What is SatSrv.exe, Uses & How to Remove it?

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Basic Information: SatSrv.exe is an executable file that is a part of Steganos Security Suite. It is a type of security monitoring application. Steganos ensures your PC security and offers a total suite to ensure your system and framework works properly without any obstruction. You can read the full detail below to know about the properties of the SatSrv.exe file and also check whether it is safe for your system or not.

What is SatSrv.exe?


The SatSrv.exe file belongs to the Steganos Security software that is software is basically an online shield-like VPN to safeguard your privacy. The Steganos offer a number of applications like Password Manager, Privacy Security, VPN etc.

File Size and Location

I have listed down some of the important properties of SatSrv.exe below:

  • File description: Steganos Security Suite 2006
  • Filename: SatSrv.exe
  • File Location : C:\Windows\System32
  • File Size: 0.41MB (can vary depending on the version)
  • Publisher: Steganos

Usage: It helps the Steganos Security Suite 2006 for security purposes.

Is SatSrv.exe safe or malware?

Some malware likewise can utilize the file name SatSrv.exe to pass the security checks. Accordingly in such circumstances, a considerable lot of the antivirus applications neglect to distinguish for such kind of corrupted files. So you must check the location of SatSrv.exe in your system and in case the location is C:\Windows\System32 then the file is safe for your PC. But in case the location of the file is something else other than the location specified above then probably the SatSrv.exe file is compromised and it can be a malware file and you must take necessary steps against it.

Common error messages caused due to SatSrv.exe

  • exe failed.
  • SatSrv.exe is not a Win32 application.
  • Steganos Security Suite 2006 has stopped working.

If you encounter any of these issues you must try to remove SatSrv.exe from your PC.

How to uninstall SatSrv.exe?

Removing any .exe file isn’t constantly suggested as it can straightforwardly influence all the related software programs. Nonetheless in the event that you are almost certain that the SatSrv.exe is not safe or you don’t need the file then you can remove it.

To remove SatSrv.exe from your PC follow the steps stated below :

1) Press the Windows + R keys from your keyboard

2) Type control and click on the Ok button.

control panel

3) Now when the Control Panel windows appear find the Programs and Features section and left-click on it.

Programs and Features

It will show a list of software installed on your system. The Programs and features window looks something like this.

Uninstall or change program window

4) Now you need to find the Steganos Security Suite 2006/unknown application in the list.

5)  Right-click on the and then right-click on Uninstall/Change.

6) Now just follow the prompts so as to properly uninstall it.

That is it on the off chance that you have followed the steps appropriately, at that point you have presumably removed SatSrv.exe, and subsequently, you won’t face any issues associated with it.

This is all you should know about SatSrv.exe and I hope you found my article interesting.


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