SpeedFan Alternatives and Similar Software for Windows

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Speedfan is a monitoring program. The software monitors the health of the hard drive, the temperature of different components and accordingly changes the fan speed to cool it. SpeedFan is very good tool that display current status of CPU, motherboard, hard-disk and much more detail.

Top Speedfan Alternatives to keep your CPU cool

List of Top Alternatives to Speedfan for Windows

There are many alternative software’s available to Speedfan and they can be chosen depending on the users’ needs and capacity of the system hardware. So,  here I have listed only those tools that are easy to use and operate on Windows OS.


  • Designed for Windows and DOS operating systems.
  • Provides with a quick look at system components.
  • The software not only delivers the real-time status of the system, but also predictions of failures through alerts


Official Website:  hwinfo.com/download/

File Size : 8 MB (Zip compressed)

Argus Monitor

  • A full-featured monitoring tool for practically for all hardware components.
  • Directly download .exe file.
  • The Software checks the temperatures of the HDD, GPU, and CPU in graphical format.
  • This can also read S.M.A.R.T temperatures as well as an alert when a hard drive is about to fail, to safely backup data.

argus monitor

Official Website: argusmonitor.com/en/index.php

File Size : 8.8 MB

AIDA64 Extreme Edition

  • The software has wide support for sensor devices allowing it to measure temperatures and other details such as voltages, fan speeds as well as power consumption.
  • The software even lets to check the performance of hardware including the CPU, memory and hard drive, and run stress tests to ensure system stability
  • Mobile(Android, iOS, Windows) versions are for free. Desktop versions are commercial


Official Website:  aida64.com

File Size : 45 MB (Desktop Version)

Real Temp

  • This monitors CPU and GPU continuously.
  • Real Temp uses a Fluke 62 IR Thermometer to gather temperature data and the software maintains logs of minimum as well as maximum temperatures of a CPU.
  • Download zip file,  click RealTemp.exe and there you go..easiest download ever

Official Website: techpowerup.com/realtemp/ (Wikipedia Reference)

File Size :  324 KB (Zip Format)

Core Temp

  • This one supports a wide catalogue of CPUs from AMD and VIA in addition to Intel.
  • DTS (Digital Thermal Sensor) is embedded in the processors.
  • The software has plug-ins and add-ons for enhanced customization.
  • Mobile version is available

core temp

Official Website: alcpu.com/CoreTemp/

File Size :  1.20 MB

Intel Desktop Control Center

  • The software helps to improve system stability and monitor as well as control voltages, temperatures, and fan speeds.
  • For some motherboard models, Passmark BurnInTest and PerformanceTest benchmarks are made available for analyzing performance.
  •  Available only for Intel® Desktop Boards

Official Website: downloadcenter.intel.com/download/18023/Intel-Desktop-Control-Center

File Size :  20.5 MB (Zip format)

SSD Fan Control

  • Fixes fan noise issues with iMacs.
  • Easily configurable.
  • Supports SMART temperature info.
  • Compatible with MAC only. Big NO for Windows users :(.

Official Website: http://exirion.net/ssdfanctrl/

File Size :  755 KB

Sidebar Diagnostics

  • A Hardware diagnostic information is displayed in a simple sidebar of Windows desktop.
  • As the name suggests, it adds to the sidebar of your desktop

Sidebar Diagnostics

Official Website: github.com/ArcadeRenegade/SidebarDiagnostics

File Size :  3.3 MB

Open Hardware Monitor

  • Watches temperature sensors, fan speeds, voltages, and load
  • Optional graph facility available
  • Along with Windows, it supports Linux also


Official Website: openhardwaremonitor.org

File Size :  503 KB (Zip format)


  • Lm-Sensors is a free and open-source application
  • This software provides tools and drivers for monitoring temperatures, voltage, and fans.
  • It is available for Linux only.

Wikipedia Link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lm_sensors

NoteBook FanControl

  • Also called as ‘NBFC’
  • This software analyzes and controls the speed of CPU fan of many Personal computer systems.
  • Comes with Config Editor
  • Free Open Source.

notebook fan control

Official Website: https://github.com/hirschmann/nbfc

File Size :  1.93 MB


  • Thinkfan is a basic easy to use fan control program.
  • This software now supports any kind of system via a simple interface.
  • It is designed for Linux users only

Official Website: thinkwiki.org/


  • EasyTune is a convenient, Windows-based system performance enhancement and management utility.
  • The software features tools such as 1. Overclocking for enhancing system performance. 2. C.I.A. and M.I.B

Official Website: gigabyte.com

File Size : 55 MB  (Zip format)

CPU Thermometer

  • This software helps to monitor the system CPU temperature in live time
  • Supports AMD as well as Intel processors

cpu thermometer

Official Website: cputhermometer.com

File Size :613 KB


  • Provides detailed information on every part of the computer in one clean interface
  • Displays real-time temperatures of critical components
  • Supports only Windows Operating systems from XP to Windows 10
  • Free as well as commercial version available


Official Website: ccleaner.com/speccy

File Size :  6.6 MB

TG Pro

  • TG Pro displays the detailed temperature sensors and is integrated with various options regarding controlling fans speeds and displaying notifications.
  • This has an alert and warning system in case of high temperature and potentially overheating of the fan.

Official Website: tunabellysoftware.com/tgpro/

File Size : 9.8 MB


Speedfan is fantastic software, but in an industry that has millions of computer users, one should always have alternative software. So from the above list, the user can choose any software for their use.



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