5 Best Snipping Tool Alternatives which are Free for Windows

Screenshots have become quite an important applicability that helps us to capture computer displays in various image forms. This applicability is enabled by the snipping tools in our desktops and laptops. From Windows 7 onwards users can enjoy an inbuilt snipping tool facility, however, this default tool may have several limitations to its usage as it does not come with inbuilt editing features or extended sharing options. These shortcomings can now be overcome with a number of alternative snipping tools that enhance this utility providing the user with a better and more helpful experience.

Top 5 Best Alternatives to Snipping Tool

If you are using Microsoft Snipping tool then you may consider these free and best alternatives to capture images on Windows 10/8/7 PC:


snagit image

TechSmith, one of the most distinguished software developers in the current industry, has presented Snagit, a most professionally viable snipping tool alternative. Snagit helps you get the work done clean and quick. It’s alternative choice is available for both Windows and Mac as Snagit 12 and Snagit 3, respectively.


  • It supports the users to capture both still screens and motioned ones.
  • Another pronounced assistance provided by this tool is that it allows the user to capture a long scrolled screen as well, integrated in one single image.
  • After installation of Snagit, one can setup a hot key along with several available customization and enjoy the user-friendly screen capturing tool just at one click.
  • Due to large size, installation is bit cumbersome

File Size :  291 MB



lightshot image

Without any complication or hurdle, LightShot comes to you free of cost making your screen capturing experience smoother and even more effortless. Good for students also in assignments as easy to use and free of cost.  You can replace your in built default tool simply by installing this package and thereafter relishing the easily accessible feature of integrated editing and one-click uploading.


  • It allow to capture screen from any webpage or content and share it online. It has Upload option which can be used to share on twitter or facebook.
  • It support Windows and Mac PC.
  • Another really helpful feature provided by LightShot is that it comes with a “similar image search” method.
  • The PrtSc key  enables the user to capture the screen, although one has the option to change the key as per preference.

File Size :  2.6 MB


picpick image


PicPick lays most of its emphasis over the editing aspect of the captured screenshots. One must opt for this application in order to obtain a visually vivid screen capture image. Along with static and dynamic screen shots, scrolling window capture is provided by the application.


  • PicPick also has option to pick color from any image.
  • It comes with a variety of graphics enhancement tools such as Pixel Ruler, CrossHair, Magnifier, WhiteBoard and many others.
  • Another useful feature provided by PicPick is that it allows the user to export the captured screen into other formats such as PDF.
  • It support nearly 40 languages.

File Size:   14.8 MB


greenshot image

Greenshot is available only for PCs with Windows, however, the application has some of the most imposing editing, exporting and share and uploading features that would shatter and reinstate any other limitation. Greenshot comes free of cost enabling the user to capture various kinds of screenshots with a viable scrolling screen capture technology for any Internet Explorer webpage.


  • Greenshot also has a very brilliant feature that helps the user to highlight any important part of a text that has been captured at the screen.
  • The captured screen with Greenshot can be exported in various ways to printers, copied to clipboards and also to several image editors.
  • It has a very user friendly interface that has proved to be extremely useful for various professional fields.
  • You can easily create screenshots from a selected area or even full-screen.

File Size :   2.89 MB


duckCapture image

DuckCapture is another free of cost snipping tool alternative, user friendly UI (User Interface) helps the user to capture four types of screen, namely, region, full screen, window and scrolling. The user gets to set up his/her personalized hotkey for the function. Although DuckCapture doesn’t provide any editing feature, the simplicity of its functioning has proved to have a greater impact overshadowing every limitation.


  • DuckCapture supports the BMP, JPG and PNG formats for its screen captures.
  • It allow to capture image from a custom area to polygon shape.
  • It might ask for Microsoft Visual c++ 2010


File Size :  6.3 MB

Other snipping tools :

  • OneNote (Microsoft product)
  • Jing
  • Peek
  • Wink
  • Cam Studio
  • Adobe Captivate
  • ShareX
  • Scrot

Did you know?

  • Some companies believe that capturing screenshots could be infringement of copyright .
  • Snips are also called as ‘Screenshots’ or ‘Prinstcreens’


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