Top Free Microsoft Visio Alternatives

Top Alternatives to Visio software that works with Windows, Mac and Linux OS. The Microsoft Visio is a top diagramming application. This tool is used for multiple purposes in cases of layouts, diagrams, and charts. It is thus a diagramming software available in two editions- standard and professional. Although both the editions have the same interface, the professional one has some additional templates for advanced layouts and diagrams. Microsoft Visio also comes with a number of functionalities. It can AutoConnect and has context-sensitive help and links. It also provides contextual right-click menus. However, if you are looking for some other diagramming software here is your help.

Alternatives to Visio Free Drawing for leading OS

If you want a professional vector graphics application then no one can beat Visio. However, if you are not happy and looking for Visio alternatives then below list might help you to save your time and effort. Below we have listed ten best Visio alternatives that come absolutely free of cost.


Lucidchart Logo

LucidChart is one of the cloud-based software that enables it to work on any operating system. If you are looking for an alternative to replace your Microsoft Visio diagramming software, LucidChart would be one of the best options you must invest thoughts on. LucidChart has proved to be extremely simple in its usage.

Lucid chart online diagram software a good alternative to Visio software

Users do not need to go through a lengthy trial process in order to understand their functions. Extremely user-friendly, LucidChart also comes absolutely free of cost. Here are the pros and cons of its usage:


  • Hundreds of functions- templates, flowcharts, network diagrams etc.
  • One can integrate files with Google Drive, JIRA, Jive and Confluence absolutely free of cost.
  • It comes with high security, as data transferring uses SSL with AES-256bit encryption.
  • Its lets you manage your account by upgrading from users to administrators.


  • In business purposes, if the user wishes to share a diagram with a group of people, it becomes a bit difficult as the one can send a diagram to only one account at a time.

Official Link:

Apache OpenOffice Draw

Apache OpenOffice Draw

This diagramming tool software from Apache OpenOffice benefits you to go for a simple sketch to a complex drawn plan just in one snap. If you are using Draw, you can communicate with your partners in with graphs and diagrams. It has also proved its compatibility in creating posters, both technical as well as general.

Apache OpenOffice Draw software

With a number of innovative features, Apache OpenOffice Draw gives you the ease of use and the fact that it comes absolutely free of cost is an add on to everything. However, there are both pros and cons of this software and they are as listed below:


  • Comes with an excellent data managing system.
  • Extremely user-friendly.
  • The OpenOffice drawing tool comes with similar functionalities and more than that you might get on Visio, plus, it’s free!
  • It is cross-platform.
  • It supports a wide range of image format like BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF etc.


  • It lacks a publisher program.
  • In some cases, OpenOffice documents may not open in Microsoft Office.
  • Some considerable number of reports has noted glitches and crashing within the OpenOffice platform.

File Size: 135 Mb for Windows

System Support: Windows, Linux, OS X

Official Link:


iO Drawing Tool

If you are looking for an extremely user-friendly easy to use drawing tool, is the option you are looking for. This drawing tool software can make work super easy for you and lessen troubles to a great extent as it comes with an intelligent intuitive interface.

Draw software an online tool

For business organizations, this software is highly helpful if you want your newbie employees to learn some diagram making on-screen. Simple Drag and Drop functionality makes it even easier. Users who wish to have a free and uncomplicated drawing tool this is one good option to go for. Listed below are some of its pros and cons:


  • io can work offline.
  • Available for both desktops and handsets.
  • Offers the user an option to publish and share his/her work.
  • Comes with various import-export formats.
  • Highly secured.


  • Sometimes’s extremely simple diagrammatic features may turn to be its con. Users often have complained about not being able to carry out several complex diagrammatic activities.

System Support: All (online tool)

Official Link:


Creately Logo

CREATELY is one good free of cost diagram designing tool software that can be an absolute alternative for Visio. It is simple and easy to use software to help users draw flowcharts, organizational charts, network diagrams, mind maps and much more. CREATELY is an award-winning diagramming tool interface that helps users also to work with clients or in teams with its real-time collaboration feature.

Creately a good alternative to Visio software

Compared to other software CREATELY is three times faster in helping you make accurate diagrams without any hassle. Noted below are the pros and cons of this software interface:


  • Users can export diagrams to PDF, PNG, JPEG, SVG and more.
  • It comes with a revision history that helps users keep track of the work done.
  • Provides you with 1000s of professionally designed templates that make your work even easier.


  • The interface lacks rulers or guides.
  • The pages in CREATELY come with a limitation of space and hence the user might have to use different pages for the same subject sometimes.

System Support: Online (Cloud)

Official Link:

Also, consider the free Flowchart software that can be used online and offline.

Pencil Project

Pencil Project

This is one of the Firefox extensions, a stand-alone app that helps users in the creation of UI mockups and diagrams. Pencil Project can be used by everyone and aims in building an open-source tool for GUI prototyping. The fact that this tool comes absolutely free of cost makes it even more desirable.

Pencil Project

It has extensive applicability over several fields of work and runs on all major platforms, MAC, Linux, Windows. If you are looking for a Visio alternative, Pencil Project may serve your demands in more than one way. Enlisted below are the pros and cons of the same:


  • It has built-in stencils for prototyping and diagramming.
  • Comes with an extensive text supports for on-screen text editing.
  • Enables exporting to PNG, documents, HTML, PDF and Word document.


  • It lacks a real-time collaboration and therefore is not suitable for group project usages.

File Size: 73 Mb (approx)

System Support: Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac, Linux (Support offline installation)

Official Link:


Graphviz Logo

Graphviz or Graph Visualization software is yet another open-source tool that is used to represent structural information in the form of diagrams of networks or abstract graphs. This software tool has proved to be a great help in various fields some of which include web designing, bioinformatics, software engineering, and database. In the fields of machine learning and visual interfaces for other technical domains, Graphviz has equally been potential. Its working is quite different from that of others. Users are required to provide the graph description in a simple text language to the Graphviz layout program which is then turned into diagrams or so by the software. Listed below are the pros and cons of this software tool:


  • Simple in its usage.
  • Displays each individual data point.


  • To work with this software tool can prove to be time-consuming

System Support: Windows, Linux, and Mac

File Size: Vary based on Operating System

Official Link:

yED Live

yED Live Logo

The yED desktop application version comes with a browser version known as yED Live that is used to create high-quality diagrams. When you sought to use yED Live there is no requirement of an installer in your system. With just a single button-press user will be able to arrange large data as well as automatic layout algorithms as it is built upon JavaScript diagramming library yFiles. You need to have a modern browser in order to create, share or import graphs on any device. Listed below are the pros and cons of its use:


  • It has automatic layouts that decrease the amount of user’s hassle.
  • Comes with UML Diagram Editor that makes the process even faster and easy with a built-in, interactive style.
  • It has a custom palette.
  • Intuitive user interface.


  • For beginners, the several different functionalities of the software may prove to be confusing.
  • Limited customization options.

Official Link:

Google Drawings

Google Drawing Logo

Developed by Google, this software helps users to work in groups or business organizations with clients with its excellent real-time collaboration. You can create organizational charts, flowcharts, website wireframes, mind maps and many more. It can be a perfect fit if you are looking for a free of cost Visio alternative. Pros and cons are as follows:


  • Enables alignment.
  • Enables overlapping and layering of diagrams.
  • Like most Google tools it enables users to connect from more than one device.


  • The information is saved in a Google server which demands network connectivity all the time.
  • Users need to have a Google account in order to use this tool.

System Support: Online

Official Link:

LibreOffice Draw

Libreoffice Draw Logo

Included in LibreOffice, this diagramming tool runs on all major operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS. It uses Open Document Format for Office Applications and is widely used all over the world. Listed below are the pros and cons:

  • Comes with a spellchecker, autocorrect, hyphenation mode and color replacing options.
  • Variety of features.


  • It is not fully compatible with Microsoft Office.

System Support: Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS

Official Link:


Dia Logo

Dia is a diagramming software interface that is used to draw structured diagrams. It uses a single document interface with a modular design. This software tool comes with a flood of features that facilitate users to create any kind of virtual model including entity-relationship models.

DIA Software tool

Listed below are the pros and cons:


  1. You can export documents to PNG, SVG, XFIG and WMG formats.
  2. Users can create organizational charting.


  • Does not allow collaboration.

System Support: Windows 10, OS X and Linux

Official Link:


Whatever free drawing tool you are looking for, make sure that it saves your time and effort. You can use these diagramming software online and offline as per your requirement.



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