14 Best Sandboxie Alternatives for Windows & Linux

Sandboxie is a free tool that allows us to create a secure environment within Windows. In this way, we can install software that may be dangerous or even contain malware and not compromise the rest of the system. A way to isolate processes without compromising our security and privacy. So, we can also generate changes in certain programs without affecting the rest.

Sanboxie alternatives

Top 14 Sandboxie Alternatives & Similar Software

There is no doubt Sandboxie is a wonderful tool in all aspect that serves your need. But here I am going to provide a list of the Sandboxie alternatives which are free to use on Windows and Linux:


Cameyo is a free virtualization utility, which creates portable programs. In practice, the use of this software is equivalent to converting a normal program that needs installation on your system, into portable software.

With Cameyo you can create portable versions of your favorite software and always carry it with you on a USB memory stick. Make sure formatting Pen drive before using it. You can download it from their website.

It is portable software, how could it be otherwise, so you do not need to install it on your operating system. Just double click on the file you downloaded and the application will start. It makes up your portable application and include any other running processes and open windows, so make sure all of your programs are closed before running them.

  • Website
  • System supports: Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista

SHADE Sandbox

SHADE Sandbox allows us to enable closed spaces within our operating system where applications can be run in a secure manner, preventing changes made when they run from affecting the real operating system.

To create “sandboxes” for the applications you want, all you have to do is drag the executable or its shortcut icon from any path (for example, from the desktop) to the application window. An isolated, restricted, and secure space in memory and disk will automatically be allocated for that application.

Once we finish using the tool, we can delete all the data that has been generated in the sandbox by simply clicking on the « Clean Up Shade « button.

  • Website
  • System supports: Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista(32 & 64-bit)
  • File size: 24.3 MB (for windows)

Cuckoo Sandbox

Cuckoo Sandbox is an open-source tool developed in 2013 to facilitate users forensic analysis of malware, being able to learn more information (what it does, what components it affects, what connections it makes, etc.) about the different pieces of malicious software that are circulating over the network without danger of falling victim to hackers, all from a sandbox, sandbox, totally isolated from the main system.

Thanks to its modular design, we will be able to customize both the process and the stages and the presentation of the reports according to how extensive we want the malware analysis to be.

This tool is in charge of correctly configuring the limits of the system (the sandbox, or sandbox) so that the user can configure in an environment where the malware will run for personalized behaviour.

  • Website
  • System supports: Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android


Firejail is a tool written in the C programming language that allows us to create a sandboxing on our Linux system. It is especially useful for running programs we don’t trust too much, in an environment with limited privileges.

The program is used from the terminal – although a graphical interface called FireTools is also available -, it hardly consumes resources, it does not need root permissions and its basic use is not complicated at all.

It is compatible with security suites such as AppArmor and SELinux or the kernel version offered by Grsecurity. Firejail allows you to isolate processes from the file system, as well as limit access to certain functions of network interfaces. It allows us to create custom profiles for all kinds of applications or whitelists for access to certain files.

  • Website: https://firejail.wordpress.com/
  • System Support: Linux


VMware is a software virtualization system that provides an environment for simulating the execution of several computers within each other simultaneously. The performance of the virtual system may vary depending on the characteristics of the physical system it is running on and the virtual resources assigned to the virtual system and it offers this type of software for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS systems.

It offers VMware Workstation Player which is the main VMware software to virtualize machines. Workstation Player uses VMware vSphere Hypervisor to offer a simple but stable and consolidated local virtualization solution that you can use for many different purposes, for example as a personal learning tool or a commercial tool to simplify the execution of an enterprise desktop.

  • Website
  • System Support: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS systems
  • File Size: 542 MB (for windows)


VMware ThinAppfacilitates the process of transferring corporate users to the new Windows 7 operating system.ThinAppensures the compatibility of legacy and specific business applications within a multi-user IT infrastructure, reducing software conflicts and system failure.

This application isolates applications from the operating environment, increasing application compatibility and manageability across multiple operating systems operating on the corporate infrastructure. Thanks to centralized provisioning and management of applications.

ThinApp Improves protection, speeds up the installation of updates and patches, improves system performance. As a result, the cost of application administration is significantly reduced, in some cases up to 60%.The secure log journal protection module preserves the integrity of log files, reduces the risk of file corruption in the event of system failures or errors.

Windows Sandbox

Windows Sandbox uses the same principle as some Internet browsers or applications like Sandboxie. It is a temporary and isolated environment in which we can run untrusted applications without worrying if they will infect the computer or “break” something in the system.

It is the easiest way, from now on, to run in parallel in Windows 10 an application that we do not know and that could put our PC at risk. When opening Windows Sandbox, a window opens, as if it were an application, which has what is necessary for the user to carry out their tests on it. There are user environment and basic Windows functions such as Trash or Explorer.

It is integrated into Windows and its access is very simple. The advantage is that it can replace the virtual machines that some users use for these same tasks, something that consumes much more resources.

Enigma Virtual Box

This tool is a system file virtualization software that helps you to incorporate multiple files that your application uses as a single executable, which allows you to maintain the ability to work with files without them being embedded on disk.

The program supports all kinds of files, including dll, activex/com (.dll, .ocx), video/music (.avi, .mp3), text (.txt, .doc) and many others. it does not extract temporary files to disk, because the file emulation process only loads in the process memory.

It can be used in any application for any reason, some ideas: – helps your application to have flexibility by compiling it into a single executable file. – has the capability to provide safe-guard to the files of your application against modification and illegal copying. – hide dynamic libraries and its functionalities.

  • Website
  • System Supports: Windows
  • File Size: 18.4 MB

Deep Freeze

This tool is an awesome application that allows users to undo changes made by other users with a reboot. Any changes made by an application or by users or by any virus or suspicious activity caused changes in the computer can all be reverted by just restarting the computer. Rebooting will return the system to its original state with default configuration and settings.

It is an efficient, simple and robust solution that provides users with the ability to configure the application with five workstations and it does not require a control center to access the workstation.The application ensures the user’s system 100% uptime through total uptime and security.

Now, users don’t have to hire IT professionals to fix or troubleshoot the users’ system, just a reboot and every problem is resolved. Users can control and manage the workstation from a remote location and workstation administration. It supports built-in command line to allow the management of other applications.

  • Website
  • System Supports: Windows, Windows Server, macOS
  • File Size: 57.7 MB

Open VZ

OpenVZ is software used in Linux to virtualize environments also based on Linux, specifically, virtual private servers (VPS) and openvz virtual environments (EV). This program creates, in a segment of the host system, a virtual system that allows us to have our own physical server where we can do our tests or any other activity that needs a server.

It is licensed under GNU GPL 2 but is based on the proprietary Virtuozzo software.The biggest advantage of OpenVZ, and, unlike other virtualization softwares, is that it does not consume many resources of the host system, since the amount of RAM to be used is allocated dynamically, and so with the rest of the resources.

Another important advantage of OpenVZ is its ease of managing the server.It should be noted that only Linux users will be able to use OpenVZ. The isolated system to be created will have its own Linux kernel, so it will virtualize other systems based on that operating system.


Any.Run is an online sandbox service that allows us to perform malware analysis without taking risks in our environment. In addition to doing it in a controlled way, the process with Any. Run is fully interactive. In other words, we control the application to be studied in real-time and we see the evolution and actions it takes on the system.

After a brief review of the tool, Any.Run is not intended to do a thorough analysis of threats (for that we can use IDA Pro or X-Rays) nor is it convenient for situations of batch checks where there is no user interaction.

For all situations it is excellent and easy to use. It will serve to analyze malware and see what processes it raises, what URLs it connects to, what files it modifies. It is also ideal for demonstrations of new PoCs (proofs of concept) and exploit kits.


WinJail utility for Windows incorporates and expands chroot / chain functionality for Unix-like systems. It provides transparent redirections of file operations from common places, such as Windows folders to private copies of them. It allows for unique possibility of programs separated by users who launched it, and each user is able to use his / her private sandbox, even for the same application.

Designed for wide use in administration and security purposes, WinJail works on the principle of partial virtualization, so that the effects of trojan/virus/spyware threat or error are not dangerous for the rest of the system’s integrity.

WinJail can be widely used for different purposes such as: antispyware Firewall background, and so on. In this way, all possibly unsafe processes like ICQ, MSN, MS Outlook and Internet Explorer are placed in the chain, so that in case of destructive behaviour, no damage is done to the system.

  • Website
  • System Support: Windows
  • File Size: 2.2 MB


It is a free and portable program (therefore executable without performing tedious installation procedures), which allows you to open MBOX files, even larger than 4GB in weight, and to view/export the individual messages contained within them.

It saves messages in a chained format in which each message is saved after another, starting with the header “From”. Originally, it is used by Unix hosts, but now it is supported by other email applications, including Apple Mail.

You have a simple and easy to use user interface, which gives you a quick scan of each of your files and lists all emails with an appropriate folder structure.mbox. It works with all mailboxes that are: Thunderbird, Mac Mail or even Gmail to name a few.

  • Website: https://sourceforge.net/projects/mbox-viewer/
  • System Support: Windows
  • File Size: 11.2 MB

Buster Sandbox Analyzer

Buster Sandbox Analyzeranalyzes the behavior of software to find out whether it could be malware. Buster Sandbox Analyzer (BSA) checks file system, registry, and port changes and creates a risk assessment from them. The software requires Sandboxie and WinPcap and does not need to be installed as portable software.

Among its many functions, BSA allows analyzing network traffic and makes it possible to capture it to file. It also detects when a program is capturing keys (keylogger) or when a program puts a port in listening mode (backdoor).

BSA has an extensive database of “AutoStart” type entries that are used to detect when an application will start when Windows starts. Buster Sandbox Analyzer gets where most traditional antivirus doesn’t go.

  • Website:https://bsa.isoftware.nl/
  • System Supports: Windows
  • File Size: 35.2 MB



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