TaniumClient.exe Process – What is it, & How to Fix High CPU

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TaniumClient.exe is an executable file that is an important software component of Tanium Client which is developed by Tanium Inc. Well, it is not windows signed file and so it can trigger many serious issues in your system. So to know more about its occurrence in your system you have to read each and every section of this article.

File Size & Location

I have listed down some of the important properties and facts about the TaniumClient.exe that you should know.

  • File Description : Tanium Client
  • File Type : Application (.exe)
  • File Name : TaniumClient.exe
  • File location : C:\Program Files (x86)\Tanium\Tanium Client\
  • File version : 6.0.314.1195 (can vary)
  • File size: 5 MB ( can vary depending on the product version)
  • Publisher: Tanium Inc.

TaniumClient.exe is not a windows essential file – That means it doesn’t come preloaded with your Windows operating system.

Is TaniumClient.exe safe or virus?

It is very important to know whether TaniumClient.exe is safe for the system or not. In case it is a virus then probably it will raise many issues. To check for its occurrence you will have to check for the location of TaniumClient.exe in your system and you can do so with the help of Task Manager, to further proceed to follow the steps given below.

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc from your keyboard – It will open the Window of Task Manager on your screen.
  2. Now find the process saying TaniumClient.exe in the Process section.
  3. Now after you have located it just right-click onto it and select the option of Open the File location.

Now if the location you ended up is C:\Program Files (x86)\Tanium\Tanium Client\ then the file is safe but if the location is somewhere in C:\ other than the location specified above then probably you are in trouble and the file is not safe for your system.

A common error you may face due to corrupted TaniumClient.exe

  • TaniumClient.exe is not a valid Win32 Application.
  • TaniumClient.exe is not responding.
  • TaniumClient.exe has failed.
  • Error starting the program – Tanium Client.

In case you face any of these issues then I would recommend you remove or say delete the TaniumClient.exe from your computer.

Why TaniumClient using high CPU?

Many users have a complaint that the Tanium Client usage a high CPU or Ram. There could be several reasons for the high usage of system memory.  But if TaniumClient is continuously consuming high CPU then it should be either disabled or removed.

How to remove TaniumClient.exe from the PC?

To remove TaniumClient.exe from your computer follow the steps which I have mentioned below.

1. Press Windows button + R to launch the Run application and then in the space of RUN type ‘’control’’ and hit Enter.

Type control

2. Now click on Uninstall a Program as shown below.

Programs uninstall

3. Now among the list of installed applications find Tanium Client and right-click on it and select the option of Uninstall/Change.

4. Follow the prompts to uninstall it safely.

5. Restart your PC.

Ok, if you have followed the steps exactly then you would never face any issue associated with TaniumClient.exe.

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