RtWLan.exe – What is it, Uses, Safe or Virus & How to Remove it?

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RtWLan.exe belongs to the Realtek Wireless LAN utility provided by Realtek which is widely found in Windows desktop and laptop computers. RtWLan.exe provides the configuration for communication between the operating system and Realtek Wireless LAN network interface cards.

RtWLan.exe file information

The full form of  RtWLan is Realtek Wireless Local Area Network and is also sometimes addressed as  REALTEK RTL8187SE Wireless LAN Utility.

It has 15 known versions and is found on all Windows OS platforms.

What is RtWLan.exe & its uses?

RtWLan.exe executes a process that facilitates the transmission of data by means of a wireless LAN connection. Drivers are downloaded by the utility which helps the hardware to work with the operating system. The computer is connected to the local area network or the Internet through the network interface controllers which are a part of the installed hardware of the system.

It is a non-essential Windows process. Thus, if it causes problems to the system, it can be easily disabled.

The application comes pre-installed in select computer brands such as Toshiba, Asus, etc.

In plain language, RtWLan.exe is required to connect the PC to the wireless internet.

File size & location

The file size of Rtwlan.exe can be between 0.5 to 3.3 MB depending on different Windows operating system versions.

The location pathway of rtwlan.exe is C:\Program Files\REALTEK\Wireless LAN Utility\

Is it safe or virus

RtWlan.exe is a trustworthy application and is not malware.

But if the file is not in its standard system location (i.e C:\Program Files\REALTEK\Wireless LAN Utility\), then it could be a malware issue. Also, if it does not have a verified signer, then it could be a threat to the system.


Some common errors encountered with RtWlan.exe are:

  • RtWLan.exe – Unable to Locate Component.
  • RtWLan.exe – Bad Image

These errors can be caused due to:

  • Deletion by another system program
  • Faulty Hardware
  • Corruption of Windows registry due to the presence of Malware
  • Incomplete Installation

How to remove it

There are two ways to remove RtWlan.exe:

  • By going to Control Panel and searching for REALTEK Wireless LAN Driver and Utility. Once you find it, uninstall the program.
  • By going to the location path of the utility’s uninstaller and removing the program directly from there.

However, it is not recommended to remove or uninstall RtWLan.exe until you are confirmed that it’s infected by a virus or malware. Strongly recommend to enable Windows firewall and install a good antivirus. Removing RtWLan.exe might stop your computer to connect wifi or wireless internet.

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