Top 10 Best Invoice Ninja Alternatives Software

Looking for switching from invoice ninja software? Need some changes in  generating invoices? Do you want to upgrade your billing method to the next level? Here is a list of  best invoicing software with shortlisted features to make your job much easier.

Best Productive Alternatives to Invoice Ninja

So, in-case if your are not much happy with your billing software or trying to download invoicing software for the first time or looking to replace Inovice Ninja then I have come up with the top ten best ninja alternatives that you can download in your windows operating system and start using it for your billings and payments:


chargebee software

  • Subscription-based billing and payment software application . Best suitable to download in your windows operating system.
  • The tool is a cloud-based billing solution which is very comprehensive and productive to use.
  • Subscription is required.
  • It helps in automating the billing processes of your business venture that runs the subscription services.
  • It also can change the prices, provide valuable discounts to your customers, and run numerous promotions, without taking any help from developers.
  • It also permits you to engage with the subscribed clients easily.

InvoiceOcean (Free & Paid)

invoice ocean software

If you need 3 invoices a month then InvoiceOcean is a free online invoicing software. The free invoicing software has limited feature however it is good for beginners.

  • It provides an option to track each and every invoice online
  • This is a billing and invoicing software solution which helps you in making your billing process convenient and easily accessible online.
  • You can create proper invoices and send them to clients online without consuming much time or efforts for your employees.
  • Its integrated system to accept payment permits your customers to pay their bills by clicking just once on the payment provider’s portals.

It also can sort your invoices and keep your business updated on the number of cash flows taken place.


  • Free: $0 pm
  • Basic: $7.2 pm
  • Professional: $14.40 pm
  • Enterprise: $25.60 pm

Support :


top notepad software

The TopNotePad is complete accounting software that allows you to manage your invoices, expenses and many more.

  • Known as one of the most effective online software tools, provides cool invoice handling services for all small businesses, also helps you in automating your billing processes effectively.
  • The tool allows to issue the invoices to your customers in just one click and helps you in investing your valuable time in core processing activities of your company.
  • The tool also enables your clients to make fast payments through different payment gateways, so that you receive your payments in the stipulated time.
  • Other features such as hand-crafted reports or dashboards let you in keeping track of your business, also makes it suitable for you to opt for TopNotepad.

Invoicera (Free & Paid)

invoicera image

The invoicera comes with 4 plan and if you are looking for free invoicing software the starter plan is for you. You could have upto 3 clients under free account. While the paid version allow to manager more clients and staff option.

  • It is an online invoicing tool which has a lot of relevant features which will be useful to you once you onboard this software solution in your organization.
  • It covers almost all types of recurring billing requirements and online invoicing.
  • It also helps you in automating the workflow of your billing processes, hence, helping you in saving a lot of time and efforts.
  • It speeds up the payment processes, minimizes all sorts of invoice or payment mistakes, disputes, and features a unique consolidated dashboard which helps you in managing the invoices of both the buyers as well as the vendors.
  • It is an efficient invoice management tool which is currently dominating the market.


invoicely image

Invoicely could be the best alternatives for Ninja invoicing software that comes with lot of features in free version.  You can create unlimited invoices using free version.

  • This tool helps you to create and send the invoices, the estimates, keep a track on the time spent, and the expenses took place, accept online payments, and so on.
  • You can customize your business reports and produce summaries easily by using this application.
  • You will be able to download and install this application in your windows operating system.
  • Apart from this, you can reduce all your employee’s efforts by tracking every minute.


  • Free Plan: $0
  • Basic Plan: $9.99 pm
  • Professional Plan: $19.99
  • Enterprise Plan $29.99


stripe software

Founded by Irish entrepreneurs, the company has grown since then with seed funding with market value in billions.

  • Features
    •  It provides classy API for developers
    • Radar- Anti-fraud tool is stand out feature
    • Software is a good choice for individuals as well as businesses
    • It helps businesses manage revenue with easy interface


Automated time tracking and billing software company is located at Miami USA.

livetecs image

  • This cloud-based tool is one of the most efficient applications which is currently dominating the market.
  • Most of the companies have this application because of the free-of-cost data migration services.
  • This tool helps you in determining the costs of the projects assigned to you, helps in maintaining the DCAA timesheets, pay bills online automatically, and helps you in keeping track of your time that you are investing.
  • Apart from this, one can also customize the reports, integrate QuickBooks, and about 750 applications through Zapier, and integrates with a lot more Microsoft-related directories.


invoice plane software

  • InvoicePlane is an open source application which helps you in managing payments and billing related jobs in your company.
  • It is one of the most successful online self-hosted platforms which customize the invoicing experience, improves the templates, alters the changes immediately, and does a lot more.
  • It supports about 25 different platforms of payment and allows the customers pay their bills as per the payment gateway of their choice.


wave invoicing software


Canada based financial services and software company developed Wave software back in 2009 .


  •  Invoicing  and  basic finance were the initial features of  Wave.
  • Software caters to more than 200 countries
  • It is an absolutely free to use software
  • Track your daily expenses and finance with Wave
  • 256 bit encryption technique provides extra security


xero image

Founded by Rod Drury in New Zealand ; when he realized his traditional software was outdated.


  •  Software imports bank and credit card statements.
  • Free Application interfacing with their party software
  • Simple and easy design
  • Real time view of transactions or cash flow

Other list of Microsoft Ninja alternatives:

  • Cadebill
  • Zoho Corporation
  • ChikPea Inc
  • Sage Intacct
  • Vindicia
  • Zuora




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