What is Rundll32.exe, Uses and How to Fix it?

If you are not sure what exactly is Rundll32.exe and its uses then you should keep reading it. It’s not a virus or malware but an essential part of the Windows operating system.

So, let’s first understand what is the uses of Rundll32.exe. .DLL is a common sight for Windows users. DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library which is present in every application you can think of. This file stores common pieces of app logic. You can access this file with various applications. However, you cannot launch a DLL file directly. You need a special application to access the functionality kept in the shared DLL files. In Windows, that process falls on the shoulder of rundll32.exe. The .exe part of the name shows that it is an executable file.


Run Dynamic Link Library 32-bit is the full form of rundll32. It is literally software made to run the DLL files.

File sizes and Location

It comes in a total of 32 variations of sizes and the approx file size is 0.04 Mb. The default location of rundll32.exe is C:\Windows\System32.

Quick Overview

Filename: rundll32.exe
File description: Windows host process (Rundll32)
File version: 6.1.7600.16385
File Size: 48.0 KB
Product name: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
File type: Application
Copyright: Microsoft Corporation
Language: English
Location: C:\Windows\System32

What is the function?

  • The functions of rundll32.exe are to call upon the functions which are exported from the 32-bit DLL.
  • This software will only call upon those DLL’s which are written to be triggered by it.
  • Initially, it was designed for internal use for Microsoft, but now you can use this software for generic purposes as well.

Common Errors

If the error shown is that your rundll32.exe file is missing which normally comes as Windows Cannot Find C:\Windows\Rundll32.exe, then the problem is a corruption or the missing file.

How to Fix Rundll32.exe Error

  • Errors can occur and if they do, firstly, scan your computer for any malicious content that might be causing an error.
  • You can try rebooting your computer. It helps in some cases.
  • In case, that works, try to pinpoint the last application you installed when the problem started and remove it.
  • Avoid re-installing Windows if possible; repairing your computer will probably remove whatever error you are facing.
  • Updating your drivers can also make the errors go away.
  • For specific errors, there are specific solutions that you can find in the forums.

In this case, go to the C:\Windows\system32\dllcache on your PC. If you find the copy, copy it and paste it at the location C:\Windows\system32.

Is it a Virus?

No, it’s not a virus. However, if your PC is running slow then you may figure out whether Rundll32.exe is a virus or malware. If the exe file is not under the C:\Windows\system32 folder then chances are it’s a virus. In this case, it is strongly recommended to run an Antimalware and Antivirus on your system.

It’s also recommended to keep your Windows defender up to date or install a free firewall like Zonealarm on Windows OS.

How to disable rundll32.exe?

In theory, you can remove this program but you should not. Rundll32.exe is an important aspect of the system and in case of removal; some of your system’s components may start malfunctioning, if not stopping altogether.

Why does this process show up multiple times in my task manager?

As software made to run special DLL files independently, this is showing up on your task manager because some applications running in the background are utilizing this service. There is no said rule of it being able to run only one application at one time. It is not normal but it definitely isn’t harmful either.


Rundll32.exe is an integral part of Microsoft that assists several of its components and keeps them up and running. Keeping a thorough check on the same is important to ensure the proper functioning of the system. Removal of this can lead to either malfunctioning or a complete crash of the system.



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