Stikynot.exe – Sticky Notes – What it is?

Do you wanted to know about stikynot.exe and whether it’s a malware or virus? Well, this exe file is basically a Sticky Note that is provided by the Microsoft Windows Operating System and available in almost all OS from Windows XP, 7 to 10. The Sticky-Note is basically a quick note that is used as a reminder and to store important points while working. It’s more like a reminder.

stikynot.exe file

File Location

The Sticky Note automatically installed with Windows Operating System and stored under the C:\Windows\System32 directory. It’s available in mostly all Windows OS.

File Size

This application file size is only 417 KB which is less than ½ MB of the application

Since STIKYNOT.exe is an executable file; it will open the Sticky Note as soon you double click on the file. It’s very much safe and secured, doesn’t harm the system in anyways.

Quick Overview

Filename: StikyNot.exe
File description: Twain.dll Client’s 32-Bit Thunking Server
File version:
File Size: 420 KB
Product name: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
File type: Application
Copyright: Microsoft Corporation
Language: English
Location: C:\Windows\System32

Stikynot.exe Uses

As said above, the Sticky Notes helps to organize daily tasks, note down important points onto the system without taking much resource or space on the screen. It’s more like a plain and simple notepad.

It’s not the essential part of a computer that helps to boot up the system.

It’s interesting to know that the stikynot.exe is an independent executable application, therefore doesn’t require any support files. You can easily copy and paste on your desktop or any other system (must be licensed) and use it in your day-to-day life computer-related task.

It takes nearly about 4,000 to 5,000 K memory from the system and doesn’t consume much CPU resources.

The StikyNot.exe is the part of Windows Operating System and hardly causes any sort of problem. If you are not using Sticky Notes on your system and found that it’s working on the system background then you can easily close it.

There are other similar system files like Atkosd.exe and Aedisrv.exe.

How to close StikyNot.exe?

Simply right-click on Taskbar >> click on “Start Task Manager” which will open Windows Task Manager. And from here, locate the file and right-click to end the program.

Stikynot in task manager

Is there any threat?

There is no history of any malware or virus attack; and since it’s part of Windows OS, therefore Sticky Notes can be use with peace of mind.

Common Error

If somehow the Sticky Note lost then you might find the below error when trying to execute this application:

  • Stikynot.exe Application Error.
  • Error starting program: stikynot.exe.
  • Stikynot.exe missing or not found

Download Sticky

If Stikynot.exe is missing then you can download it safely from the official Microsoft website here.

I Hope, now you have a clear idea about this executable file. If you have any other suggestions or issues related to this .exe file then do leave your comment below.



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