbt.org/download.php


Trac is a tool geared towards software development project management, which provides us with an incident and task tracking system that we can group by project, with a wiki system as the basis for all task creation and documentation.

Key Features

  • On the same platform, you can define several projects, it is not necessary to create a new installation for each one.
  • User management is quite advanced, allowing it to be adapted to our needs, in the documentation you will find very detailed explanations of login management.
  • With Trac Reports, we can easily customize or create our own reports.
  • The definition of tasks in Trac is simple, and they are called tickets, we can define the general user values, title, assign the incidence
  • We can easily configure the notification of assigned tasks via email, as well when they change status.


Trac allows integrating documentation and changes in the software projects associated with the project, we can easily define if any change solves or improves a ticket with a simple reference to it when reporting information in observations to change.

Download: https://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/TracDownload


MantisBT is a software that is a very complete solution to manage tasks in a work team. It is an OpenSource application made in PHP and MySQL, it stands out for its ease and flexibility of installing and configuring. This application is used to test solutions, make a historical record of alterations and manage computers remotely.

Key Features

  • It will streamline the customer service process in the areas of Computer Services, Networks and telephone wiring.
  • It will eliminate the use of paper in terms of receiving service requests.
  • It will give you more control over the time technicians spend on a service order.
  • It will optimize technicians’ time, allowing them to observe their tasks from anywhere.
  • It will provide the user with the ease of observing what stage of the process the requested service is at.
  • It will decrease the number of requests for applications by telephone line.


This tool has modest software and hardware requirements. A computer that is capable of running the server software is required. All necessary software is free or not for commercial use. The public server can be a shared web server or co-located dedicated box. The required disk space depends on the size of the database. However, it is usually driven by the expected number and size of attachments.

Download: https://www.mantisbt.org


Since Redmine came into our lives, group work has been simplified. One hand helps the other in this job, but success is greater if you have a leader in front of you who leads the way correctly. The important thing is to enjoy the tools that we have presented to you in this review of 15 Best Redmine Alternatives.



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