Rthdcpl.exe – What is it, Uses, Error & How to Fix it?

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Rthdcpl.exe is an executable application and provides service for its main utility, Realtek HD Audio Sound Effect Manager. It is developed by Realtek Semiconductor Corporation.


Rthdcpl.exestands for RealtekHD Audio Control Panelexecutable.

What is Rthdcpl.exe?

Rthdcpl.exeworks as a digital signal processor and helps in altering any audio settings from the sound card. Once the speakers are connected to the computer, the Realtek Control Panel is used to configure the onboard sound via Realtek HD audio sound manager and also provide custom audio effects.

Rthdcpl.exe is located inside the C:\Windows folder.

It is bundled along with Realtek sound card\driver and audio hardware.

Another similar executable file is Audiodg.exe which is used for the sound.

Is it safe or a virus?

Rthdcpl.exe is a legitimate, trustworthy program and should not be deleted. But, there may be malware in the system trying to bypass the firewalls or anti-virus by duplicating rthdcpl.exe’s name.

To avoid that, check the properties of rthdcpl.exe. If it is not Microsoft Corporation signed, then the process is a threat to the system.

Usually the rthdcpl.exe fond in Windows 7, Vista and XP and very fewer chances to exist in Windows 10 or 8.

How to disable Rthdcpl.exe?

You can disable rthdcpl.exe at startup using Configuration Utility (MSConfig). You may like to learn run command for msconfig which is a very useful tool for Windows operating system.


Some common errors reported in the case of rthdcpl.exe are:

  • “rthdcpl.exe – Illegal System DLL Relocation”
  • “Cannot find file: Rthdcpl.exe”

These errors can be due to:

  • Any missing/ damaged directory or file of Realtek HD Audio Sound Effect Manager
  • Malicious system infections.

uninstall How to Remove It?

Since rthdcpl.exe is affiliated to Realtek sound drivers, therefore it is not a system essential application that will halt Windows in its absence. However, this may hinder the sound card function. Just for your information that, if you are using Windows 10 OS then Rthdcpl.exe is not required.

If you want to remove the Rthdcpl.exe then make sure that you have the sound driver software ready, just in case if the sound-driver stop working.

If you want to remove rthdcpl.exe, then there are two ways to do it:

  • Uninstall Realtek sound drivers from Control Panel > Programs.
  • Or you may use reliable third-party software like CCleaner to uninstall the application.

I hope, the above-provided information was useful for you.



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