Regsvc.exe – What is it, Uses, Error & How to Remove it

Not sure about application regsvc.exe is a malware or a virus? Find out its uses, file location, common error and how to remove it. Regsvc.exe is an executable application and belongs to the Microsoft Windows 2000 Operating System but it’s also available in Windows 10 and XP OS. It is developed by Microsoft Corporation.


The full form of Regsvc.exe is Remote Registry Service

What is Regsvc.exe?

If your system is used to connect to a remote system then you might see Regsvc.exe (Remote Registry Service) is running at system background.Regsvc.exe has two major uses:

  • Give access to the local registry to remote computers
  • Allow registry editing across networks and web servers
  • Remote Registry Service works on the Remote Procedure Call protocol and also allows local applications and native Windows programs to edit the registry.

A remote user would have to make a secure connection with the computer and have administrative rights, correct usernames, and password of the system to gain access.

This utility is very significant in corporate networks where group policy can be created using the Domain Controller function, all via remote registry edits.

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File Size and Location

  • Regsvc.exe is located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder
  • Its file size is approximately 0.7 MB.

Sometimes, Regsvc.exe might be stored under C:\Windows\WinSxS\ folder in Windows 10 PC.

Is it safe or a virus?

Regsvc.exe is a legitimate and safe program. But, if its file size is up to or exceeds Giga Bytes, or it is not located in the C drive, then it may be a malware.

Also, if Microsoft Windows 2000 Publisher is not the signer of the executable’s certificate, then it is a malware.


Some common errors corresponding to Regsvc.exe are:

  • “Cannot find file: Regsvc.exe”
  • “File not found: Regsvc.exe”

How to Remove It?

If your desktop PC or laptop is used at home and not connect to a remote system, then you may disable or remove Regsvc.exe from the Windows operating system.  But make sure to take registry backup before you make any changes. It can be disabled by going to the “Remote Registry” in “Services” utility and selecting “Disabled” in Startup type.



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