Top spacedesk Alternatives & Similar Software (2021)

Accessing your computer desktop when you’re on the move has been an issue for long. Well, not anymore! With Spacedesk, you can have your computer desktop extended or duplicated on your smartphone. We give you a few Spacedesk Alternatives that’ll make the process really smooth and convenient for you. But first, here’s a bit more about Spacedesk.

What is Spacedesk

Spacedesk allows your android device to be turned into another display for your Windows desktop. As it’s capable of working on Wi-Fi, you have a portable desktop at your disposal which works with just a few taps. Spacedesk needs to be installed separately on your computer and smartphone and works after the two are connected.

Top Alternatives to Spacedesk

This popular Spacedesk is a well-known multi-monitor display app that can be used on Windows PC and Android phone. But if you are looking for similar software like Spacedesk then you should check this list.  I have picked the best alternatives to Spacedesk that work with Windows, macOS, Android, and iPhone.

Mouse without Borders

Meant for the Windows operating systems, Mouse without Borders makes you the master of your fleet of computers. We know it sounds incredible, but it’s true; with Mouse, without Borders, you can control up to four computers with just one mouse and a keyboard. That helps you drag and drop files from one computer to another. It also lets you copy text across computers. It was developed by Truong Do as a Microsoft Garage project.

System supports: Windows 10 & older versions
File size: 1.368 MB

Duet Display

For quite some time now, Duet Display has been helping old iPads work as MacBook displays that are fast too. It’s only recently that they have been focusing on Windows and they are emerging as a good alternative to Spacedesk. It’s a smooth transformation of your iPad into a monitor of your Windows PC. It only involves a simple plug and play to be set up helping you avoid a complex set up process. You can connect with your iPad through the lightning connector itself.

Official Website
Download for Apple:
Download Android:
System supports: Windows, macOS, and Android
File size: 228 MB (for windows), 55.7 MB (for macOS)


iDisplay works on both Mac and Windows turning your iPad or iPhone into another touch-screen display. It also lets you mirror your desktop on your iPad or iPhone. You have all MS-Office apps like Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Photoshop right on your iPad or iPhone which shall work on just a touch. Working with almost 0 latency, it is compatible to both lightning and 30-pin cable connections. It also works with Wi-Fi on macOS. It also helps you raise your productivity greatly by expanding the screen of your computer.

Official Website
System supports: iPhone, Android, macOS, and Windows
File size: 12.2 MB (for Windows)

Air Display

You can use multiple devices, iOS devices, Windows PCs, Macs and Android tablets as an added screen for your Mac computer. While earlier Windows PCs were used as Air Display hosts, now only Mac computers are supported as hosts. With the latest version, Air Display 3, you can use four devices to act as interactive screens for your Mac computer. It allows use with USB cables or wirelessly. Air Display works on an extended desktop mode by default. Once connected, the device display works just like any external screen would do.

System supports: Windows, macOS, and Android
File size: 10 MB

Splashtop Wired XDisplay

Splashtop Wired XDisplay helps you extend displays both on your Windows PC and Mac. Once you have Slashot Wired XDisplay working, you won’t need your PC monitor at all. As soon as you connect your smartphone or the USB cable of your smartphone to your PC, the phone or the tablet monitor is ready to be used as a computer monitor. It’s free to use and is user friendly too and works both for PC and Mac users.

You may also consider similar software like DisplayFusion that has Multi-Monitor feature.

System supports: iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows
File size: 10.5 MB (for Windows)

Input Director

Input Director, like Spacedesk helps you gain control over multiple computers while having to use just a single mouse or keyboard. You’ll just have to install the software on all the computers you wish to work on simultaneously. The computer that has the keyboard and the mouse attached to it is the master computer that controls the others. Once you’ve made the necessary configurations on the other computers, the authorization to control them with the master computer is made. With Input Director, you can have all the computers shut down simultaneously.

Official Website
System supports: Windows and macOS
File size: 28.4 MB

Twomon SE

There are times when you need more screen space to properly display documents, spreadsheets or apps that are running simultaneously. However, budget constraints often hold us back from buying an additional computer. In such a scenario, Twomon SE lets you use your iPad or Android device as an added display. Developed by Devguru, the application runs on the latest operating systems and with new drivers, it offers enhanced performance. This is especially useful for those using older tablets. It works via USB connections and therefore it’s lag free.

Official Site
System supports: Windows, macOS and Android
File size: 153 MB


Quite like Spacedesk, with ShareMouse too you can use multiple computers with the same input devices. All you need to do is just move the mouse to the monitor you’re looking to work on and the pointer shifts to that monitor as if it were magic! The mouse movements and clicks are transmitted through the local LAN. The traffic between monitors is protected by passwords and AES encrypted too. You can switch between computers without having to bother about pressing any additional button. You won’t need any additional hardware either.

Official Site 
System supports: Windows and macOS
File size: 6.4 MB (for windows), 1703 KB (for macOS)


ShareKM is very handy for those who are so used to touch typing that they can’t do without it. This is software allowing the use of the keyboard of your PC and its mouse through an USB. You won’t need to root the device. However, you’ll have to root the device if you’re looking for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. It otherwise works fine but there’s a small lag when you use the keyboard. It has the multi-touch feature which lets you drag the mouse holding down the ctrl key.

You may consider software like Lightshot to take screen-shot on multi-monitor.

System supports: Windows and Android
File size: 484 KB


ZoneScreen is a tool that allows you to extend your desktop workspace and it’s able to mirror your local desktop to another computer in the same network. It works through a network connection between computers connected either by cross-over cables or 1394 firewire cable or other devices. In case of Pocket PCs, ActiveSync connections may be used.

Official Website
System Supports: Windows 10, 8, 7


Win2VNC another alternative to Spacedesk that has almost the same features. You can use two separate computers as if they were one. It allows you to control the separate devices with the same keyboard and mouse. All you need to do is simply move the mouse pointer across the edge of your computer and you’ll see it on your other computer screen.

System supports: Windows, macOS, Linux, iPhone, iPad
File size: 536 KB


Multiplicity too enables you to move files between computers smoothly without a hitch with just one keyboard and mouse. It can work with a virtual KVM and removes the need for a traditional one thereby removing the wires and cables and increasing work-space. You can copy/paste or drag/drop files between the PCs you’re using.

System supports: Windows
File size: 10.4 MB


Synergy is yet another software that lets you work on separate computers with the same input devices. It helps you save all the clutter caused by the cables of a traditional KVM. What’s more, it works even when the computers are working on separate operating systems. This feature makes it stand out from Spacedesk. For Synergy to function, you’ll need the systems to run on the same local network and connect the keyboard and the mouse to preferably the server computer.

Official Site
System supports: Windows, macOS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi
File size: 10.3 MB


For Barrier to work, all that is needed is a network connection. You can also copy content from one clipboard to another between computers. Like all other software that let you work on multiple computers, Barrier helps you control all of them with a single mouse or keyboard. A barrier is free to use and it’s open-source software. As in the other software that we’ve mentioned, Barrier to has the same mechanism of functioning. You just have to take the pointer of your mouse to the edge of your computer screen and you’ll find it on the next computer screen.

System supports: Windows
File size: 7.9 MB

Vinpok Split

Vinpok Split is a terrific productivity booster and it’s known to raise it by as much as 50%. You can add two extra screens to your laptop screen making it a triple screen set up. Your laptop will retain its portability while working like a desktop. You can share the screens at any angle as per your convenience. It can turn your android phone into a computer in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is just plug in your android smartphone into Vinpok Split and it starts working. You can work with remote controls even if you can’t access your computer. As you can carry Vinpok anywhere and everywhere, you can stay productive even when you aren’t at your work desk.

System supports: macOS, Windows and Linux


We have shared with you brief details of the software that help you use multiple computers with the same keyboard and mouse. Our suggestions on Spacedesk alternatives give you the market leaders. We have also given you some details of the software that help you mirror computer screens. Such software helps you boost your productivity. This software helps you get rid of the clutter caused by cables and wires that are needed when you look to use multiple computers with the same input devices. We hope you find our write up handy. Do share your feedback with us.


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