Restarter.exe – What is it, Uses, Safe or Virus?

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Restarter.exe is an executable application and is a component of Knas Restarter version 2.0. It is developed by Knas Coding. On this page, I have provided detail information about Restarter.exe, its uses and whether it’s safe or malware, keep reading!

What is Restarter.exe?

Restarter.exe manages any applications in the Windows operating system that have crashed or hung. It restarts those programs and monitors them. It also acts as a notification tool for them.

This way, even if your system shuts down by mistake or crashes due to some issues, then it can be recovered automatically by Restarter.exe.This executable will also recover all the parameters chosen by the user for the programs. It makes sure that all the system’s important programs are at your disposal and ready to use in case they are accidentally shut. Restarter.exe offers different options like:

  • Executing scripts
  • Alarm raising, and
  • Logging

Restarter.exe was first built to fix hung game servers and monitor them, but it now works for applications like FTP servers, IRC clients/ servers, and Mail Servers.

It works on Windows 10/8/7/Vista and XP and is also portable. 

File Size

The file size of Restarter.exe is approximately 916.27 KB.

Common Errors

Some errors that commonly pertain to Restarter.exe are:

  • “Restarter has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
  • “Restarter.exe Application Error.” 

Is Restarter.exe safe or a virus?

Restarter.exe is a legitimate and trustworthy executable. Nonetheless, writers of malicious programs may name their programs as restarter.exe to bypass system protectors.

When this happens, there are two ways to check if that is a malware:

  • If the location of that processes not in the C: drive.
  • If Microsoft Process Explorer is unable to verify the signer of the process.

If you have not installed nor using Knas Restarter, and still find Restarter.exe is running in the background process, then a complete system scan is recommended. You may use good and reliable Antivirus and run it on Safe Mode to identify if there is any malware or viruses.

uninstall How to Remove?

If you have installed Knas Restarter then you may use below step to remove Restarter.exe from the system:

1) Click on Windows button

2) Type Control Panel and click on it

3) Click on Uninstall a program under Programs

4) Locate Knas Restarter and double click on it to Uninstall

5) Now press Windows+R button, type %temp% and click on OK

6) Press Ctrl+A, press Shift+Delete button and hit Enter button

Now restart the PC, Restarter.exe is no more on your Windows system!



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