RTFTrack.exe – What is it, Uses, Safe or Virus

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RTFTrack.exe is an executable application and is utilized by the Lenovo Easy Camera program developed by Realtek Semiconductor Corporation for Microsoft Windows Operating System.

The full form of RTFTrack is Realtek Face Tracker.

What is it & its uses

Lenovo Easy Camera is webcam software that serves as a driver for the camera installed on your computer. This way it creates a link between the Lenovo webcams and the software utilizing it.

It follows all the standards given by Realtek Semiconductor Corporation.

File size & location

  • The Lenovo Easy Camera software is 4 MB in file size.
  • The location of RTFTrack.exe is in the C:\Program Files\Realtek\Realtek PC Camera

Is it safe or virus

RTFTrack.exe is not a threat to the system and is legitimate. Sometimes, there are viruses which are names by programmers the same as RTFTrack.exe so that they can bypass the anti-virus scanners and system firewalls and pose a threat to the system.

There are three ways to check if that file is a malware:

  • In the task Manager, check its location. If it is not C:\Program Files\Realtek\Realtek PC Camera, then the process is potentially a virus.
  • Check if the process status under the “Verified Signer” shows “Unable to Verify” in Microsoft Process Explorer. If yes, then the program is malware.
  • Check if “Realtek Semiconductor Corp.” is issued the VeriSign certificate. If not, it is malware.

There are other similar programs like AcSvc.exe, Tpshocks.exe which are used by Lenovo laptop.

Common Errors

Errors frequently associated with RTFTrack.exe are:

  • “RTFTrack.exe is not a valid Win32 application.”
  • “Error starting program: RTFTrack.exe.”

How to remove it

There are two ways through which RTFTrack.exe can be removed:

  • Go to Programs & Features and search for Lenovo EasyCamera. Once you find it, uninstall the program by right-clicking on it.
  • Go to the program’s uninstaller’s location C:\Windows\RtsUvcUninst.exe /u and uninstall the program.


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