sppsvc.exe – File Information, Uses & How to Fix it

The SPPSvc.exe file belongs to the Windows OS. The full form of this executable file is Software Protection Platform Service.  An Operating System carries a huge number of pre-installed functional software tools that contain several run codes and files. If you are a Microsoft Windows user, you may be acquainted with several such files and codes and one of them would be SPPSvc.exe. In this article, we would discuss in detail this particular file, its uses, and a few other details.

What is SPPSvc.exe?

As we know that the operating systems are loaded with function codes and software to perform several functions, and these functions include:

  • Installation
  • Download &
  • Enforcement of digital licenses

In Microsoft Windows operating system this function is performed by the Software Platform Protection Service. SPPSvc.exe is the file that contains the run codes of this very function. As the extension .exe suggests, it is an executable file. Hence, this executable file is quite an important one as it helps applications to run on licenses without which such applications would have to function only on the notification mode.

File Location

Executable files are generally located on the hard drive. Therefore, in order to get this file, you first need to open the C drive of your PC within which you will find the Windows Folder. In the Windows Folder, you would find a folder named System32. This System32 directory is the final location where you would find the SPPSvc.exe executable file. In general, this file comes with four variable sizes, however, 3,179,520 bytes is the ideal space taken up by this file.

The sppsvc.exe default location is C:\Windows\System32\ and it’s not visible until you enable ‘Show hidden files or folders.

Many times sppsvc.exe starts as soon as the system starts and it checks randomly to make sure that the Windows OS is using the registered version.

Quick Overview

Filename: sppsvc.exe
File description: Microsoft Software Protection Platform Service
File version: 6.1.7601.17514
File Size: 3.36 MB
Product name: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
File type: Application
Copyright: Microsoft Corporation
Language: English
Location: C:\Windows\System32

Is Sppsvc.exe is a Virus or Safe?

Executable files generally do not take up much of your memory space, hence Sppsvc.exe does not qualify to pose any considerable threat to the system’s main memory space. If this file shows up on any other folder than that which is mentioned above, it can possibly be a Trojan and needs to be removed. SPPSvc.exe is an important file mostly for the licensing purposes of Microsoft Windows and removing it would hamper functions on this ground. The technical security rating suggests that this executable file poses very little danger, although it is advisable to collect other reviews from users directly.

How to disable or fix it?

It’s strongly recommended to not remove sppsvc.exe from Windows Operating System. However, if you notice that sppsvc.exe is consuming more resources continuously, then you may consider the below option to fix it.

  • Use the Backup and Restore option in order to restore the system in the last known good working condition.
  • Run Disk Defragmenter 
  • If it doesn’t fix then the last option is to re-install the Operating System.

Using the above three options, you can help your system to work smoothly. If you know any other idea to disable sppsvc.exe then do let me know by leaving your comment below.



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